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  1. My Remake of Star Control 2

    Ur-Quan ReMasters (UQRM) is a remake of the classic 2D space adventure game Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters. I am writing it entirely in C#. The game is using Physics 2D (A Physics engine I wrote in C#) for physics simulation. Currently I have the super melee logic completely done. The Dialog logic is mostly done but needs more work. The star system and hyperspace parts are not started yet. Here is a few screenshots of the super melee: The screenshots are of 2D polygons that are placeholders for 3D meshes that will be used to graphically represent them. Orz Vs Spathi: Kohr-ah vs Kohr-ah Yehat Vs Pkunk The first attempt at a 3D render to replace the polygons. With some code barrowed from aftermath. It's of the earthling cruiser. here is a screenshot of the dialog editor. here is the sourceforge site for it:
  2. advanced 2D physics engine?

    you can try out my 2D physics engine.