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  1. SteelGolem

    Ano Sekai dev blog opened

    I opened a new blog at wordpress to keep all of my work on Ano Sekai in one place: SteelGolem's Ano Sekai Official Development Blog
  2. SteelGolem

    Them Thar Hills!

    [quote name='zarfius' timestamp='1320278774'] Looks great [img][/img] Something that would make it significantly better would be to have different textures on each side of the blocks. e.g. grass on top, dirt on the sides and bottom. [/quote] well i've never really liked the look of minecraft 'grass blocks' - the grass should be able to grow on all sides of the block, much like in terraria. i'm not at the point where i find it a necessary thing to code, but it'll come eventually. [quote] Just out of curiosity, what do you use to record the video? I've always wanted to do it but never spent the time to look into it. [/quote] at first i was using HyperCam 2 (free version) but then i moved to Fraps.
  3. SteelGolem

    As Different As Day and Night

    [font="Lucida Console"] Screenshot! So yeah, I'm playing with lighting and colors for various parts of the day. Right now I've only got the day and night colors; I wanted to do the sunset/sunrise colors too, but then I realized that I can't just use directional lights for everything! I built a little shelter and closed it completely off, and it looked so weird with the directional lights still showing things as if I were outside - I was in a sealed cave! My problem right now is that I'm unsure about how to decide what blocks should be lit with "above ground" lighting, and which ones should be lit as "below ground". But that only solves the problem during the day! At night things get more complicated: If there was a light source (like a torch) illuminating an "above ground" block, then what? I'm puzzling about that right now. I might put lighting stuff on hold and do something I can handle, like actual gameplay. [/font]
  4. [font="Lucida Console"]Well, no, I don't have actual weather in the game yet. And I'm not going to do that for a little while yet, I don't think. But I do have temporary clouds now: Yay! No point in making a video over this. Maybe I'll add temporary trees on my temporary landscape next! [/font]
  5. SteelGolem

    Them Thar Hills!

    [font="Lucida Console"]I made up a vid to show off The Shiny New Thing (tm): [media][/media] So yep, I've got hills and valleys, sea level, new textures, collision detection, and jumping/falling in. I'll let the video speak for itself. [/font]
  6. SteelGolem

    Moar Insignificant Updates

    [font="Lucida Console"] Sprite-to-Block collisions are now working, as well as Gravity/Falling and Jumping. I can't really show it in a picture, and I'm not going to make a video about such a small step. It was worth mentioning, thats all. Hopefully I'll have something worth posting a video about, next time. [/font]
  7. SteelGolem

    Status Report

    [font="Lucida Console"] So I think I've gotten Legends of Yore out of my system, and I got back to my game. [/font][font="Lucida Console"] [/font] [font="Lucida Console"] I remade all of the textures by hand, so now I can claim (almost) full rights to all assets in the game. The WoodPlanks block looks WAY better now. The Water block needs a little work, and the Stone block isn't natural-looking enough for my tastes. I also still need to redo the player sprite. It's a work-in-progress, but the coder art looks a little better. It's been bugging me that I have so few blocks to work with, so I made a MapleTrunk and MapleLeaves block. Now I can build crappy trees! Ideally I'll have the game generate the trees, but that's not for a little while yet. It took me 12 game hours to build that little scene?! Yeesh. I know I go away for periods from time to time, but I'm working somewhat steadily on the game. I really can't do much coding just yet, I'm still building the game concept. I have a pretty good idea of what I want from start to finish now, I'm just working out specific mechanics now. It would be kinda cool if my first real game idea turned into something fun! [/font]
  8. SteelGolem

    Current Obsession: Legends of Yore

    [font="Lucida Console"] Been playing alot of Legends of Yore over the last couple of days. It's a casual roguelike; simple to play, but with lots of content to keep you playing. I took this screenshot earlier today: The game is free to play up to level 20, and then if you don't mind lowered xp/g gains then you can still play the rest of it completely free. I figure a $2 donation seems like a good price to encourage the author, Kevin Glass, to continue working on it. I fully support indie with my monies! (I'm still working on my game, but I'm in the middle of important game mechanic design so I won't be working on any code for that for a little while yet.) [/font]
  9. [font="Lucida Console"]Uploaded the vid! Here it is: [/font] [font="Lucida Console"][media][/media] [/font] [font="Lucida Console"] Ssssssssssso, it turnssssssssssssssss out that I am 1/4 creeper on my father'ssssssssssssss sssssssssssside. Yeah, I have no idea how to deal with those awful, horrible S's. I suspect i need a filter of some sort but I have no idea how to do anything to fix audio up. I would like to have the sky change color with the position of the sun and moon, as well as stars in the sky at night. I also want to have light levels in the chunks, which would also be affected by the time of day. I'm more interested in adding some actual gameplay than those kinds of things - I only added the sun and moon because I saw in my mind's eye how easy it was going to be to add them. But, like I said in the video, I go wherever my whims take me. I don't have a schedule, or even a List of All the Things I'll be Putting Into it. I'm coding by the seat of my pants, and coming up with ideas completely at random times. Thanks again to Blecki for helping me out with Stuff. [/font]
  10. SteelGolem

