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  1. You Don't Need to Hide Your Source Code

    Well, I find it disrespectful to say that a programmer thinking that his work is art is delusional.   Programming is an art, like drawing or composing musing, and thus a program source code is a work of art as much as the game assets to me.   I think that the DVD player too is art, but it does not have anything to do to the movie it plays.
  2. DX11 Directx11 return code definition

    Yes, I was getting some errors so I wanted to catch all the possible return codes.   I sent a mail, hopefully they will update the documentation.
  3. DX11 Directx11 return code definition

    I searched the whole "windows kits\8.0\include" directory but the only definition of D3DERR_INVALIDCALL is inside d3d9helper.h.   Apparently the problem is just that the documentation is not updated about the fact that they dropped the error codes that begin with D3DERR_. Inside winerror.h I could find all the definitions for dxgi, d3d10 and d3d11 errors, but they are named and defined differently, for example:   // // DXGI error codes // // // MessageId: DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL // // MessageText: // // The application made a call that is invalid. Either the parameters of the call or the state of some object was incorrect. // Enable the D3D debug layer in order to see details via debug messages. // #define DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(0x887A0001L)     where _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_ is just   #define _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(_sc) ((HRESULT)_sc)
  4. DX11 Directx11 return code definition

    I'm including the following, but it still can't find the definition.   #include <dxgi.h> #include <d3dcommon.h> #include <d3d11_1.h> #include <d3dcompiler.h>
  5. I'm using windows 8 with DirectX11 to create a desktop application.   The function D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain has several possible return codes as described here.   Although I can check for many of them, the ones starting with D3DERR_, like D3DERR_INVALIDCALL are not defined.   Googling a bit I found out they should be defined in D3DX11core.h, which is not included in the sdk.   Am I missing something?
  6. OpenGL Crash on android

    I see, thank you so much!!! Now works without problems [size=2]<(_ _*)>[/size]
  7. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this. I recently started using opengl for the fist time so probably I'm doing a lot of mistakes. Using the triangle sample ([url=""]link[/url]) as a reference, I tried to render a quad. The only difference is that instead on using directly FloatBuffer, I first bind and buffer it and then use the buffer index. Here is the code: [url=""]link[/url] I don't get any error message nor exceptions, but when glDrawElements is called it crashes immediately.
  8. The GD Coding Typo Dictionary (TM)

    You also can find a lot of "pubic" [size="2"][url=""][url=""](???)?[/url][/url][/size]
  9. Bad Jokes

    [quote name='benryves' timestamp='1115076644' post='3034578'] [indent]Quote:[i]Original post by skittleo[/i] How do you fit an elephant onto a subway....? ... You take the 's' out of sub and the 'f' out of way.[/indent]I don't get it. [embarrass] [/quote] There is no f in way -> There is no f**in(g) way! --ahah just realized this was answered eons ago, my bad
  10. [update]NYAHAA sprite sheet editor

    That's not very helpful but.. thanks anyway for trying ^^ Probably I'm doing something wrong with clickonce since it's the first time I deployed with it.
  11. [update]NYAHAA sprite sheet editor

    Ah right, here you go!
  12. NYAHAA is a very basic tool for defining static or animated sprites out of a sprite sheet. The output is a simple xml file. #UPDATE Now can define, save/load and preview animations. It's written in c# and renders with direct2D (windows API code pack). Link: にゃはあ~
  13. NYAHAA spritesheet editor

    NYAHAA is a very basic tool for defining rectangles in a texture (I use it mainly for sprite sheets). Output is an xml file. It's written in c# and renders with direct2D (windows API code pack). Link: にゃはあ~
  14. Screen size problem

    Thanks for the answers! In directx is easy too to do that; about the performance, i still have to try, but i think it doesn't hurt much.. :)