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  1. thepixlyzdpitbull

    y halo thar journal

    Yup, I'm doing okay. 'Merica isn't treating me too bad. So what's next after graduation?
  2. thepixlyzdpitbull

    y halo thar journal

    Awesome man, congrats (unofficially)! Forgive my completely vacuous comment. :(
  3. thepixlyzdpitbull

    Thanks for everything

    Hmmm... I'm playing SotN for the first time. I wonder what's the massive secret is oh god Does it have something to do with beating it 100%, or is it something else?
  4. thepixlyzdpitbull

    Video Games Live

    Wow. Did Elevator Action even have music? I sure as hell can't remember any of it. That said, I played the home versions, and not the arcade version.
  5. thepixlyzdpitbull


    The Golf is my kind of car, though I don't own one since I'm too poor to own a car and have no real use for one. Looking at the Honda site, am I crazy or have they stopped making Civic hatchbacks? Is the Fit the new Civic hatchback? I was also a fan of the 4 door Impreza, but the new model looks worse than the older ones, IMO. The Impreza is a fantastic drive.
  6. thepixlyzdpitbull


    How about an AIX version, rav?
  7. thepixlyzdpitbull


  8. thepixlyzdpitbull


  9. thepixlyzdpitbull

    Finally, someone says it.

    THE INQUIRER IS A HORRIBLE SITE. Yeah, I had to say it. I definitely thought that Digg was a good idea back in mid-2005, but now it's just a horrible mess. It's sad, really. I keep forgetting that in large numbers, people are pretty much retarded.
  10. thepixlyzdpitbull

    I want!

    I'm waiting to watch the keynote video. :( Apple's site seems to be getting hammered. I'm trying not to ruin it by looking at the specs or the price, but I think I'd like to get a Mac Pro as my next computer instead of a MacBook. My (11 month old!) PowerBook is kinda slow, but I could hold on to it for the next couple years.
  11. thepixlyzdpitbull


    I have something of value to say: tl;dr
  12. thepixlyzdpitbull


    oshit HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAV Hope I'm not too late.
  13. thepixlyzdpitbull

    Oh noes.

    Back off. He's mine.
  14. thepixlyzdpitbull


    Goddamn that's fast.
  15. thepixlyzdpitbull


    WHY MUST YOU TAUNT ME SO Glow runs great on my PowerBook. I assume you're using some OGL bilinear filtering. It's so goddamn smooth and slick. Runs at a steady 45 fps. I need to get a mouse though - playing with the trackpad really kills it. How well does it do on your MBP? I want Apple to put out a Merom MacBook (not pro) with a discrete graphics chip. THEN I'll regret getting the PowerBook. I know they'll do it too.
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