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    Woot sppedz

    Thats a very nice connection you got there bladerunner, I wish the connections available in the UK were as quick but I'll have to make do with my crummy 16mbit connection. My speed test wasn't too bad. Steve you have to laugh at the connections available to British companies when they deem 2mbit as 'fast', damn BT not getting their finger out fast enough with 21CN.
  2. WillBro

    MVP Summit 2007

    Jollyjeffers I'm not sure how good a price that actually is but its a lot cheaper than I personally would have imagined! I'm considering going to the states at somepoint this year (money permitting) and hope to find a flight as reasonably priced as ~£400, but then you have other expenses to consider too.
  3. WillBro

    Moving on in the new year

    Good luck with your resolution Jason. You might find some of the articles over at Game Producer useful reading for independant developement.
  4. WillBro

    First Entry

    Hi all, Firstly let me introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old 3rd year student studying Game Software Development (read design) at Glasgow Caledonian University. I have been a long time listener first time caller of GameDev and have been following the community journals in the hope of finding motivation from others work, and what great work has come from the users of this site. I hope that by having somewhere to publically post my efforts and the resulting end product that I can motivate myself to produce a portfolio that would allow me to work in the games industry, either level design or my love that is programming. So heres to an eventful, productive and happy new year to all!
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