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  1. Milkshake

    New direction

    It can certainly be a huge weight off your shoulders to get some clarity on what to do next ... though I'll admit I'm with Juan, I think Squishy would work really well on one of the touch devices. Still, a Thrust style game would kick some ass too - are you going retro with some stylish vector graphics?
  2. Milkshake


    But Squishy was looking awesome! I'm still in awe of the cool portals. I find it's nice to have a second "slow burn" project in the background that's a little broader in scope that I can ping-pong back to when I can't bring myself to work on the other one. I tend to try and have them be pretty different (e.g. an arcade action game vs an rpg kind of thing).
  3. Milkshake

    Moose Sighting

    I'm certainly excited to see him with a large semi-automatic weapon in his hands. Melon Golf has been an interesting experience: I would have made more working at McDonalds, but I'm really glad I did it. I think the whole App Store is a bit of a lottery really - but you obviously have to buy a ticket to have a chance of winning =)
  4. Milkshake

    Upgrading to VS 2010

    Just catching up on some journal reading ... you're editor looks awesome! Love the connection editor, and the fact you can see the non-scene elements in the editor - you're one step ahead of me!
  5. Milkshake

    Moose Sighting

    I have to admit, looking back at the original Moose images I posted up, they look a little, well, crap. I've kicked off another iPhone adventure, but am slowly skinning, rigging, UV mapping, and texturing the Moose in the background. I've only got the antlers and goatee left to do before I can start on his "Matrix" style clothes or some animation. Here's a quick screenshot of him in engine with shadows and SSAO - you loose some of the detail, but get some moodiness to make up for it: EDIT: the above image is crazy dark on my work machine - much more so than my laptop. Trying to work out where the gamma problem is, so I'd be interested to know how this looks to you - is it almost unreadably dark?
  6. Milkshake


    Quote:Original post by O-san Looks neat! =) what 3D application have you created him in? He's modelled in Maya, which is my app of choice right now. The cow was made (many, many) years ago in Max. I've also picked up Z Brush as I had thoughts of doing some higher quality surfacing on him at one point - but I kind of like his character with the simple cartoony finish I think.
  7. Milkshake


    I've started to do some preliminary prototyping for my next project, and one of the things I need is (very basic) ragdolls. So over the next few entries we'll be following the buildup to get there. My first thought was that, given ragdolls are pretty complex animals, that I'd have some Ragdoll controller which just did everything, and have the physics code recognise it and do ragdoll stuff. This should make it super easy to switch them on/off, as you'd just enable/disable that controller. But obviously, this is a pretty specialised solution, and doesn't get me any closer to doing similar things like rope bridges, swinging signs, bobbing pony tails, wobbly trees, etc. So I parked that for a bit, and decided I'd start off by adding support for building generic physics systems in objects - and see how this handled ragdolls before adding anything ragdoll specific. Based on this, I've set about adding basic support for some simple constraints, starting with a ball joint. There's been a truly staggering amount of work behind the scenes to get them in (starting with re-writing the Constraint management system used for contacts to handle permanent constraints, and ending up having to re-write some nasty corners of portals and serialisation to handle serialisation of object references within other objects). But it all seems to be working now. Here's a little video of them in action. You can see that the switch is hooked up to drive the "strength" of the top constraint that attaches the block chain to the floating block, so that turning the switch on and off is like turning on a magnet. I added an "Elasticity" parameter to the constraint, which is why the block chain is a little bit springy. You can turn this off, but it doesn't feel quite a "fun" when they're totally instant and infinitely strong. The next step is to extend Skeletons so you can use constraints within the bones of a skeleton ... makes me feel sick just thinking about it really.
  8. Milkshake


    Nothing wrong with some Joe Camel =)
  9. Milkshake


    It's with great pleasure that I introduce to you the newest member of the Milkshake family: Moose! I haven't decided on a name for him. I'm writing games under the moniker Chocolate Moose Games - so perhaps he'll be called Chocolate. But I quite like a few other foods too, so we'll have to see how that turns out. As you can see, at this point, there's no texture on him ... and indeed, there's no UV mapping, no skeleton, no skinning, and no animation either - but as an initial mesh, I'm pretty happy with the volume and amount of character he has. Just for reference, here's the cow before and after texture so you can see how much (or rather how little) detail is actually in the underlying mesh. One of the things I've tried to do is make him in a more modular way than the cow so that I can use the base mesh to make other characters in the Moose family. I haven't decided how far I'll want to (read: be able to) push the varaitions on top of the one base mesh, but just with a few rough props you can get some pretty varied characters. Cheers!
  10. Milkshake

    Portal shaders

    That looks awesome! Those swirling cloud portals are genious!
  11. Milkshake

    Editorial bias

    Glad to hear you got the iPhone dev stuff sorted out ... does this mean we get iGlow =) The smash TV controls seems pretty popular right now too.
  12. Milkshake

    Melon Golf

    Wow, 4 months since my last entry. Scary. Milkshake (the cow) has taken a bit of a hibernation, but he's now out and about running around again. One of my boys is actually running him around as we speak on the iPhone. He actually survived the transition quite well - so far the only things missing are shadows (no stencil buffer on the iPhone and that's the only shadow algorithm I got around the writing), shaders (there is some old-school shader support, but I seem to remember reading that it's inconsistent across the different iPhone models which makes it a bust), and being able to jump and fire the gun (both of which need me to write up some virtual buttons). I'll definitely take you all for a spin around the new iPhone version in some later posts, as it might well be the first real release of a Milkshake adventure. But for now, let me show you what I've been working on for the last 4 months! There's a gameplay video here You can read more here: www.melongolf.com The worst bug so far is that I managed to spell Birdie as "Birdy" - but I'm not sure that justifies another few weeks in the iPhone review queue just yet, so I'll wait and see if anyone hits a bigger problem. It's only 99c at the minute, so if you've got an iPhone/iPod touch, check out Melon Golf on the app store and support a fellow game-dever. There - shameless self-promotion done. If anyone's got any comments, suggestions or questions, I'd love to hear them. Cheers!
  13. Milkshake

    Sound menu and sliders

    Quote:Original post by Aardvajk Quote:Original post by Milkshake Good grief! That looks like a real game!!! You've really come a long way. The UI + water effects really look sharp. And if you don't mind me asking, how are you calculating the blur? Just two pretty simple shaders. I render the game to a texture, then put the texture through a horizontal then vertical blur then render to the screen. Can't remember where I blagged those constants from - somewhere on the internet. Thanks for the shader code. It's odd because that's exactly how I calculate the blur for my depth of field (well, not those constants, but the split horizontal and vertical), and I'd swear your one looks better. Perhaps it's just that it's fullscreen vs depth-of-field filtered.
  14. Milkshake

    Sound menu and sliders

    Quote:Original post by Aardvajk Quote:Original post by Milkshake And if you don't mind me asking, how are you calculating the blur? And if you don't mind me asking, when are you going to update your journal? [smile] Hahaha. I'm working on an iPhone game which should be finished in a week or 4. I'll be writing it all up once I'm done. Interestingly, the first thing I did was ported the cow to the iPhone. He's a little naked without his shadows (as there's no stencil buffer on the iPhone), but it was cool to watch his little spaceship landing on that tiny screen.
  15. Milkshake

    Sound menu and sliders

    Good grief! That looks like a real game!!! You've really come a long way. The UI + water effects really look sharp. And if you don't mind me asking, how are you calculating the blur?
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