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    Looking for online friends

    Hey. Im just looking for IM friends, So if theres anyone out there who likes to just chat for a couple minutes a day you can add me to your Instant Messanger Ive got MSN Messenger matherhorn@hotmail.com ICQ gwmatherhorn yahoo andy_scifi@yahoo.com I use Praize messenger, which hooks me up to all 3 at once. Thanks hope to hear from some of you soon.
  2. Manic_Gamer

    Designing a living environment

    this might not answere your question to the T, but its something that popped into my head while reading Is that in creating a living world is to create a beleavable world from a Artistic point of view Look at the movies, Labrynth and Dark Crystal by Jim henson. look at the old starwars films and see how they took a earthly set and created a beleavable world with its own life and culture, from a artsitic standpoint, And I think that following there path would help create a video game with a living atmostphere and not a stagnent video game. (Even cronicles of riddick are a good example, and matrix of what a living new world would be like) As Far as the NPC's would go, that all depense on the AI you program, and what your thinking of would break the bounds of traditional AI and give it more life. Like creating the AI to have personality and the ability to give responses to a players question where it draws apun his own memory and what kind of personality he has, is he the type to give a responce, would he lie, would he just walk away and ignore you, etc, plus when there not talking what basic behavors do they have, will they start fights, steal, get drunk, go to work, give to the poor or beg themselves But beyond people and visual effects, Government and society also are a key factor. what kind of government do they have and what kind of society do they have, if its a fantasy setting weather sci fi or high fantasy like lord of the rings there usualy is a government, if not if its tribal than so be it. Star Wars has its own government, in fact it has many, in the old star wars it was the Empire had rule.
  3. Manic_Gamer

    Silly game idea

    This is a silly game idea ive had for awhile and id like to run it by the community to see what people have to say I think we all know what a wizard is, but what of a battle of programers. in game programers who frag like wizards but instead of pre designed spell casting programers would in game script out attacks and traps. The game would have to come with its own programing language and to be more exact.. the only people who could not would play the game are people with programing skills of various levels. As soon as they enter the game they are prompted to start scripting in order to get the most kill points. They could do such things as script themselves the ability to fly, script in a major fire ball weapon and assign it to weapon slot 1. and so forth The levels im assuming would be Astral in concept. im thinking that levels would be randomly generated by throwing misc brush objects and just objects into a world. various worldy setting like being in different planes of exsistence like D&D has different planes.. like the plane of air, space, water, earthen caves.. ect.. and in these worlds would the levels be generated. I know the game has many down falls.. like spending to much time coding and not enough time playing.. well in my point of view that all depense on how the scripting language is made and what steps players take to make the scripting as light as possible.. like created in fire ball weapon and assingning it to weapon slot 1. and to keep players from programing to high, they have bounderies.. such as if they give themselves to much, they will have a system overload and die loosing all they have programed. but beyond just saying I have a fire ball weapon. there are things ive invisioned that cant be programed so simply. Such as typing a script that creates a wall around you, or a wall of fire. or typing a script that transformes the player model into a space craft, or etc. or typing in a script that casued the player to become invisable. Basicly just creating a "what would be cool" list and figuring out how to implement it into the game Basicly a game where people can hack freely, and hacking is the name of the game. Its a loose idea with alot of quirks but befor I think to seriously about it i would love some feedback thanks [Edited by - Manic_Gamer on June 8, 2006 11:04:22 AM]
  4. Manic_Gamer

    Game concept... constructive criticism welcome

    If your serious about making it, I do 3d graphics and would like to help, give me a mail at simpsonsfan@priaze.com
  5. Manic_Gamer

    Which engine to use

    Im a newbie.. whats a MOD? Or is that like taking a game thats already made and modifying it.. Like design levels and stuff. I did that with the only Jedi KNight 2 for a couple months but nothing recent.
  6. Manic_Gamer

    Help on 3D planet concept

    One thing that popped into my mind is how in the game will the terrain be recreated so to speak. or altered. My thoughts are, Shovel's. Profesional Digging machines like we have no adays. Explosions from demolion blasts or gun fire. Weather even, Lightning storms, rain.. etc figuring that out might help you more clearly decide on how you want the terrain to be altered. As for the gravity aspect of a sphirical world.. thats well beyond me. I only imagine it would take severe programing and high high high mathmatical skills to acomplish that. but it could win you a fantastic spot in any game company to accomplish such a feat. Atleast I would think so.
  7. Manic_Gamer

