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  1. Tom Thelwall

    Game Design Books

    Cool thanks very much for your suggestions. I was also just searching on the net for books on game design and I came accross Game Design for Teens, I'm a teen so I dont know if this will be a good one or not, anyone know of it?
  2. Tom Thelwall

    Game Design Books

    I was wondering whether anyone is able to suggest any reliable books for game design, I've been browsing through a list of them but I really don't know which one is suitable for me. As I am only starting out in the buisness plus I'm quite young (15) I just thought that someone here might be able to give me some suggestions. Thanks. Tom
  3. Tom Thelwall

    What Would You Like To See In A Game?

    I would like to see a game that really takes the player somewhere they do not want to go, but at the same time they can resist going there. Horror games can do this very well, like Silent Hill. I would like to see another horror game that really pushes down the boundeires and scared the hell out of the players. I am looking to develop my own horror game idea, horror games are just so addicting! To me anyways!
  4. Tom Thelwall

    Beginners Advice

    Of course, thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I should have explained a bit more about what I hope to achieve. I am more interested in the design process and using my imagination to develop original ideas for a game. Whilst I have been told to start off with a very simple game idea like Pacman or Space Invaders, I would rather be more creative and really use my imagination to create an original and yet impressive game. And of course I understand that I am no limited to what ideas I can come up with, but I am limited when it comes to the creation process. So overall I am aiming to really take my imagination to the wildest places and see what ideas I am able to come up with. Yet I still think that I will need some opinions on this. Thanks. Tom
  5. Tom Thelwall

    New Member

    Thanks very much for your replies and I will take all your advice and see what I can learn, you all seem like nice people and for that I will enjoy my stay here. Thanks once again and I'll see you around no doubt. Tom
  6. Tom Thelwall

    Beginners Advice

    Hi, I am seeking some beginner’s advice, as I am relevantly new to game design perhaps it might be a good idea if someone could point me in the right direction. Is there anything I will need to know before getting into game design and what are my preparations? Thanks. Tom
  7. Tom Thelwall

    New Member

    Hello, my name is Tom Thelwall and I am 15 years old. I have quite recently become interested in game development, particularly on the game design side. I have not yet managed to put together a full game design document but I have had a bit of experience in the past, so of course I have some knowledge as to how it all works, I hope to build upon that knowledge and learn more about the game design process, and hopefully soon I hope to be able to put together a complete game design document and maybe take it a step further and have it made into a real game. Anyway, I will not waffle on any further, I will definitely be staying here for a while I think that I will learn a lot here. Bye for now. Tom
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