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  1. dmail

    Opening up the tagging system

    So only the OP can add tags? I get a message telling me I am not authorised "invalid credentials - you cannot modify tags".
  2. dmail


    Quote:m_Indices[index++] = m_Indices[index-1]; This was causing problems because it results in undefined behavior as it is not defined when the post increment happens. edit: Here is the relevant part of the standard Quote: 5.0.5 Expressions Except where noted, the order of evaluation of operands of individual operators and subexpressions of individual expressions, and the order in which side effects take place, is unspecified. Between the previous and next sequence point a scalar object shall have its stored value modified at most once by the evaluation of an expression. Furthermore, the prior value shall be accessed only to determine the value to be stored. The requirements of this paragraph shall be met for each allowable ordering of the subexpressions of a full expression; otherwise the behavior is undefined. [Example: i = v[i++]; // the behavior is unspecified i = 7, i++, i++; // i becomes 9 i = ++i + 1; // the behavior is unspecified i = i + 1; // the value of i is incremented
  3. dmail

    Direct3D Is Not 'More Complicated' Than OpenGL

    I did not know "sizeof(char) is 2." in C# I would have thought it was the same as C and C++ in which it is guaranteed to be one.
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