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  1. Codejack


    That's easy, do you want 1024? Of course you do, who doesn't? "Yes" is the positive course of action :-P
  2. Codejack

    Friday update

    Which one is you? The one in the middle? :-P
  3. Codejack


    Where on earth would you acquire 139 episodes of Horizon?
  4. Codejack


    You should have just told her you wanted to slip her the bratwurst. I'm convinced that would have increased your chances of success ten-fold!
  5. Codejack

    Terrain engine

    This is my favourite journal on the web. I wish I could do some of the stuff you're doing! There will always be people who complain; you are never going to be please everyone. I will never understand the pedantry of people who notice when a pixel is out of place and you shouldn't concern yourself over it either :)
  6. Codejack

    Help Wanted

    My favourite has to be "DSG Inc. (MMO)". Stock options and medical benefits; absolute classic xD
  7. Codejack


    Go with the TSB... their customer service may suck and don't except to get a mortgage off them but at least you can transfer money.
  8. Codejack


    I noticed more and more people have started saying "I raped you at *whatever*". I don't know why people have started saying that; I don't particularly like it. I'm so apathetic though that I never comment on it.
  9. Codejack


    I never had a single problem when it was Blueyonder or even when they were Cableinet before that. Everything Richard Branson touches turns to shit.
  10. Codejack


  11. Codejack

    More sneak preview

    I bet she could suck a golf ball through a hose pipe!
  12. Codejack

    Look! It's Moses, no it's Jesus... no... IT'S...

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the costume... an abuse of primary colours. Pass the shades my good man!
  13. Codejack


    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve Shit on her desk.Yes... or in her filing cabinet.
  14. Codejack


    Have you ever tried to set up subversion? If you think getting rid of Windows ME is pain... :D
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