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  1. Ok, lets talk Episode III *SPOILER WARNING!*

    Well, I thought it sucked. I'm not a Starwars fan in the sense I follow anything other than watching the films and playing the games (Lego SW rocks!), but out of entertainment and the hope that everything ties in it all seemed cheesy and poor. Where was the romance? Where was the hero? Where were the fight scenes? All we got was poorly scripted and acted romance, no particular hero (was it obi? If so, why was the film about Anakin?) and don't get me started on the fight scenes...I mean come on! We were supposed to see the emperor be almighty, yet couldn't beat Mace or Yoda, couldn't even have decent fights with them. General Grievious could barely manage a fight with a mop and how comes Count Dooku was suddenly so easy to beat, yet in the last one Obi was pratically humiliated by him? Yet Obi then went on to whoop Anakin?? While I realise I'm moving into fanboy teritory, I must stress that as a simple person going to watch a movie with my gf, we both found it extremely boring, cheesy and sometimes insulting. It nearly came close to being only the second moive I've ever walked out on (along side Judge Dread). I neve thought I'd say this, but for entertainment value this movie really sucked worse than the last two. Just a point for those with the opinion that this movie shouldn't be compared to the originals; I wouldn't buy the next Halo if it were inferior to the last, I wouldn't buy the next GTA if were worse than San Andreas. At least the first three movies stayed true to what they were...simple action/romance flicks. The new three plain reaked of someone trying to recapture the magic that had long gone.
  2. Elitest channel Ops

    Quote:Original post by 3D This crap has been going on since EFnet and UnderNet started up in the early ninties. I remember countless problems with folks that culminated in denial-of-service attacks and various flooding techniques. The internet brings out the worst in some people. I suspect alot of it has to do with organ size and being physically weak. The anonymity empowers these weaklings into thinking they, for some strange reason, are better then most people. I would still like to find some of the people I used cyber-spar with and ring their little pencil necks. see "little man syndrome" or "Napolean complex"... Too true, too true.
  3. Consoles for us..... why not?

    Quote:Original post by Nemesis2k2 At the current period in time however, it remains a massive, very viable industry. And don't kid yourself; on release, the XB2 will kick your PC all around the room, and it'll do it in HD without dropping below 60FPS. I'm more of a console fan than a PC fan, especially for development. However, it's not me kidding myself when you talk about 60fps with a HD. It's long been muted about a new consoles power, when low and behold it turns out more fiction than fact. Remember the PS2's emotion chip? That's just a more recent version of the same old hype. There were not very many games released ont he XB/PS2/GCN in the early days that were graphics intensive AND ran at 60fps, and there won't be in the next gen either. Framerate talk is neither here nore there though, because at the end of the day when you buy that brand new consoles for ~£300, an extremely short amount of time later I'll be buying the latest gfx card with newer features. Anyway, this discussion isn't about console vs PC, it's about an indie console. It wouldn't work now, and my point was in the future it never will.
  4. Consoles for us..... why not?

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by mlambert I mean, the most things I see via an modded Xbox or the PS2 linux kits are ways to turn them into a low-end pc anyway!!Perhaps this is an indication that performant PCs are too expensive. No, this is an indication of what people try to achieve when they do get their hands on something like the OP suggested. The only real way to pull it off is to do what Sony did with the Yaroze, but even then it took a large installed userbase and magazine coverage to produce a handful of really good titles.
  5. Consoles for us..... why not?

    Quote:Original post by Andrew Russell Quality: You know how much the console makers go on about quality standards for their games. They don't want anyone releasing something that makes their console look crap. That is true to a degree. I've been a part of the process and although the guidelines are quite strict now, they are certainly slacking. Im an avid console gamer, but I'm getting tired of it now. It's coming to the point where more games and licences = more profit, so the standard is very much slipping. Add to the really pathetic fact that the likes of Bungie are releasing known bugged and under-tested games like Halo2 with the knowledge it can be patched, that's where we are headed for the next gen folks! Come to think of it, they are pushing more and more towards the medium that is a PC than ever. What's the point? No matter how good the XB2 or PS3 or Revolution is, for the cost of upgrading my video card, I'll not only have a machine capable of ripping those to shreds, I'll also get the choice of all the games eventually anyway. Seems like consoles are moving more and more away from what they once were anyway, whay bother with an indie kit. I mean, the most things I see via an modded Xbox or the PS2 linux kits are ways to turn them into a low-end pc anyway!!
  6. Remember the game Prey?

