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    Documentation on TCP buffers

    i suppose if the recv buffer is zero, the TCP will receive nothing. That because the ack segment will notify its window size is zero, and the remote machine will not send anything until the window size is > zero .
  2. kevinlynx

    What a net library must implement?

    yes, i know there are so many excellent libraries and they can fit my requirtments well. My only purpose to write my own net library is to practice. Maybe i can wrap IOCP, epoll, maybe i should create a class named Session to represent a connection, to create a server easily etc.
  3. Hi, all If i want to write a tiny net library, what does the library must implement? I mean what functions i should provide ? Thanks.
  4. kevinlynx

    TCP_NODELAY doesnt work allways

    yes, you can use a Message in your application, and even you send one byte, you should add the message header to the data, and send the Message.
  5. kevinlynx

    IOCP Send

    I did not find any good tutorial about iocp, but you can read <Network Programming for Microsoft Windows>, and also you can google iocp. Also, here is a list of faq about winsock programming :http://tangentsoft.net/wskfaq/ good luck.
  6. kevinlynx

    IOCP Send

    i donot understand why you PostQueuedCompletionStatus everytime you want to send some data. You should understand the IOCP is asynchronous. You can implement your send function like this: bool CSocket::Send( const char *buf, ...) { ... WSASend( ... .... return true; } And the buffer which is used in the sending process should not be deleted because later OS kernel will use it.( I suppose so) By the way, PostQueuedCompletionStatus usually post some io operation results in the IOCP queue, so you can post a quit command in the queue and the worker thread get the command to exit safely.
  7. i suppose the queue solution is the good one, alougth it's not the best one.:D The main thread is to deal with the game logic, and the network thread only read/write data(maybe you need one more thread to accept new connection, that depends what network model you use---IOCP, select etc).
  8. but is it a long time to learn how to create a model myself ? and i donot know how to make a model exactly. Can you give me one directly ?
  9. Hi, After learned the tutorial of Irrlicht, i want to make a 3d Pacman . I download several 3d pacman games and collected some resources for me .But it's still enough. I need some animation models : our hero and these monsters(better can be used in Irrlicht.. So can sombody give me these resources ? It's just a game programming practice for me Thanks.
  10. Hi, All. I'm making a game like crimsonland or D-bug. And i'm cosider how to make the shoot effect . And i cannot think it out. I should render the effect and take care of the collision check ! So can somebody show me some advice ? Thank you.
  11. Alougth i know this is not a technique question ,i still want to talk about my puzzle . If you are familiar with 3d game programming and working in a game developing company , you are the right person who can help me . I just need your some proper words to guid me . As you know, 3d game programming is quite different with 2d programming . In 3d there are so many graphics details to pay attention to. And you should learn some 3d math and 3d graphics etc. These subjects are far away coding in my opinion. And when i learn 3d math and 3d graphics, i feel very difficult . I think my math is not good . But i really want to make some 3d games (not some 3d graphics demo), and i know many game companies mainly develop 3d games.So if i want to find a game developing job, i also should learn 3d game programming . But you know, there are so many 3d game engines in the world, like Irrlicht( alougth i know it's a graphics engine), so i want to ask you : If i willnot develop a 3d game engine, can i only learn how to use an engine but not to learn these 3d math and 3d graphics (i didnot get along well with them :( )? And if you get my idea, can you give me some proper advices ? Thanks in advance . Kevin Lynx
  12. kevinlynx

    About Zuma game ..

    I 've consider how to make a zuma game for several days alreay. And i wrote some codes yet, but the game seems bad . I know how to make a path ( use Bezire Curve for instance ), but i still can not make them work perfectly . So, can somebody tell me whether there are some Zuma clone source codes ?...How about SourceForge ? ...Or can somebody share his source code with me ? Thanks in advance .
  13. thanks for your quick reply . Is <Moden C++ Design> difficult to understand ? And how about <C++ template> ? I have read these chapters before chapter8 . But after chapter 8 it seems these things are all language details ! I donot think learning these details is good . Because if i donot use these things in practice i 'll forget them you know . I really think i should get some generic programming 's thoughts .--it's about the generic programming feelings .
  14. i know how to learn a language : just write enough codes and read more codes. But about the generic programming in c++ seems difficult to learn because there are so many language details to pay attention . And i donot know how to practice the gp what i've learned . i think i should get some thoughts about the gp but not only learn these ****ing details . You see, it's dull and easy to forget . :P. So , can you share your experience about the generic programming with me ? I just want to be an expert of the c++ but not a common user :D. Thanks in advance .
  15. i'm making a 2d space shooter game ....i want to find some 2d space shooter game on SourceForge, but there are so many search result .....
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