    Mr Shine and Mr Bright

    [font="Lucida Console"] Screenshots are always the best way to top a blog entry. [/font][font="Lucida Console"] [/font] [font="Lucida Console"] Got the Sun and Moon in. It's not as pretty as Notch's yet, but I'm gettin there. I'll be making a video diary entry tomorrow about it, so I'll leave talking about it until then. Kinda tired now. [/font]
  11. SteelGolem

    Back in Black! (and Red and a little White)

    [font="Lucida Console"] That's right! I'm back in the captain's chair, sending instructions to my crew. Number Two, compile, full speed! I figured I shouldn't blog until I had something worth blogging about.. So here I am, with something worth blogging about! (mileage may vary) After getting inspired by Minecraft and Terraria, I started working on a 3d blocks thing! Original, right? I haven't put alot of time into it yet, but I've got something, and that's more than enough for me to want to show off: [/font][font="Lucida Console"] [/font] [font="Lucida Console"] I'm also making video diaries on youtube, which I'll post about in here in case anyone is interested in that. Here's a link to the playlist I made for them: [/font][font="Lucida Console"]SG's Game Development Video Diaries [/font] [font="Lucida Console"] That's all I have to report for now. I'll be back when I have some more interesting things to say. [/font]
  12. SteelGolem

    wordpress blog

    i've started up a new wordpress blog, and i'm going to be doing most of my blogging there for a while. i'll post updates here from time to time, but if you're interested, point your browser here:
  13. SteelGolem


    i was gonna build the npcs into actionrpg, but i realized i don't really have enough of the other stuff built yet to properly support them. well, i put them in anyways: so yeah. i've got yellow statues of everyone standing around town. even got the dead guy laying in front of the "church". his code handle is DeadGuy. yep, real imaginative. so you can walk up to everyone and the TriangleButton action will toggle Talk on and off as you approach and face them. you just can't talk to them yet. i'm just pretending they're statues for now. so yeah, i'm putting npcs on hold until there's more of a reason than chat panels to get them going any more than i have. all of the npcs in tristram (except for farnham) do things other than chat, and i need to start looking at that stuff. most of them want to sell you stuff, so that requires a trading gui. cain wants to identify your items at cost, and pepin wants to heal you. on top of all of that, everyone wants to check your quests and sometimes give you new ones. since i don't have any of that ready for them to use, there's just no point in going any further with this right now. what it does mean, is i have a few new things to focus on. i think if i'm going to do anything, i'm going to work on doing magical item drops and working the different qualities in: swords come in a variety of flavors such as short and bastard. i'm gonna start looking at dlvl and all of that stuff.
  14. SteelGolem

    Space Fortress code

    if i had known it was going to turn out this way, i woulda started off as simply as possible. i'm working on the collision detection and response code again, and its just such a pain in the ass. ok so i've gotten it so you can crash into the fortress and slide along its walls. there's no prob there anymore. the problem is more about aesthetic as far as i can tell right now. see, what i wanted to do was have a PreCollisionLogic and PostCollisionLogic bit, and have the collision be done by a generic collider in between. i overcomplicated it before it was even working, i know. here's a general idea of what i'm doing in my game logic right now: - move player along x. - check for collision between player and tilemap. - if colliding, reflect velocity in x and move player back along x. - move player along y. - check for collision between player and tilemap. - if colliding, reflect velocity in y and move player back along y. now you can be sure this code works. if i could leave it be, i'd be golden. but i can't. i just can't. see, i'm going to need to do collisions between more than just one tilemap. for every object (or list) i need to collide the player with, i need to add the code twice. looking forward, every other object that needs to collide with the tilemap also has to go through this process. thats why i came up with the precoldet and postcoldet stuff.. but i can't seem to come up with a way to do the above code in a cleaner one-step manner. i have to move twice, and check for (and deal with) collisions twice. anyone have any clues i could use?
  15. SteelGolem

    burn out

    yesterday i was hooked on Ken Silverman's Homepage, playing with his Voxlap demo. played a little more ff12ds before bed. i think i've been burned out or something. gonna tackle the code now.
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