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  1. Todo

    Hardware Shaders

    I never left :-) Let's just say I've been silently in awe...
  2. Todo

    Rule Based AI

    As one of your trusted readers I could basicly quote everyone above this post (excluding you yourself of course :)). Having no one reply from the get go probably means they're still in awe (I know I am).
  3. Todo

    Trash Cans!

    Awesome, and probably only getting better from here on :-). Cheers!
  4. Todo

    More fun with lighting

    That looks absolutely fan-tas-tic. Add one peep to its fan-base ;-), and keep those shots coming. I have be meaning to ask this before, but is there a specific reason you chose Java as your language of choice?
  5. Todo

    Direct3D 10.1 is alive

    I hear you... both, but especially the movie part. Cheers.
  6. Todo

    Game Objects

    As long as we're getting in touch with our emotional side: I'd also like to express my love for the little bugger :-). He deserves more media-time imho.
  7. Todo

    Particle Fan

    Undeniably cute as usual =)
  8. Todo

    Ho ho ho

  9. Todo

    December 19, some new vehicles.

    Shiny, but oh... so cool!
  10. Todo

    Mooving Parts

    Absolutely astounding progress and cute to boot :-).
  11. Todo

    AMD RV670 GPU's. Surprised?

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers I am suspicious of this 10.1 downplaying - sounds suspiciously like Nvidia propaganda to me [oh] The problem with this revision is the need for new hardware, and cannot simply be forced on consumers when they just invested in state-of-the-art DX10 hardware at most a year ago. ATI may be first, but I cannot blame nVidia for waiting, especially since it were ATI who reserved themselves half a year ago. It's again the same as with DX10: there is no real benefit in early adoption, especially with DX10 so fresh in our minds and the holes in our pockets. Furthermore, the installed DX10 userbase is still pretty slim. Crytek for example said it wouldn't be supporting DX10(.1) anytime soon, as do game giants such as iD Software and Epic.
  12. Todo

    AMD RV670 GPU's. Surprised?

    Quote:Original post by jamesw I'd have to go with an Nvidia card even if it is less value than an ATI card just for the developer tools. Not having PerfHUD would be like having my right arm in a sling and trying to program. I'd have to agree on the development side of things. ATI have certainly done their part in that department, but things like the nVidia SDKs and FX Composer 2 have taken us from the stone age, and propelled us into next gen. Also, nVidia's shader compiler has been much more flexible and standard-conformant than ATI's in the past (I'll be honest, I know nVidia's still is, but haven't been keeping up with ATI's, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt). In any case, I've always been more of an nVidia fan, but ATI has proven its strength as a valuable competitor.
  13. Todo


    Cheer up! Pretty soon, you'll have a whole galaxy to explore :).
  14. Todo


    Quote:I've decided that rather than have config files, I'm going to pass stuff to the program as parameters - e.g. which texture file to use, what the default grid size is, what the base directory for loading/saving models is etc. I can then set up different shortcuts with different parameters to run different configurations. Bit hacky, but I don't really care. Wouldn't it be easier to supply a config filename as a parameter to the application, and have different config files in a generic format instead of having to mess with specific arguments? Just a suggestion, of course :-).
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