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  1. ahayweh

    What happened?

    Wow. Haven't work on the game much this entire past month. I don't know if thats cause I code for a living now , or if it's because of other *real-world* pursuits , but I think I built the game once... Just don't seem to have the time. I noticed this morning that I could squeeze in an extra half hour is a wake up sooner , so I'll start using that to work on a routine or two...
  2. ahayweh

    Brief update...

    Not much coding last week. The homing laser is near completion. Ripped out tracking code and replaced it with calls to Ent_PursueEntity. Hmmmmm... What else... Saw Speed Racer. Interesting. Wasn't a fan of the old series, and was less of a fan of the film. It just seemeed really goofy/silly. And the CG in spots was tacky. But as a concept film , it was interesting , and had it's cool/exciting spots... Next we have Narnia and then Indiana!!!
  3. ahayweh

    Tony Stark..

    Wow. I never new Bruce was supposed to be a detective... I guess that something from the comics , cause the cartoons and movies always have him as being just a playboy-type. Yeah , the new film *definitely* doesn't look to be going that route; Just pure vigilantte madness.
  4. ahayweh

    Tony Stark..

    ... Is the man , most definintely. I am sure that the coders in the audience noticed the source that that was featured in a couple of scenes. From the little bit that I saw , it looked to be C , in a style not unlike my own... I confess , I am Tony Stark *hehe*. Also , I thought it was Tony Starks... GREAT movie! In fact , I am hard pressed to name a better comic-to-movie movie. Wow! And next we have Indiana Jones , The Hulk and the one I am looking most forward to : The Dark Night. Anyway , didn't do much code this week. Fiddled around with some dot-product code trying to get the homing laser's bitmap to track and rotate towards a moving target. I might just leave it half complete for now , and move on the next weapons renderer....
  5. ahayweh

    Weapons Systems...

    Working on adding the homing laser graphics properly implemented. And decided that the entire weapons system need to be revamped. Have 4 more weapons to complete...
  6. Didn't get a chance to do much work on the project this week. Did add some tracking routines for the projectiles and the main entity : Besides that , just been learning C#/WinForms. Definitely getting used to working w/C# and VS2005. Learning a lot of pretty cool stuff.
  7. ahayweh

    Death of deprecation...

    So I've finally made the move to a more modern dev environ. Really , I was forced , cause my new job is .NET based , and I use Visual Studio 2005 now ( 2008 as soon as they get it ). Picking up C# and .NET pretty quickly. A lot of it reminds me of Java , so that's cool. Still , when at home , I used Visual Studio 6. But after I finish this project I will be using C#. Really , I still love the low-levelness of C/CPP , but C# offers alot of attractive features ( language interoperability is particularly cool ). After this project , I plan on doing rapid game development with the aim of releasing a new project every month ( someone else has already done this , and I was inspired to do the same )... Anyway , added explosions for the remaining game entities. Also this is quite awesome!!!
  8. ahayweh


    Added explosions. The way it is set up , each game entity can have it's own custom explosion graphics. Now , if I actually take of adavantage of that remains to be seen... This week I plan on adding the code to each enemy class to get the explosions fully intergrated. Screenie 1 : Screenie 2 : Dev desktop : Not much else for this week. Been having a hard time simulating palette animation for the true color modes. Need to come up with a hack of some sort... Dev time will be cut a bit short for this week cause I will be starting a new job... More on that later.
  9. ahayweh

    Nothing but Love...

    Wow!!! Played through the Noitu Love 2 demo this past weekend. Amazing. Simply amazing. Big-ups to Joakim for such a marvel!!! It reminds me of Gunstar Heros with massive processing power behiend it, and great pixel art/animation. The play mechanics are also innovative , while still being intuitive. I didn't know such things were possible with game creators ( Fusion ). The amount of sheer chaos onscreen is really inspiring. I don't really play games ( anymore ) , so this is easily the best thing I've played in quite some time. Almost done with the sprites for the second boss... Although everything I code/sprite seems second rate now. :) Ah well. Onward!
  10. ahayweh

    Steady Progress..

    Pretty much finished up the first boss. I may go back and tweak him a little more , maybe add some more frames of animation here and there. But for now , I will be moving on and doing all the artwork for the second ( and much more interesting ) boss.
  11. ahayweh

    The process...

    Things are starting to shape up pretty nicely... My goal for the visual style was to get it so that it looks like an interactive cartoon ( ala Behemoth games like Alien Hominoid ). The player's sprite was the first one to use this process , the other ones where done the old pixel-art style which looks a little sloppy... Original Sketches. Line art done in Photoshop... Simple shading added. Lowered resolution/bit-depth. Which leads to an in-game of : The problem before was getting the hang of working with photoshops pen tool , and getting smooth enough paths. But I seem to have the hang of it now, and can crank of the sprites pretty quickly. This week I plan on doing at least one entities sprites per day...
  12. Added a sequencing system to store and recall animation loops. Been testing out the preliminary sprites ala : Note : Having some problems with getting a proper mask when the sprite's bit-depth is reduced from 32 to 24 ( which is why the edges on some of the frames look funky ). Will continue building the rest of the sprites during this week. Right now, each frame is stored in a bmp file. I may leave it this way or compile all the frames together into one file...
  13. ahayweh

    Sprites abound...

