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  1. Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

      You really should start reading documentations and practice gogle fu. If you would ask google about "IntelliSense:" errors you would be know that they are not the real errors. Do you try to compile your program? If yes, are there any compile/linker errors? If yes, I guess that "cannot open source file "boost/variant.hpp" ; solution: you should give visual the path to the boost library.
  2. Fast GUID generator

      You can hash the whole hierarchy string eg. prefab: "starship/wing/leftgun" object: "starship 1/wing/leftgun", "starship 2/wing/leftgun", "starship 3/wing/leftgun"
  3. Fast GUID generator

    Did you thought about hash of objects name? In all games I work on, we are using names hash for distinguish objects. Names can be automatic eg. prefab name "sword", objects names: "sword 1", "sword 2" itd.
  4. Audio/Video Playback . . .

    XAudio2 for both win and xbox.
  5. Using MVC design pattern

    You can use SelectedModel model which keeps your selected model, and has its own view (eg. box to indicate selected object if it is visual view)
  6. It's normal, vector has never free memory. Method size() return number of elements in vector not size of it's storage. Look at method capacity()(Returns the maximum possible number of elements without reallocation) and resize to understand vector usage.
  7. Game infomation storage

    Look at the TinyXml library home page http://www.grinninglizard.com/tinyxml/
  8. RTS game units movement

    Look at Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters http://www.red3d.com/cwr/steer/, eg. wander steering
  9. Made be instead of atan2(newX,newY); shuld be atan2(newY,newX); (look to the help ) ;) for c# but the same is for c++ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.math.atan2.aspx [Edited by - Ocelot on September 19, 2008 9:02:30 AM]
  10. Problem with wxWidgets NEED HELP

    Goto the WxWidgets forum and search mingw+compilation posts. it's a little tricky to compile with MinGW ("standard" compiler indevcpp and code::blocks), shortly you should use minsys, and execute something like this, in it: >configure --with-msw --enable-monolithic --enable-shared --disable-debug --enable-optimise (put your option here) and >make
  11. Quote:Each frame I want to collect a number of objects fast. The problem is that i dont know the actual number of objects and i dont want to allocate new memory for the vector each time of a new loop. I think, std::list suits here better then std::vector
  12. AI SDK (C++)

  13. Starting game-dev, collecting software

    Quote:Well, the Ogre features page says it supports skeletal animation. So I guess I can build my models and animations with Blender or Milkshape and have them played by Ogre. However I'm not sure about this "mixing" of animations. Yes, Ogre can mix skeletal animations.
  14. Make a model follow the terrain

    "Improved Collision Detection & Response" at http://www.peroxide.dk/tuts_c.shtml, there is a very simple math for collisions.