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  1. StuntF50

    Game Servers

    Guys, me & my friend are working on a Digimon Online game but we have a problem with the servers. Is there a way to use servers without having to keep the computer on all the time? Like is their a different way to make a server?
  2. StuntF50

    Best C++ App?

    Whats the best application to use for developing C++? Even if it costs money, I'm willing to buy it if it's good.
  3. StuntF50

    Best C++ Book?

    What is the best C++ Learning book? I found these two: C++ for Dummies (Paperback) Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days (5th Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself) (Paperback) Is their any better? What is the best C++ Learning Book?
  4. StuntF50

    Ragnarok Online

    I'm hearing all this "practice of GNome" stuff. But what are you talking about with sweatshops, practices, ect. It's a game & I want to know what they made it with.
  5. StuntF50

    Ragnarok Online

    Quote:Original post by tstrimp If I remember correctly, they made that one with gnomes. A cruel practice that should have been outlawed years ago. Why would it be outlawed.
  6. StuntF50

    Ragnarok Online

    Does anyone know what Ragnarok Online was made with? Wheter it was coding or a program?
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