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  1. ahayweh

    What happened?

    Wow. Haven't work on the game much this entire past month. I don't know if thats cause I code for a living now , or if it's because of other *real-world* pursuits , but I think I built the game once... Just don't seem to have the time. I noticed this morning that I could squeeze in an extra half hour is a wake up sooner , so I'll start using that to work on a routine or two...
  2. ahayweh

    Brief update...

    Not much coding last week. The homing laser is near completion. Ripped out tracking code and replaced it with calls to Ent_PursueEntity. Hmmmmm... What else... Saw Speed Racer. Interesting. Wasn't a fan of the old series, and was less of a fan of the film. It just seemeed really goofy/silly. And the CG in spots was tacky. But as a concept film , it was interesting , and had it's cool/exciting spots... Next we have Narnia and then Indiana!!!
  3. ahayweh

    Tony Stark..

    Wow. I never new Bruce was supposed to be a detective... I guess that something from the comics , cause the cartoons and movies always have him as being just a playboy-type. Yeah , the new film *definitely* doesn't look to be going that route; Just pure vigilantte madness.
  4. ahayweh

    Tony Stark..

    ... Is the man , most definintely. I am sure that the coders in the audience noticed the source that that was featured in a couple of scenes. From the little bit that I saw , it looked to be C , in a style not unlike my own... I confess , I am Tony Stark *hehe*. Also , I thought it was Tony Starks... GREAT movie! In fact , I am hard pressed to name a better comic-to-movie movie. Wow! And next we have Indiana Jones , The Hulk and the one I am looking most forward to : The Dark Night. Anyway , didn't do much code this week. Fiddled around with some dot-product code trying to get the homing laser's bitmap to track and rotate towards a moving target. I might just leave it half complete for now , and move on the next weapons renderer....
  5. ahayweh

    Weapons Systems...

    Working on adding the homing laser graphics properly implemented. And decided that the entire weapons system need to be revamped. Have 4 more weapons to complete...
  6. Here's something. If you change the method name for an event handler ( by putting a new name in for the old one under it's properties ) , a new mehod body is added. The only thing that seems strange is that the old one remains ( I thought that it should be removed , even if there is code in the original ). Maybe this is something that has been addressed in 2008.
  7. Awesome. I am really starting to dig this WinForms thing... Thanks for the tip!
  8. Heres a question for WinForms people : When adding event handling functinality to a form , how do you specify which event you would like to handle , and have it's code auto generated? I know I can just go the class definition and manually add another event and correspponding handler , but there has to be a faster way. Any ideas?
  9. So how was it getting the code security / app zones working correctly. Because I have been fidiling around with it for a while , and I still can't access the File system methods. Really , anything to do with persistent storage is locked out to my code... Not good. Any thoughts?
  10. Wow. Still not working. Even went to the options->keyboard and reassigned the Ctrl-T shortcut to bring up the VC Dialog Test , and still nothing... The 'test' options isn't even listed under format... Oh well.
  11. Yeah... Defintely don't have that under my Format menu... How to you edit the profile options? I looked the the standard options , but didn't find anything there...
  12. Thats weird. I can't get it to work for me... Are you just hitting that from the Designer view? Cause nothing happens when I try.
  13. Very impressed with the 'folding editor' features. And even more impressed with the #region / #endregion directives... I really need to get Service Pack 2 installed at home...
  14. Didn't get a chance to do much work on the project this week. Did add some tracking routines for the projectiles and the main entity : Besides that , just been learning C#/WinForms. Definitely getting used to working w/C# and VS2005. Learning a lot of pretty cool stuff.
  15. Bump-mapping in OpenGL is pretty trivial thing to accomplish ( 2D and 3D use the same methods , 2D using orthogonal matrices ) , and there are endless tutorials out there to show you how ( google-me-baby ). Now , if you are trying to accomplish it in a software-rendering way , then thats a different story all together. So which way is it?
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