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  1. Hi everyone. I'd like to have some simple, simple, SIMPLE blogging/news/update/posting "software" for my website. Things like Wordpress seem like too much to deal with for my purposes. I guess the main thing I hate is all the messing-around with styles and templates and such. I'd like to just access a specific page, log in, and type up a post and click "go" or whatever. Archiving would be nice. But I don't want it to be template-driven and all that jazz. Just simplistic posting software (php if possible) that edits text to make correct quotes and dashes, etc. Is this too much to ask? Am I overlooking something? If anyone understands what I am asking, do they have such things or should I make one on my own? I realize Wordpress is not complicated but I don't want to deal with that much unless there are no other more straight-forward options. Thanks..
  2. jim bob

    Cello bow + electric bass

    I have an electric bass guitar and a cello bow (4/4 size, horsehair). I know some bands play their guitars with string bows (Sigur Ros, for example) and would like to try this. Problem is, I don't get any sound. What's the trick? How do you do it? Haha, thank you.
  3. jim bob

    Regular expression for typography

    Well anyways.. other ideas? I know a lot of you have webpages and I know this technique is fairly popular. Someone must be informed on it to some extent to help out. I for one thank you if you do.
  4. I need to make a form with several buttons. If a button is clicked, certain text is inserted into the TEXTAREA box. How can I do this? I am guessing you use DHTML events, such a onclick (or similar)... does that sound right? Even if so, I can't figure out how to do it. Any thoughts? For instance, a text area in a form with a button -- when the user presses the button, "hello world" is inserted into the box at the current cursor location.
  5. jim bob

    Regular expression for typography

    I would also like to know how to do this, as it seems to be the standard, or at least "proper" way to go about things. I'm interested too!
  6. jim bob

    [web] What the heck PHP?

    Ohhh.. so you can't access $uname without $_POST[uname]? Is that new or something? Sheesh. Haha. Well, thank you.
  7. I am running this off my localhost server -- I am running Apache and PHP 4.3. I don't understand why this isn't working like it should: <html> <head> <title> Sorry if I offended someone. Completely forgot. </title> </head> <body> <form action="script.php" method="get"> Enter your name: <input type="text" name="uname" size="10" /><br /> <input type="submit" value="OK" /><br /> </form> </body> </html> That is my HTML form file. <html> <body> <?php //$uname = "Roger"; print "< b> < p>Hello " . $uname . "!< /b> < /p>"; ?> </body> </html> That is my PHP script file. It should handle the form, but instead I get this: Notice: Undefined variable: uname in ..\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\script.php on line 5 Hello ! And I do not understant why. I have tried changing the HTML form file to use a method of GET, but even when I do, it does not change the URL to "script.php?uname=Roger" or whatever. It stays at "script.php" and I get the same error. Even when I manually change the URL to "script.php?uname=Roger" I get the exact same error. This seems so simple, but it is not working. I wanted to use this with POST, by the way.. but GET won't even work. I know this has to be so easy it's stupid.. but I'm not seeing what the problem is. Thanks if you can help. Also.. in standard XHTML, are things like type=TEXT and method=POST and size=20 supposed to be converted to type="text" and method="post" and size="20" for them to be standards-compliant and 100% correct? Thanks for any help! [Edited by - jim bob on February 24, 2005 4:29:15 PM]
  8. jim bob

    IE issues

    I accidentally selected "Yes" to some bullshit search crap that a website tried to get me to install. And now it has taken over IE and IE won't even open anymore. How can I uninstall an IE plug-in? Where can you delete or manage web-installed applications? If that's not the answer.. I'd like to know what else I can do to get rid of it or restore IE in some way. I also have Firefox and one other browser.. but I still need IE to function for work purposes. I just need to know how to undo this issue. Thanks for any tips.
  9. jim bob

    [web] Standards?!

    Okay, thanks guys! Um, would it be logical to use the STRICT type? Can I use < EM> and < STRONG> with that, or no? Where can I find a list of XHTML commands I can use then, in STRICT? And how would I do on-the-fly formatting if I used STRICT? Those SPAN tags, or what?
  10. If I want to use CSS, and be completely standard compliant with my XHTML, is it unsound to define and use elements like < B> and < I> and < PRE> et cetera? I've heard a lot of those elements are no longer used (depreciated), is this true? I guess I don't understand what elements are okay to use and which ones are frowned upon. If I define the look and feel of a < B> element in my CSS file, is it still bad practice to use it in my XHTML? And if so, what else do I use when I want boldness arbitrarily? Thanks for clarification. I am not specifically pointing out the < B> element either, I mean.. in general, any element that is trying to be phased out or used less and less. You know.. Thanks.
  11. jim bob

    Humor and the sense of it

    Quote:Original post by kSquared Absolutely amazing! That was well-done man. ++rating; EDIT: What the frick? I'm sorry. I somehow performed --rating; even though I clicked the highest option. I don't understand..
  12. jim bob

    Humor and the sense of it

    Like.. blatant punch-line jokes? Dry is not that? Correct? Subtle humor? What about dark humor? Any others?
  13. jim bob

    Humor and the sense of it

    What does the term "dry sense of humor" mean? What other types are there? Or, what other phrases describe humor, if you know what I mean. I was always curious. Is there a standardized test somewhere where I can figure out what I am?
  14. jim bob

    GMail help

    I got a GMail account for work-related things that I created months ago, but I can't remember the password. Actually, I am entering what I really thought was the password but it doesn't seem to be correct. When I click on Forgot Password? it tells me I might have not completed registration or something -- or my account does not exist, but I know it does; in other words, I can't find the secret question thing. Where on earth is the secret question thing?
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