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  1. Julian90

    Come back C#, all is forgiven

    If your interested in more details on why the C# version is slower theres some entries in Washu's journal about the costs of calling from managed into unmanaged code.
  2. Julian90

    Udo progress

    Nice to see Udo's back, one thing I noticed is its confusing what you have selected in the in game menu, because theres only two things I keep getting confused weather the dark or bright menu option is the one slected.
  3. Julian90


    ok then, I guess if you really need it you could get the same effect by passing a member function pointer to the class constructor and hide it from users by setting it to a default value, its a bit of extra work since you have to pass the new pointer to the base class in each derived class constructor but its better then nothing.
  4. Julian90


    I know your probally whining for a reason but thats one of the few things where I think c++ took the logical choice, if you could call virtual functions from in the constructor then you might call a virtual function from a base class which acesses the members of a derived class before they are initialized so its "cant call them" or "potentially undefined behaviour if you call them", I know which I prefer ;).
  5. Julian90

    It was 3am...

    Looks quite nice and runs fine up until I try to exit but when I exit with esc the desktop is shrunk and tiled over the screen with the mouse being drawn only once and clicking in the wrong spot. If it matters the graphics card is: Intel 910GL express chipset Edit: forgot to mention the OS is Windows XP
  6. Julian90


    Very nice game, I found the spin attack was quite fun, especialy trying to hit multiple sheep in one jump, the overall fell was extremly smoth, I particalary liked the bush monster. Perhaps the sheep could die if they're knocked on to the spikes, thats what i had expected to happen when i was trying to knock it of the platform, or you could place the platforms so its imposible for them to land on the spikes but i think thats a bit too limiting.
  7. Julian90

    You've Just Won a Trip to Banland!

    I used MSDN as a reference to find out what ~ does. // spoiler dont scroll if you want to do it yourself // a<N>::b(x, y) is equivelent to (in psuedo code) unsigned int result = 0; for (unsigned int i = N; i > 0; --i) { if (y > 2 ^ (N - 1)) { result += x * 2 ^ (N - 1); } } // or expressed mathimatically x * sum(2 ^ i, i = 0..min(N - 1, floor(log2(y)))) // My Reasoning.... // I started with the base case a<1>.... (x & (~(((y) & 1) - 1))) = (x & (~((y & 1) - 1))) = (x & (~((y ? 1 : 0) - 1))) = (x & (~(y ? 0 : -1))) = (x & (y ? std::numeric_limits<unsigned int>::max : 0)) = (y ? x : 0) // (i had to look up what ~ was on msdn, silly ones complement) // Then I moved on to the more general case a<N>.... ((x<<(N-1)) & (~(((y>>(N-1)) & 1) - 1))) + a<N-1>::b(x, y) = (y >> (N - 1) ? x << (N - 1) : 0) + a<N-1>::b(x, y) = (y >> (N - 1) ? x * 2 ^ (N - 1) : 0) + a<N-1>::b(x, y) = (y > 2 ^ (N - 1) ? x * 2 ^ (N - 1) : 0) + a<N-1>::b(x, y) // EDIT: Simplified final result, sum of GP silly me x * (2 ^ max(N - 1, floor(log2(y))) - 1) // EDIT: Gaaarrrrr this is why C++ is so bad, i did the (y >> (N-1)) & 1 with a // logical and instead of a bitwise now i see why CTar's right If thats wrong then my bets on undefined bahviour.
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