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  1. unamuna

    Lua and C# to .exe

    Woot, thanks. I dont know i have missed that. I googled, but guess i messed something up. Thank you, i think this is what im looking for.
  2. unamuna

    Lua and C# to .exe

    Becouse, when this script is as i want it, i dont want users to be able change it, atleast easily. See, if Lua code handles everything, like Money, items, health, how these work etc, i dont want users to be able to change it. So, why i dont code it straight to the code? This is going to be one of those "Create games fast with this language" things. So, user creates .lua and then he compiles it and could release it. That would protect his code and it would then be run alone type program. Its hard to explain :) My proggie-> Interpretes Lua-> Has custom functions, to display and search data. -> Would include Lua code, so that it could run stand alone. ( Here C# and lua should merge) User-> uses my editor, to create Lua files, can run em without compiling, when game is ready, he just compile and it turns to exe. Protecting his code.
  3. unamuna

    Lua and C# to .exe

    Hello. Lately, i have been busy with Lua and C#. Currently i have Console application, that has C# functions and other stuff within and it can run Lua with those custom functions. I have Editor for lua, that executes the console app and sends the current script to it. And it works :) Now, would like to compile the Lua file, to exe so, that it can run my C# functions and etc. One file would be great. How could i do this? So, thats: conApp.exe <- Runs my Lua files and has C# code that my Lua scripts uses mylua.lua <- Lua script .- print "Hello World" -. How can i compile this lua file to stand alone exe, so it would say "Hello World" When clicked.. Hope you guys understand, thanks in advance, -unamuna
  4. Hello, How can i create code completion? I know how it works with combobox and textbox, but i would like to have it with richtextbox. Something like intellisense. Cant find any tutorials for it nor anykind of info. Anyone can point me to somedirection? Lang: C# IDE: Express 2008
  5. unamuna

    C# More about classes

    Nevermind, I got it working.
  6. Hello again. I have new problem with classes. Its about scope.. I have class, that holds character info, str, dex, int etc. I have few forms, main and shop for example. How can i make object, that is visible EVERYwhere.. class props, money, exp, str,stamina... form1 class object = new class(); object.money = 100; ShopForm shopfrm = new ShopForm(); shopfrm.Show(); form2 object.money -= 10; I cant make it so, that form1 knows about these changes.. This has something to do with "out". I know, that i have to pass the object as reference, so i can edit THE object.. But how do i do that?
  7. unamuna

    C# About classes

    Ah, Thank you. Now it works, had to change that attribute thing to public. Now i can add in clock18.cs attributes like this: Attribute.Damage = 20; and after i have created the weapon, i can read em like this: Clock18.Attributes.Damage Thank you, for quick answer.
  8. Hi, Im trying to do something, that goes little over my head, but this is the way i wanna do it. I have few class files: BaseItem -> Holds things, that every item has ( variable and methods for saving picture of item, sounds, name and so on. BaseWeapon -> (baseweapon : BaseItem) and everything that is common to every weapon. Attributes -> Holds different kind of attributes for items, like StrRequirement, Damage, CanBeSold etc. With Props ofc. Clock18 -> (Clock18 : BaseWeapon) Heres the problem and question. I wanna be able to set, my Attributes for each different gun, in their own files, like this: "Attribute.Damage = 200", "Attribute.CanBeSold = true".. Now, i have constructor for gun, that looks like this. public Clock18() { attributes Attributes = new Attributes(); Attributes.Damage = 100; Attributes.StrReq = 24; Attributes.DexReq = 15; Attributes.ClipSize = 20; } Then, when player buys that gun, i create new gun like this: clock18 Clock18 = new clock18(); I can then access all the props in BaseItem and BaseWeapon, but no way to get in touch with the attributes. I hope, someone can help me with this. I have wrestled with this for few days already. I would really like to set gun/item attributes like that, but im missing something. Can YOU help me?
  9. unamuna

    C# Reading Tilemap

    Hello! I have followed tutorial for 2D Rpg at http://www.xnaresources.com/pages.asp?pageid=8. Everything is working now, but i need to start using external tilemap. I know how to do tilemaps, but cant figure out, how to read em. I dont know how to read tile data from file and place it to array. How tilemaps save data? Binary? What is good tilemap editor/creator?
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