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  1. Caste

    Where to download the NeHe contest demos?

    Update: Projects are up as well, see http://nehe.gamedev.net/article/old_nehe_projects/5631986051842048/
  2. Caste

    Where to download the NeHe contest demos?

    Hello everyone. Good news, we managed to upload all the old data we found, and I wrote a hacky script to turn the old NeHe ASP pages into html, and make all links point to the new file locations... Check out the "Legacy Articles" on the right hand side of http://nehe.gamedev.net/ !   This contains only the contests for now, NeHe's old downloads and projects have a different format so I'll write a script for those as well in the next days. The text formatting might look weird at places and not all links will work (e.g. not everyone uploaded their source code), but as I said, this was just a hacky script    Have fun with the contest entries! Although I guess nowadays you should not code either C++ nor OpenGL in the way these guys did around 10 years ago     Cheers, Carsten  
  3. Caste

    Where to download the NeHe contest demos?

    Hi guys, sorry it took so long to get back to you.   this is mostly correct. We do still have the files somewhere on a backup disk, but they are no longer hosted on nehe.gamedev.net . Which explains why this cached website you're referring to has broken links. We're currently looking for the old contest entries and projects, and will upload them again so you can access them. We'll keep you updated!
  4. Caste

    Halloween 2000 Contest

    Found it! Check your PM...  
  5. To all the students out there:   Are you interested in applying your coding skills and rendering / image processing / machine learning experience to some other field than game development? How about being a Google Summer of Code student this summer, working 3 months coding, and earning 5500 USD?   At the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing we're developing an Open Source tool called ilastik that is used by Biologists to analyze terabytes of data coming from advanced microscopes. We proposed a set of ideas to the Google Summer of Code program where students are paid to work on selected Open Source projects because we are looking for talented programmers who want to contribute to software used at the bleeding edge of neuroscience and developmental biology.   Possible project ideas related to ilastik: Visualization projects:  Use OpenGL for blending layers in Volumina  Improve 2d/3d object browser in volumina  Multiscale views based on pyramids in volumina   Software infrastructure projects User Experience Improvements in ilastik VIGRA Java bindings Parallelization of the VIGRA library   Image processing projects   Lazy connected components in VIGRA Image features for machine learning in VIGRA Detailed descriptions available here. If you're interested, get in touch with us now - application deadline is March 21st!   Cheers, Carsten
  6. Caste

    Halloween 2000 Contest

    Hi there, sorry your request kept unanswered this long. Haven't checked the forums in a while  ... It could very well be that I still have your entry somewhere in a FTP backup. I'll have a look when I get back home! Cheers
  7. finished his first exam :)
  8. Accommodation is 95% fix :) and it has a/c ;)
  9. still looking for a room in Brisbane..
  10. Sodela, boarding ist eingeleitet.. jetzt gehts wirklich los! Bye bye
  11. Meine schöne, kleine, zentral gelegene 24qm Wohnung in der Bleichstr. 4 in Darmstadt mit Balkon und Küchenzeile ist ab 1. Februar 2011 frei. Hat jemand Interesse oder kennt jemanden der auf Wohnungssuche ist?
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