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  1. soggyfries

    Brixtar v0.2

    A Mac icon has to be in the icns format, otherwise you have it set up right. I use Icongrapher to convert images to the format.
  2. soggyfries

    MAGIC Game Dev Contest - Results are in!

    I'll enter since I'm incapable of producing a finished game in any other context.
  3. soggyfries

    Diagonal Updates

    If you've include the SDL headers and it still complains about two main functions make sure that its prototype is exactly int main(int argc, char* argv[]). Otherwise the SDL Macro won't correctly rename yours.
  4. soggyfries

    Comparisons between pointer and integer?

    Are you positive that script.txt exist and is in the same directory as the executable? I tried the code and it loaded fine.
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