    So I added the code to confine the player to navigatable parts of the map : r_boolean M_P_CheckForCollision( pPlayer_t pP , pMap_t pMap ) { pVect2_t pPlayerPosition = &pP->ent.position; // first determine where to sample the tile set from. int mapRow = pMap->position.y >> 5; int mapCol = pMap->position.x >> 5; // now determine where player is in relation to normalized map coords. int playerRow = pPlayerPosition->y >> 5; int playerCol = pPlayerPosition->x >> 5; // sample tiles in moveable ( 4 ) directions around player , and the concurrent location int tileRefs[] = { 0 , 0 , 0 , 0 , 0 }; // conc up down left right TileType tileTypes[] = { TILE_TYPE_BACKGROUND , TILE_TYPE_BACKGROUND , TILE_TYPE_BACKGROUND , TILE_TYPE_BACKGROUND , TILE_TYPE_BACKGROUND }; r_boolean solidTiles[] = { r_false , r_false , r_false , r_false , r_false }; // get the tile references for all the surrounding tiles tileRefs[ MAP_DIRECTION_NULL ] = pMap->mapTiles[ mapRow + playerRow ][ mapCol + playerCol ]; tileRefs[ MAP_DIRECTION_UP ] = pMap->mapTiles[ (mapRow + playerRow) - 1 ][ mapCol + playerCol ]; tileRefs[ MAP_DIRECTION_DOWN ] = pMap->mapTiles[ (mapRow + playerRow) + 1 ][ mapCol + playerCol ]; tileRefs[ MAP_DIRECTION_LEFT ] = pMap->mapTiles[ mapRow + playerRow ][ (mapCol + playerCol) - 1 ]; tileRefs[ MAP_DIRECTION_RIGHT ] = pMap->mapTiles[ mapRow + playerRow ][ (mapCol + playerCol) + 1 ]; // ... based on the above , get the types of the surrounding tiles... tileTypes[ MAP_DIRECTION_NULL ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[0] ].attribs.type; tileTypes[ MAP_DIRECTION_UP ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[1] ].attribs.type; tileTypes[ MAP_DIRECTION_DOWN ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[2] ].attribs.type; tileTypes[ MAP_DIRECTION_LEFT ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[3] ].attribs.type; tileTypes[ MAP_DIRECTION_RIGHT ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[4] ].attribs.type; // ... now check to see if there are any solid tiles solidTiles[ MAP_DIRECTION_NULL ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[0] ].attribs.solid; solidTiles[ MAP_DIRECTION_UP ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[1] ].attribs.solid; solidTiles[ MAP_DIRECTION_DOWN ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[2] ].attribs.solid; solidTiles[ MAP_DIRECTION_LEFT ] = pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[3] ].attribs.solid; solidTiles[ MAP_DIRECTION_RIGHT ]= pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[4] ].attribs.solid; // Check for collison with solid tiles. for( int direction = 0;direction < MAP_DOF;direction++ ) { if( solidTiles[ direction ] ) { switch( direction ) { case MAP_DIRECTION_NULL: // concurrent { break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_UP: { pP->directions.up = r_false; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_DOWN: { pP->directions.down = r_false; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_LEFT: { pP->directions.left = r_false; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_RIGHT: { pP->directions.right = r_false; break; } } if( Ent_TestForCollision( &pP->ent , &pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[ direction ] ].ent ) ) { Ent_InflictDamage( pP , &pMap->tiles[ tileRefs[ direction ] ].ent , r_false , r_true ); } } else { switch( direction ) { case MAP_DIRECTION_NULL: { pP->directions.up = pP->directions.down = pP->directions.left = pP->directions.right = r_false; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_UP: { pP->directions.up = r_true; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_DOWN: { pP->directions.down = r_true; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_LEFT: { pP->directions.left = r_true; break; } case MAP_DIRECTION_RIGHT: { pP->directions.right = r_true; break; } } } } return pP->ent.collided; } It still only operates in 4 dof , but it needs to do so in 8 dof. Still haven't gotten the parallax stuff working yet , but I have decided to start on the sprites so this should be an exciting week.
  14. ahayweh

    Steady progress...

    So here is the imported map in-game : Next , I have to make the editor export tile descriptions so that they can be used in game for things like parallax , solid tiles , etc.
  15. So I have created 46 tiles , and that should be enough for the time being. To get everything perfect , I will need to do about 10 more slight variations , but that is to be worried about later. I should be able to get the stage constructed this week , and then go from there...
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