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  1. Yes I know, but this 10 meter tentacles is a 0.001% of the characters you have, an exception. Just wanted to point that out. Also I assume you have configurable compression settings, so you can always either disable compression on such character or make it less agressive.
  2. If the tentacles were going so crazy that it didn't look like what you made in Maya then the compression settings where probably quite a bit too extreme :)   Generally motions look fine without taking the hierarchy into account when optimizing them using keyframe reduction or so. Depends a lot on the settings. But at decent optimization rates the motion should look just fine. Maybe a tiny bit of foot sliding will happen, but yeah you can improve that by taking parent transforms into account. Definitely good to point that out indeed.   Also most of the time error on the legs/feet will be more visual disturbing than on say the arms, because you will directly notice sliding feet while you might not notice that the hands are not at the very exact locations in say an idle motion or so.   There are a few other techniques you can apply as optimizations, such as motion and skeletal LOD. Also you can do some caching when doing keyframe lookups if they are not uniformly sampled. Also you can simplify certain calculations when no scale involved etc, although you kind of mentioned some of those in the "do not transform everything". You have to watch out that the cost of figuring out if something changed is not higher than actually just calculating it though.    Optimizations in animation graphs / blend trees / networks could also be added.   Maybe a next step could be to go into more detail of some of the things you mentioned, so people can see how to implement these.   Anyway, good job on the article :)
  3. As the previous poster mentioned, just use Shadowplay if your hardware supports it. But as the title mentions "slow computer" it might be better to use a capture card such as BlackMagic Intensity. Probably best is to use another computer/laptop that has this card and forward the video output to that card in the other computer. That way there is basically 0 overhead and your local harddisk also doesn't need to store the video data.   Such capture cards/equipment are pretty cheap (around 100 euro I think).   I guess if you are serious about making a game you should be prepared to invest some money into it, for example to make good marketing material.
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