    Which engine to use

    Hi, Im looking at those game engines like Dark Basic,FPS Creator, 3d Game Creator and the likes.. They all seem to cost around 50-60% Im wondering if anyone has used any of these game engines game creators. What im looking for is one that has little programing experience and the ability to create your own graphics, Like character models, Weapons, Levels and etc. Any help on the topic would be great
  8. Im looking to create a chat room or a instant messenger, I might go for instant messanger only becous im learning C++ rather than other languages like java.. but im wondering if anyone has any resorces, books at amazon.. that would teach the basics of creating a chat room or instant messenger (Even if Java).. forgive my newbieness towards programing,, im still new and understand little. Why.. becouse I want to have my own chat room or instant messanger on my website, its a Pen and Paper RPG. Nothing to fancy. And neather the chatroom or messanger needs to be to fully featured.. atleast not in the beta release.. probebly just Chat Room, with 1 window for the DM and another window for Players. A Private chat feature, and file sharing. (Mayby voice chat if its easy to implement)
  9. Manic_Gamer

    Irrlicht. is it good

    im wondering what peoples views on the Irrlicht game engine is.. it seems nice to me from someone who knows very little about programing, but im wondering if i can get other peoples oppinions on it.. thanks
  10. Manic_Gamer

    Any good tutorials out there.. please help

    Thanks for all the links.. ill look those up :) And thanks for the vocab.. im a newb at the digital arts stuff
  11. Im wondering if there are any good tutorials or tutorial teaching websites on the graphic arts part of game creation. Such as 3d, 2d texuring and design.. Animation, Visual Arts, Learning the human form, etc Anything that you think would be helpful in graphic design Thanks in Advance [Edited by - Manic_Gamer on May 27, 2006 10:30:28 AM]
  12. Manic_Gamer

    Building a game

    Well im no expert and im surly no good programer, But I find that Blitz Basic would be good for designing simple games like Zelda or FInal Fantasy 1. Of course in my oppinion I dont see how Zelda is anything like final Fantasy 1. Besides the fact that they where fantasy 8 bit games. http://www.blitzbasic.com/ is a site to blitz basic And hear is a link to a good book that teaches about Blitz basic.. it seems to have good success and explored all aspects of game design http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1592000681/103-6967033-9210212?v=glance&n=283155 But besides programing languages there are a bunch of free (Some can pay for extra features) tool kits out there to help you create your own game. RPG Maker http://www.gamediscovery.com/game-design/rpg-game-creator-rpgds-game-creators.asp RPG Tool kit http://www.toolkitzone.com/ this is one of many websites that gives long list to tools and engines http://www.ambrosine.com/resource.html Heres a good website that will take you step by step through all the features of the tile based game design. It even used the orignal zelda as examples http://www.tonypa.pri.ee/tbw/start.html Here is a gamedev article about it http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article728.asp And I know there are some other tools and websites out there for designing a til based game.. one website I cant find is one that allows people to create thos old school games.. When i find it ill post it If you want to pay someone to program your game, then post at help wanted section.. I would suggest no less then 15$ a hour..
  13. Manic_Gamer

    Suggestions on New races

    Usualy I shy away from insect like monsters, In Morrowwind they where my least favorite do to the fact that im so in love with the lord of the rings style fantast.. But I think it would work. How about as another bonus or Advantage, they Gain 1 or 2 New combat attack techniques. Like from Star Ship troopers, A Certain Inpale Attack (Using there spike like legs).. (Hard to Aim, But does double Damage if pulled off right) IM Also thinking about the Undead.. I would rather add undead if the game had NPCs like a RPG normaly would. or a non multi player FPS.. (OR even a RTS) .. Kind of like Warcraft has Fairy Folk vrs the Orcish Armys. This game would be kinda Fairy Folk Vrs, the undead. But Even in a No NPC multiplayer only game I think it would still work. Im thinking one of there Advantages would be to regenerate wounds.. And A Disadvantage they can only group with one of the 2 or 3 undead races in the game. Meaning they cant group or form teams with the other non-undead races
  14. Manic_Gamer

    Suggestions on Class Skills

    Earning classes sounds prity cool for a rpg but not a fps. BUt yeah for a RPG it would be fun. Like to become a Paladin type class, you realy need to do or behave a certain charitable way, And mayby become a Squire first. then a Knight, then through the church a paladin type.
  15. Manic_Gamer

