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  1. A Common Thread

    I don't know of a single game that isn't a conglomerate of the entire teams vision. Yes someone has to make sure it all matches but everyone contributes to the vision.
  2. Dimins V2018.1

    I started making a game this month as a "One Man Army". I'm not really following any kind of dev process, just working what I feel like when I feel like and using only Unity, Blender and Gimp. First I got some references for the game I want to make, I want it to be a monster collection game on pc, android and switch. Only multiplayer will be pvp. The only motivation I have is I want a game that I like to play on mobile and pc with my partner and daughter. We decided to call it Dimensional Minions (Dimins), at least as a working title. https://sketchfab.com/models/3b15fce0a6d84f99ae2770aec2b9ba9e https://shop.bitgem3d.com/products/fantasy-land-se Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.runeguard&hl=en Did some basic modular and tiled environment assets, turns out my modelling and unwrapping is okay but my painting is horrendous. I followed that up with a basic movement and profile system in Unity, at this point it only saved the position of the player but all other data was added as needed and it worked out of the box. The camera feels weird, I'll probably have to spend a lot of time on it. Now something a bit more meaty, I made some Ability and Minion databases to describe what ability and minions are and to give them some stats and behaviour, then a secret place where combat takes place with the ability to run, swap minion, attack and capture enemy minion. I also added a basic custom animation\tween helper and a simple fluent interface for scripting abilities and their animations to spawn particles etc as well. I made a proper minion, his name is Cubgel, and gave minions some world behaviour to roam about. My daughter wanted a mummy and daddy one with lots of babies, that's why they are different scales. Then I made another tree, cementing the fact that my art really sucks: After that debacle I worked on dialogue, got basic stuff in the dialogue can interface with the current story data found in the players profile to determine what to say or not to say. Following that I got a friend to make some pixel art based on my scribblings to give some good references to make models from, for now most of them are cubes with the pixel art on them. I then made some spawners to spawn all the minions in the world and built a small area to play in. I also added a simple walk in cylinder to heal all your minions up otherwise the game just gets impossibly hard. I guess the current goal is to kill the highest level minion spawns. I'll have to add a story at some point. I added a lot of little tweaks like nameplates for minions, animation on the cylinder and some other basic 'polish' but at the moment I am just going to upload the build and call it a night. There are probably so many bugs but it's 1 am and it's time for sleep! Dimins_2018.1.zip Give it a play and give me some feedback on my horrid camera, ui and art. Literally any feedback will be appreciated. Oh another thing, I relatively recently started\released an open source game called STD(Simple Tower Defense) and if you wanna check that out it's here, it's 64 bit only and needs the VS 2017 redist installed, it also suffers from bad art. https://github.com/nhold/td/releases PS. Is this too much media?
  3. Apologies for helping derail this topic but: I find it odd you are derailing a topic with a huge wall of text like that. There is nothing wrong with what he is doing, he is clearly learning in a very practical manner and you shouldn't dictate how people learn. A forum is also easier to reference than chat logs. GDnet doesn't(I hope) have an issue with 6 threads per day being created per account. I down-voted you not because I disagree (It would be nice if he had the fundamentals down) but because you are essentially telling someone not to use the forum to seek help.
  4. Critical errors in CryEngine V code

    I disagree with pretty much everyone here, I find the articles pretty interesting. It's not like he hides who he is or what he is advertising, just ignore any of these types of articles if you don't want them.
  5. They usually do.   This comes up on pretty much every PVS article - maybe the articles could link to the patch requests to head off this line of attack?     That would be awesome, I do see some changes in the referenced source but not sure if it was because of Ivans pull requests.
  6.   It's just a Unity game written in C#. It just shows I can write readable code and have a game that is coherent with a clear win\lose condition. Basically my suggestion is to show you can do what your responsibilities will be in the role.
  7. I did this for a job interview, didn't take the job due to issues I had with their expected work hours but it did land me in this job I have now.
  8. Starter APIs

    Here is a free resource for game programming patterns: http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/contents.html
  9. Game for learning algorithms

    That is a really cool idea and I think the mechanics work too. My only suggestion would be at some point stop giving hints (I.e In the binary search you move the next hint all the time, I would stop moving it after the 12th successful find).
  10. The Birth of a Lich

    The idea of a Lich has always been awesome in Game Design. I don't really have much to add but to help with motivation: Hopoo once was making a necromancer game and I am not sure why he stopped it: (He also had a demo but I can't find it) It was pretty cool. It basically worked as the skeletons had basic AI and the user could combine them or turn them into a bone tornado etc. I think it was a great concept.   [attachment=29639:clip+(2014-05-15+at+07.09.31).png]
  11.   You would have to have another Core lib that they all depend on which has the interfaces required (I think the only common one would be IUpdateable and IInitializable?). This is how I have done it in my engine.
  12. Game Engine Editor

      I like it too and here are the reasons to use wxWidgets: Non-restrictive licence [1] Open Source Cross-Platform Native look and feel If you need those features then you should use wxWidgets, it has many other features and pluses but that's the best use case.   [1] The wxWindows Library Licence is essentially the L-GPL (Library General Public Licence), with an exception stating that derived works in binary form may be distributed on the user's own terms. This is a solution that satisfies those who wish to produce GPL'ed software using wxWidgets, and also those producing proprietary software.
  13.   Not really code but you can use it in a data driven engine\game to drive all data for it.   You could drive all the data in a game as large(By large I mean dataset) as World of Warcraft with SQL. Quest, NPC\Positional, Ability and Map data can all be represented by tables, rows and columns in SQL.
  14. Open sourcing my projects and blogging again

    Very cool man and yeah time really flies.
  15. Entities can be a plain integer too!

    I don't know how I would feel about using an ID in a language that supports objects but it's looking nice.
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