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  1. Pedro Camacho

    Getting a Mac

    Yes a PC can be really cheaper than a mac. Also the good thing about a PC is that almost everyday a new free VST is coming out (most of them are useless but there are some pearls now and then).
  2. Pedro Camacho

    Getting a Mac

    Yeah, the hard drives must be very fast and have good cache! (I use 7200RPM, 8mb cache) (forgot about that)
  3. Pedro Camacho

    Getting a Mac

    I use a pc and I am very happy with it! I handpicked every single component it has. You REALLY need to understand how everything should work in order to make a decent pc. I also unmounted and then remounted every single component, once I had my computer in my studio. I had to be sure every single cable is well used. Specs: Fast Dual Core Pentium Processor 4Gbs RAM 1x 400Gbs + 2x 300Gbs + 1x 250 Gbs + (external)1x160Gbs Hard drives (one for OS, one for projects and some less used libraries, and the rest to put libraries distributed (in case I use Direct from Disk I never get any kind of problems since most of my libraries are read from 4 hard disks at the same time. For example my woodwinds libraries are in a different hard disk than my strings library.) Gforce 7600GT (to have good dual monitor support) Now the most important thing on a pc is not this, first thing is the case. I bought a very high end Tower Case from Antec. Then you need lots of fans. I have 3 fans, one near each hard drives placement, and one for the main box. Also don't use the normal CPU fan, I bought a Zalman fan (really big and low noise) for the CPU to ensure it is really cool. Then the CPU uses a very special Thermal Cream (is this the right name?) and I need to put a new dose from time to time (it has always to be fresh, otherwise the CPU cooler won't cool the CPU with enough efficiency) After this the most critical aspect of your PC is the Power Unit. I use a high end Corsair Power Unit with around 600W. Each component is fed by a separate cable that comes directly from the Power Unit (this is VERY important), so each hard drive and everything else has a really "pure" energy available. This Power Unit is connected to an UPS system from one of the best brands out there, APC. Even when you have all this Pure Energy Power and Cooling capability, the component that can, sometimes, get into trouble is the motherboard. Be sure to choose a high end one that has 6 SATA slots (for internal hard drives), has the right chipset for your CPU, is well designed, etc. I use a motherboard from ASUS. Any motherboard from ASUS, MSI, etc is good, you need a bit of luck in this section. Another aspect that really avoids problems when using a pc is RAM. Buy good RAM from Corsair or Kingstone (choose at least DDR2 800Mhz) and make sure it has a hear sinker around it. For this PC choose 2 sets of paired 1Gb dual channel RAM To avoid compatibility problems buy a graphic card from the same manufacturer as the motherboard. Make sure you have one or 2 Firewire slots and at least 6 USB slots. If you choose everything correctly and don't "save" money buying lower quality components (like 4Gbs of Cheaper RAM, a cheaper Power Unit, a low quality Motherboard) you will have a ROCK SOLID PC that works even better (and surely faster) than a Mac. Don't buy branded PCs. Most of the time they use lower quality components on things no one notices, like Power Units, type of power cables (yeah forgot to mention these, Corsair power units bring high quality power cables), Lower quality motherboards, etc, etc. and just put excellent CPU (using the crappy default CPU fan it comes with) only mentioning that the computer has like 4Gbs of RAM (but the truth is that it has crappy RAM, my RAM costed the double of "normal" RAM). If you want a top end pc everything needs to be top end. Even buying all this high end stuff you still get a PC which costs much less than a branded pc or mac with half the power (and quality in case of a pc). Hope this helped, Cheers, Pedro
  4. Pedro Camacho

    Stilt Walkers

    Hello Jervin, thank you very much for your input. Well before anything I want to say I had only 4 days to compose this music, the client did not give me any more time for it! About sync, I completely understand you but that falls under the personal taste area and I really like it this way! (seems you prefer not to sync perfectly things which is very nice too!) Again, I am really happy with the synth arpeggiation, but that must be my personal taste too, you see, this is not a clear "right or wrong" thing it has a lot to do with personal taste. I agree with you with the moment when the stiltwalkers dropped the jack-in-the-box. I needed much more time to get around that part, not an easy one for sure. I think the "divertimenti" after the drop was very good though. Well sound design was not done by me, and yes it was very low quality. Anyways I don't agree with mellowing the music to match the sfx, that would be a great mistake, again in my personal opinion. Thank you very much for your input, I will try not to sync more in the future and see if that makes a better result or not :)
  5. Pedro Camacho

    Stilt Walkers

    Well thank you very much Nathan and Ryan! I would really like to speak with you, Nathan, about what you just said, please add me on msn: I still don't quite understand what you pointed out, but I am eager to understand it so I can improve my skills (please add me :) and thank you for spending some time to write me an advice to me) Thank you very much for everyone that took some time to watch this movie.
  6. Pedro Camacho

    hi, new to the board

    Welcome :)
  7. Pedro Camacho

    Experimental Track

    cool!! I like the harmony very much.
  8. Pedro Camacho

    Excellent Chineese Instruments

    I just bought the entire library! It is simply too good, I really recommend it! I like to mix cultures in my music so I won't use this libary only in asian-type of games.
  9. Pedro Camacho

    Excellent Chineese Instruments

    I really don't know, but it seems it is not loops, although it has licks. I will buy this today or tomorrow then I tell you how it goes.
  10. Pedro Camacho

    which application to use?

    If you want to make great looking score sheets (to print out and give it to musicians to play) Use: Finale Sibelius If you want to make great sounding tracks using virtual instruments Use Sonar (I use this one) (pc only) Cubase Logic (mac only) Digital Performer (mac only) There some more, like Fruity Loops. I hope this helps you.
  11. Pedro Camacho

    Synthesis Engine

    This helps? or
  12. Pedro Camacho

    Stilt Walkers

    Well I finished this some days ago and I figured I could share it to you. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. Pedro Camacho

    Excellent Chineese Instruments

    The other day I stumbled across a post on a forum asking for some good chineese intruments library. Someone answered with a library I did not know about and it is hugely impressive. The website looks bad but their libraries have the best sounding instruments I ever heard!! I will buy them all today.
  14. Pedro Camacho

    Chopin and more piano works

    When I hear something I don't like, I usually say what I think of it without problems (or say nothing at all, which seems to work better for me) But I heard your music the other day (did not see you had a post here) and I must admit you have a lot of talent, congrats and keep up the good work.
  15. Pedro Camacho

    How Important is Music or Sound?

    Quote:Original post by JBourrie Studies have found that 60% of the impression that media leaves on us is from what we hear. It's because it takes less concentration to process sound than visuals. This being said, sound design is the most underappreciated process in game development. Very interesting Joe, did not know this but I am absolutely sure it is right. I really can't play a game without good music/sfx. Visit this website: And you will notice that even such low detail objects/graphics are hugely interesting due to fantastic sfx / music.
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