    Suggestions on New races

    I dont know why but for some reason I would have thought that races would be just pritty models.. But being human i can be wrong and now I feel stupid about it. Realising that each Race should bring there own unique culture and (No better words) that would be easily applied in the game system. Course I had to read alot of posts that made me feel stupid, atleast my game would be better. (Note the game might never get made (Almost certainly), But my goal is to submite a good design doc when I apply for graphic design jobs..) I love the idea about disadvantages.. that is so Key. Good with the bad I would like to see elves as stronger than humans to tell you the truth. Hardy and strong, Mayby Elverian From the Stone cut woodlands of Mirr, the elves live in tribal villages, they have a barbaric society with no one to rule, yet in the love for one another they dwell in peace. It is to outsiders that they are cautious and in ages gone by wars have been many. Elves are a race filled with passion, which lies in there love for mother earth, They spend many years of there life Crafting there family history into the rock walls of mirr. Beautiful they are with mixtures of images and symbols to tell the stories of there lives. Advantages: Speed Burst (For running)/ Minor Fatigue after running )10% less damage and 10% less Armor Camoflage / Attacking looses Camo, but gives about 50% invisibility while in camo. Cant be tracked (no radar will pick them up) Disadvantage: (No magic Abilities for Elves) Odian This race is the closest to what we have hear on earth, Atleast in size and shape they almost look like humans. Yet they are not eager to shed blood lest needed and have no greed or malice with one another, they are a society of farmers and tree cutters who spend long ours each day working the lands. They do have a milirary society that fights well and hard yet they do what they can to avoid war. You can find them most easily at the temples where they worship the one true god. Advantages: Start with 100 more gold, And Gains 15 gold per game. Protection Prayer (devine Shielding) A Prayer that causes a 100% protective shield around them for 15 seconds, cant attack or cast magic from it. Use once Per 10 minutes, Disadvanteges: Certain weapons manuver's they cant learn. Dwarven From the under ground they are not, but in the mountains high they dwell. A Race covered in blood for century after century they have gone to war. Yet now in recent times they find them selves few in number and secluded. In turn they have taken themselves to learning the magical craft. and in this persuit light has come into some of there eyes, and darkness into the others. even though they are devided by beleafes and behaviors from the persuit of magic they dwell with one another closely. the dwarves whove taken to the light have learned spells to aid and protect, to bless and to give back to those around them. While the other dwarves corrupted by the blood that has flowed in there vains from years of wars have taken to the arcane magics of the earth, from where this magic comes from is never talked about and in this path there skin has turned from pale to grey with withered faces and grey hair. crafting spells of fire and destruction. Yet they do not war... but practice there craft. Advantages: Pale Dwarf. Gains 25% advantage to healing and blessing spells Grey Haired Dwarf. Gains 25% advantage to spells of destruction Disadvantage Pale Dwarf. Cant use destructive magics Grey Haired Dwarf. Cant use Healing or Aiding magics Thundorns Of what great size and stature they are, They look much like the Odain yet are large in size, a size and a half over them. Yet in the size they do nothing to others, Never in there centuries have they gone to war. Not with elves or even the dwarves. They are a simple race doing what they can to survive in the mountain planes they call home. Infact to talk to them you always feel welcome and in there homes sitting down for a talk will you find your self when you visite. What are they doing in this land and how have they kept at peace, from most of the races the answere is easy. They don’t want to fight them and they don’t want to fight back. Its there size that worries them. But infact to be one of them will be a great pleasure Advantages 50% Stronger than other races Disadvantages Cant use Destructive magic. Have less agility Gargoyle Slender and thin. A Race devoting themselves to the arcane crafts of technology. They are the ones who first built the weapons we find in the world of Solar Eclipse. Excelent In craft they have built the longShot. A Gun that fires three times the length of the best bow found in all of the land.. There culture is quite simple, they dwell in the under ground caverns of faylen and rockwor. And they spend there days working on new technology and trying to find more uses for the crystals that are abundant in there under ground caves. One rule with them is not to cross them or make them angry for even amounst themselves they are very short and take offence with ease. Advantages Gain a free Arcane Weapon. Ability to fly for short distances, Do to the short flights they take to get from one cavern wall to another. Disadvantages Are Weaker than other races and not very agile Cant learn some weapon manuvers. Frey A creature of magical means, some say they are not born of natural means but forged together years ago by magical enegies, a combination of beast and man covered in fur yet they are small in size.. Smaller than all other races which even though they are not fond of combat they do have a advantage in there smaller stature. Where do they live one might ask, Some have taken to the cities and dwelling places of the Odain race and some with the elves, yet most find there home with the thundorns befrending them well. They have no place of there own yet are welcomed by most do to there helpful nature and quick speed to do tasks for people. Advantages Are very agile. Gain 15% bonus to stats at night time Disadvantages Loose 15% bonus to stats during the day This is all I have right now for races.. Im hoping to have atleast 7 but at most 9. For im the 3d graphic artist and am looking forward to doing as many diverse models as I can. (Again probebly wont form a team to create the game, but using it as a portfolio tool to get a real job instead of the minimum wage jobs I’ve been getting for 12 long years.) Keep the posts coming if you can, And feel free to critisize anything that you think of. Thats the fire that forms the blade. (Unless its about my spelling, please) Any new race sudjestions would be great.. I loved the Gargoyle.. And one guy (Cant remember but ill look him up.) Suggested a celestrial being. A creature with out natural form which might be cool.. Any more ideas on him would be great.. Thanks for all the help. More would be great [Edited by - Manic_Gamer on May 23, 2006 11:50:46 AM]
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