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  1. Edit: You must be correct because I can successfully get the pixel values of the image loaded by DevIL (OpenIL), when the image is 640 x 617, but when I try to load something say... 600 x 200, I get a memory error. I'm calculating bytes per line with: ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_WIDTH) * ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_BYTES_PER_PIXEL) (Just like you warrned me), and It fails on some images. So if you could help me out, that'd be great. [Edited by - Ex777 on January 22, 2007 6:23:48 PM]
  2. Okay, I've been having some trouble with retreving the color of a pixel at a given (x, y) coordinate, from a char buffer (char *). I'm using OpenGL, but this pertains to any given API (am I correct?), but more to the point, I'm using DevIL or, OpenIL. I get the buffer using ilGetData(), and I need to find out how to retrieve the color of a pixel at a given coordinate, and I can't seem how to find the answer to this on google (or maybe how to ask it correctly?). Anyways, if anybody knows of a simple and elegant solution (as I dont think that it will be to hard), it would be great if you could share it with me, as its crucial that I get this sorted out. Thanks for your time. Edit: Whoops, forgot to tell you I'm coding in C++ ;)
  3. Ex777

    Could someone take a look

    Call srand() when ever you want to generate a new random sequence. Most of the time calling srand() once is fine.
  4. Yes, I realize that I could use timeGetTime or getTickCount but I would rather stick with my current solution because only up till now has it been a problem. So sticking with QPT and QPF whilst using SetThreadAffinityMask is my current solution.
  5. SetThreadAffinityMask(GetCurrentThread(), 0x01); Seems to have done the trick. Thank you, but one thing that is still a problem. I get the same symptoms as I previosly had when I "move" the mouse. The mouse can now be in the game window, but when moving it on occasion it freaks out. Not all the time, but some time. I guess the best thing to do is update processor drivers, I'll get on that, but thank you non the less. :)
  6. QueryPerformanceCounter(); QueryPerformanceFrequency();
  7. As the title sais, I want my game to run on a single core, mainly because of a wierd problem I've encounterd. While running my game on a dual core AMD 4800+ (havn't tested it on other dual cores) the movement of the mouse in the game window will cause timing operations to screw up. My timer will read a FPS of well over 7000 when vsync is enabled and it should run at a steady 60. This only happens when the mouse is in the game window, and I've found that setting the affinity of the process manualy in the task manager corrects this issue. This wouldn't be such a big issue for me if the timing operations didn't cause outragously choppy movement. If somebody knows how to fix this problem please explain.
  8. Ex777

    Can you other ppl's sprites in your game?

    Probably, if its non-commercial, it would normally say it on the website somewhere or in a read me. Although if it is commercial, I highly doubt they would allow that.
  9. Yeah, I generally wouldn't put large, or any non-inline functions in a header file, but I don't really see a problem with doing it. Unless its causing this slow compile time, witch then would be a good reason to not :P
  10. that was kinda mean of him :|
  11. Ex777

    Am I using a constructor correctly?

    using constructors you have direct access to the member variables, so if I were you I would just set their values directly (eg. instead of SetZenni() m_iZenni = zenni). But other than that, you are using your constructor correctly.
  12. Quote:Original post by Ezbez FYI, it's Angel Script. oops </embarrassed> That looks really interesting, do you reconmend it over angel script? :)
  13. I guess what I failed to mention is I'm more looking for a compression of the scripting languages available today, like in terms of speed, and stuff. I would gladly switch to python if it were intact the better of the 3 I'm looking at (Lua, Python, Angle Script).
  14. Yeah, for some reason I have a book on python, but I cant say that I enjoy the language at all.
  15. I know it mostly comes down to a matter of opinion, but, I really cannot make up my mind on this one. I wanted to give angle script a try, and I've already used Lua before, but I want to know what your guy's opinions were. I need to know what you think the best scripting language for a generalized game engine programmed in C++ would be. Like each scripting languages strengths, and weaknesses are, ease of programming, in both the scripting language and C++, etc.
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