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  1. :) You guys are a well-spring of knowledge. hehe. Thanks so much.
  2. Hey everybody. I'm almost a total noob where programming is concerned. (I've done a few days on the "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" tutorial that someone on these boards mentioned! Whoo!) Anywhos, I kinda enjoy programming. Not only is it wicked awesome to create something by putting together a myriad of bewildering commands, but also a great way to keep up your mental capacity through the years (hah! you just let me know when a programmer goes senile!). Well, I was wondering exactly what steps I should take on my journey of becomming a game programmer. To be more specific, what should I learn and in what order? My very distant goal of the future is (get ready for it) a fully 3d MMORPG. (What else would you expect?) I'm realistic in knowing that it'll be years before I can even attempt this project. But what should I do to get there? Please let me know what I should learn, C++, OpenGL, DirectX, Win32 API, networking stuff, any other random letter combinations. It seems that I should get comfortable with my programming language (C++) first, but what comes after that? When do I get into networking multiplayer games? When should I learn graphics API stuff? It would just be helpful if someone could give me a chronological list of stuff I should learn over the next 10 years or so. Thanks for reading my excessive post.
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