    Not far behind eh. So in 'Duke years' we can expect it sometime 2008?
  7. I'm leaving.

    Wow. I was reading this thread and with all of the slightly-more-important crap I've dealt with today, my brain exploded... So who left, and why???
  8. So, can I re-enable images in my browser yet...

    Quote:Original post by Fuzztrek Quote:Original post by mlambert That's entertaining? You should really get out more.I personally found it entertaining given it's timing in relation to Oluseyi's now-dead announcement, which I found similarly entertaining at the time (for reasons that should be clear given the replies) ...and yet, I still fail to see the entertainment side.
  9. So, can I re-enable images in my browser yet...

    That's entertaining? You should really get out more.
  10. Rant: PCG UK are Valve's bitch

    Unfortunately, journalism is like that a lot. It's easy having an opinion you know will be forced down many people's throats, defending these opinions would be a different story. Those people writing those articles are no more or less qualified than any other gamer (in terms of opinion, but maybe a better understanding of spell checking [smile]). This is why I stopped reading magazines a long time ago, I'd rather get my information here on the net.
  11. Quote:Original post by Myopic Rhino They don't because the perceived value in doing so isn't significant. Let's say for a moment that C++ and Java are both equivalent in terms of performance, functionality, etc. In switching to Java, there would be a definite cost incurred. In exchange for this, you open potential new markets on other platforms. But those new markets don't represent 100% profit, since their are still going to be platform-specific issues to deal with, you'll have to train a support staff for that platform, etc. Considering the relative size of the non-Windows gaming market, the investment/risk isn't worth it to most publishers/developers. Sure, some will see a niche to exploit, but not everyone. But even if you do want to target that market, I see little incentive to switch to Java in order to do so. You have to keep in mind that consoles represent a much larger gaming market than all PCs. You're going to have to write your code for them using C/C++ anyway, so unless you're currently only targeting Windows (and not many developers are), you'd be insane to switch to Java. Exactly. Up to just a couple of years ago, C was much more prominent than C++ in the industry. What changed this? Well, C++ offers advantages that were deemed worthwhile, but they still came in slowly. Java simply isn't a change, in fact it still isn't even considered a viable alternative. Add to the fact, as Rhino says, even a PC version is an afterthought compared to consoles as sad as that is, let alone portablity amongst the various OS's and macs... No one is saying Java is crap or should be ignored, it's just that if you really want to make professional titles across multiple viable platforms then C++ is still the king.
  12. And they say kids can be cruel?

    Quote:Original post by wahoodra Haha, I was pissingmyself so much I even pressed the wrong button! Very nicely done [lol] Come to think of it though, the likeness is scary...
  13. I LOVE British slang

    Haha, I used to live in Hull and I definately have a thing for Leeds girls and their accents, they loved mine too! It's funny because as soon as you go north past the M25, everyone expects you to be a cockney [smile]
  14. Bored Today

    I'm not sure if this will be appreciated here but for what It's worth, it made me piss myself [smile] Can I post the link on the BLS forums? It would definately be appreciated there!
  15. What's your current game project?

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow Quote:Original post by mlambert Quote:Original post by sunandshadow So is this a mortal kombat sort of game, with plot in-between, or more lke golden axe or zelda 2 with sidescrolling, or...? I'm interested because this seems sort of like the combat engine planned for Xenallure, perhaps you'd be interested in sharing your design doc or talking to the combat system designer to help a fellow GD project out? :) It's a beat-em-up in the streetfighter/MK mould. There is quite a lot of back-history to all the characters as they've appeared in various bloodlust games over the years and a lot of people follow the universe as a whole. There is quite a bit of history and story in there (with have a fair few fan-boys to appease!), but obviously the focus is on the combat. We have a sidescrolling ebat-em-up possibly planned for the future (sequel to a gam on there called executioners) too. I'd be very happy to help your project out in any way I can, my prefered field (within both design and programming) is gameplay design and interactions. Visit the board on the site and you'll see we have a gameplay discussion forum where you can reach me, or feel free to mail/pm if I can be of use. I'm always about to bounce ideas off [smile] Awesome, thanks! :) I'll do that, and pass the invitation along to the programmer who's writing the specs for the battle engine. :) No worries [smile]