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  1. synth_cat

    Getting close...

    It must be cool to be wrapping up something this big. I am in a similar stage on my own project, but one on a much smaller scale. Anyway, good luck getting this game finished.
  2. synth_cat

    Mr. Roboto

    This campaign thing sounds pretty cool! It's too bad my computer could never run the beta :)
  3. synth_cat


    I don't know if you've ever played the demo of my game CellZenith. I just thought it was funny that my AI works exactly the same way - with entities fleeing as soon as they go below X% health. Of course, fleeing isn't nearly so intelligent in my game; it's basically just generation of random paths. Just thought I'd say good work. I've been checking on this journal for a very long time now.
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