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  1. Codejack

    Linear algebra is cool

    To be honest I don't think your average gamer would even be able to conceive of a 4th dimension let alone solve problems in it.
  2. Codejack

    Little Big Planet Recall

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by curtmax_0 How do you accidentally quote religious stuff in a song? You don't. You quote religious stuff in a song - or utter similar-sounding phrases - and someone who doesn't speak the language licenses the song. Then, during beta, an adherent of the religion in question notifies the licensee of the potential for offense. Quote:Also, who cares? I doubt muslims are a big customer of Sony. Clearly, some Muslim gamers cared enough to notify Sony, so as to prevent further offense.According to the BBC News article, one muslim play tester noticed the music and suggested to Sony that it may cause offence. He also suggested Sony release a patch to fix the problem thus not delaying the release. Sony decided they would go over and above the call of duty, do a recall and pander to a vocal, violent, bunch of sub-human churls who masquarade as an organised religion. As Yann said fuck them.
  3. Codejack

    See Sharp. (C# vs C++)

    Quote:Who's with me?Me, front and centre! I really love working with C#, the.Net Framework and particularly ASP.Net for web development. Was such a revelation for me as a former C++ junkie.
  4. Codejack

    Quantum sex

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Promit Just watch Japanese porn, that should cure any uncertainty. LOL! To be serious, though, porn makes for a terrible instructional. If you've imbibed a lot of misconceptions from porn, you'll have to first deprogram yourself and then learn how to satisfy your partner before you start to have truly rewarding sex. Better not to get in that position in the first place. I actually disagree with that to some extent. I mean, you're totally correct if your talking about the type of porn that has a budget and they try to make it in to a film with a flimsy plot etc. Even if you're talking about the bigger porn-producing companies that have hot super-models going at it just for the sake of the cameras and the viewer's pleasure. But a lot of the amateur porn that gets posted on the net can be quite insightful and you can get some good tips on different positions and styles etc and seeing how ordinary couples do it. Anyway, I wouldn't totally discount porn as an instructional just be conservative and realistic when you watch it.
  5. Codejack

    Quantum sex

    Cool thread! I wouldn't worry too much about about your experiences with prostitutes. They're generally cavernous down there! You could insert a trident missile and they probably wouldn't notice. 5" is not the worst in the world. As somebody already posted, the first 2" - 3" into the vagina are the most sensitive so you should be able to do some good with that. Spend extra time on foreplay though. If she really likes you she will probably be so turned on by dry-humping and you touching and grabbing her that she'll be ready to explode. Oh yeah, and cunnilingis isn't that hard :-) Just root around till you find a pea sized lump and then draw alphabet shapes on it with your tounge. And relax you jaw otherwise it's liable to lock up. Good luck :-)
  6. Codejack

    Keeping kids from your roof

    Hang a bar of soap outside your window.
  7. Codejack


    That's easy, do you want 1024? Of course you do, who doesn't? "Yes" is the positive course of action :-P
  8. Codejack

    Any ideas as to how to keep a kitten...

    Man, that's a tricky situation. I think the smartest thing you could do, next time it happens, is turn the printer on. Post the results.
  9. Codejack

    Where is a good place to meet people?

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Try establishing yourself as an independant person, completely unneeding of a partner. When you do, then you will be ready for a partner, someone equally as unneeding of one as yourself. Over time, you will learn to need each other, but to start you should only want each other.Wow, that's actually really excellent and inciteful advice and actually reflects what I did. A month after getting a good promotion I met a woman and we've been going out for four months. My only problem now is it turns out I still want anyone with a pulse.
  10. Codejack

    Crazy E-mail .. what to do

    I'm betting it was about donkey porn. Or midget sex.
  11. Codejack

    War in Ossetia - Russia v. Georgia

    Why would anyone trust what the Russian government says? A bully government that is prepared to use nuclear material in a foreign country to perform an assassination? I don't believe them.
  12. Codejack

    War in Ossetia - Russia v. Georgia

    I wonder if America will supply the Georgians like the Russians are supplying Iran?
  13. Codejack

    Friday update

    Which one is you? The one in the middle? :-P
  14. Codejack

    Online Gaming and RNG

    Quote:Original post by Wiggin If you use the Martingale system, you should expect to lose your money. It doesn't work. It sounds like you have lost a lot of money without getting entertainment value equal to the amount of money lost. If so, you should stop gambling.How on earth did you jump to that conclusion? I uploaded the equivalent of $15 and played on the lowest stakes tables in both poker and roulette... I was doing an experiment because I am very wary playing these games online. I wasn't so surprised at the roulette as I know the martingale system fails over time (it was suspiciously quick to fail online) but I was surprised at the numerous, repeat poor starting hands I was dealt in poker. I felt like I was playing in a table game with a dealer who couldn't shuffle properly.
  15. Codejack

    Online Gaming and RNG

    I use Bet365 to play Texas Hold'Em poker online and, i'm sorry, but I think there is something seriously wrong with their random number generation. I played for three hours yesterday and I got dealt the same cards countless times over the course of my session. I lost track of the amount of times I got dealt a 6,2 in the hole. Or a K,6. Or a Q,3. I got these same cards countless times! I never got a A,A countless time! No, I never got a A,K countless times! I always get the crappiest hands in poker an inordinate amount of times (7,2 being the other one). Also, the online casinos. I had a shot at betting red or black on the roulette table using the martingale system. Now I can accept that random has no memory and it is possible for one colour to come up eight, nine (or whatever) times in a row but to me it just seems to happen *way* to frequently on an online casio (needless to say I lost my stake money). Am I just a bitter, foolish gambler or have any of you had the same experience? Do you use online gaming sites? What is you impression or opinion on their validity?
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