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  1. #include <SDL/SDL.h> #include <SDL/SDL_image.h> int main() { SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO); while(1) { SDL_Surface *surf = IMG_Load("test.png"); SDL_FreeSurface(surf); } SDL_Quit(); return 0; } I've tested this code, and it doesn't produces memory leaks. What is your OS/SDL version/SDL_image version? What are you doing in Init()?
  2. keltar

    Unreliable Linux GL

    Quote:I'm not loading the extensions using GetProcAddress or dlsym. It's a bad idea. Try to use glew or something other. There is a lot of debugging tools, use them. Bugle is capable to catch every GL-error, launch your program with it (something like "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/" gldb ./your_program", if you have bugle installed).
  3. I think this is a third parameter of glStencilFunc()
  4. keltar

    Loading fonts in linux.

    Use freetype library. But if you want to use Xlib, use something like xset +fp=path/to/font/directory
  5. Make your program with -O0 -ggdb -g3 flags (and if you have gcc with SSP extension, -fstack-protector-all). If program still fails, run it in debugger (on linux, i recommend gdb), and look on backtrace.
  6. Are you sure that your model have correct vertex normals? Which 3d-content creation software you are using? This code just compares triangle normal with vertex normal.
  7. keltar

    multiple glViewports

    I think it should be something like glScissor(_left, _bottom, _width, _height). Scissor box always defined in window coordinates
  8. keltar

    multiple glViewports

    You need to use glScissor And don't forget to enable scissor test
  9. keltar

    Vsync with Linux (SDL+GL)

    Look on nvidia-settings source code. There is NV-CONTROL X-server extension, you can use it to control everything that nvidia-settings does. SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL requires GLX_MESA_swap_control extenrion, but nvidia's driver doesn't support it.
  10. IIRC depth is something like pos.z / pos.w, where "pos" is vertex position in clip space (after ModelViewProjection transform).
  11. keltar

    Video Screen Capture

    xvidcap is a good tool for that, i think
  12. keltar

    gluLookAt and modelview matrix.

    It modify current matrix (defined via glMatrixMode)
  13. keltar

    OpenGL matrix states in Cg

    These params always should be uniform: uniform float4x4 ModelViewProj : state.matrix.mvp You don't need to use cgGLSetStateMatrixParameter if you use ARB-based profile (arbvp1, vp40, etc.)
  14. keltar

    Deferred Shading w/ Shaders in Cg

    Indeed, it can be used with ARB-based profiles, but not in general case. It is profile-specific extention, and it works only with ARB-based profiles (arbvp1, vp40, gp4vp and so on). Sadly, I don't now how to do the same with glslv/glslf profiles. Full list of glstates can be found in ARB_vertex_program and ARB_fragment_program specs.
  15. keltar

    PNG Transparency

    Get color masks from source surface's display format. I believe you produces a lot of memory leaks, look to hint on
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