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  1. :(

    After following all your progress and remembering how I wanted to do this myself, it is sad to see your motivation lost. I am highly considering picking this up and continuing where you left off.
  2. Awesome Ball

    Hello, This is my first real 3D game project. It will be a Pong clone basically, but in 3D, and I have a lot of concept ideas for how the game will work. Some of these include buying new paddles and balls, obstacles in the arena, more then 2 players, and more. I'm in a bit of a stand-still right now though due to MDX 2.0 not cooperating with me. The code is written in C# and targeted at .NET 2.0. I've created a small SVN repository for AB, it is here: http://jin.getmyip.com/websvn/index.php please note though, that I host this off my own connection, which, at most times, is 56k (I travel around with my laptop a lot, so it may not always be up) You are free to commit if you wish, as long as it's helpful to the codebase. I'll explain more tomorrow, when I'm not half-asleep. :P
  3. DOOM Source

    Looks interesting, I might possibly need this code later on. and Scet, I've PMed you about a proposal, I hope you'll consider it.
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