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  1. signed/unsigned char

    Folks, im just learning c++, havent got too far yet but i've come upon a peculiarity with signed/unsigned char*'s. Say I have an unsigned char*: unsigned char buf1[]="José"; (unsigned because of the extended character 'é', which is ascii code 233 unless placed in a signed char in which case it is "wrapped around" to -23) I want to copy it to another buffer: unsigned char buf2[32]; strcpy(buf2,buf1); the above does not work because strcpy expects char*'s not unsigned char*'s. It will work however if cast them to char*'s i.e. strcpy((char*)buf2,(char*)buf1); is this safe? Will my extended character come out as the correct 233 acsii code or the "wrapped round" -23 code? If this will cause problems how would I store my list as unsigned char*'s and copy between them? In case anyone is wondering, the reason I need the extended characters to retain their correct ascii code is because _toupper will not work if they end up wrapped around i.e. ascii code for é is 233 when put in an unsigned char, _toupper('é') correctly capitalises the letter. When put in a signed char 'é' ends up as -23 and _toupper leaves it alone and does not capitalise it. Thanks for the help.
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