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    drawing a convex hull

    No, I don't have the triangles yet. I guess thats what I'm looking for. Allthough I only want to draw a wireframe so it would suffice to get the edges of the hull. At the moment I'm just connecting all the points. That gives a rough impression of how the hull would look like but looks confusing on more complex hulls. The half space is a set of planes (normal+offset from hull's center) which divides the 3d space into inside and outside the hull. It's mainly used for collision tests. Maybe it's also useful for drawing the hull?
  2. Ok, I have a convex hull consisting of points in 3d space and a precalculated half space for that hull. Now I want to draw the hull on screen but don't know how to. Maybe someone can give me some hints?
  3. m4444x

    poor shader performance

    I'm fairly sure that the shaders are only compiled and linked once during application startup. Without the texture lookup it's a little bit faster but still much to slow (about 10 fps). I get the feeling that the problem is directly related to the fill rate because if I reduce the viewport size the fps counter increases accordingly.
  4. m4444x

    poor shader performance

    It's an ATI 1600 I checked some precompiled GLSL examples from codesampler.com and they run just fine. So it's probably not the Gl driver.
  5. Hi! I'm trying to jump on the shader train but somehow it doesn't start rolling. For testing purpose I wrote the simplest shader I could think off: varying vec2 texco; void main( void ) { gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * gl_Vertex; texco = gl_MultiTexCoord0.xy; } uniform sampler2D BaseMap; varying vec2 texco; void main( void ) { gl_FragColor = texture2D( BaseMap, texco ); } The linker then told me that the shaders will 'run in hardware'. So I expected this to run very fast but instead the performance is really poor. Only one or two frames per sec while the same thing rendered with the standard pipeline gives me a fps count around 1000. I wonder now what could cause such a slowdown? [Edited by - m4444x on May 17, 2006 3:45:30 PM]
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