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    Digital Board games, legal?

    Ok, I'll try to put the question differently(Thanks for the link tho, it answered some of the question, and the site itself is interesting ;) ) What I want to know is, are game rules themself protected? I can't imagine that someone owns the rights to games that seemingly everyone who have ever touched a deck of cards, or played a board game, knows about. Somebody owns the rights to Monopoly as a game name, but how deep does that go? Do they own the rights to the game board itself, do they own the rights to a game containing places for sale. What about Poker? Do they own the rights to the way the cards are dealt, The rights to the winning conditions? Do only games with a certain amonut of complexity have patents or licensed bound to them? I can't imagine Three in a row having a license bound to it, or else everyone with a piece of paper and a pen would have to pay for playing it at school for example. For example: If I were to include game that had a board with multiple path's to take, and one dice that would need to be rolled. It would contain some spaces with buildings or even planets that could be bought and traded with other players. The winning player would be the one with the most money after a number of rounds. Would this conflict with the game Monopoly? I'm sorry if I can't get my point out exaclty, I'm just having trouble understanding what my options are.
  2. Hello, I just have a quick question, I hope this is the right board to ask it in. =) I'm thinking of creating a game that contains a collection of board and card games that I know of, and I was wondering about how legal it is to copy the rules and gameplay of board games/card games? I have heard something about it not being possible to copyright gameplay, does this mean that if I wanted to include Poker, Monopoly, 3 in a row or other games, would I have to get permission to "remake" these games? I guess that certain Game names and game characters would fall under some kind of patent or Trademark, but as long as I don't copy these, I would be able to use the core gameplay, right? What about gameboard designs? I have always wondered about this, and searching didn't show too many hits on the subject(Maybe just used the wrong search words) *Looking at a non-commercial end* Hoping for good answers =)
  3. wildex999

    iPhone Poly Count Question

    I don't have any direct answer to you questions, but you might want to check out this thread: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=11825 =)
  4. wildex999


    Haha, Nice game. I remember playing games like that some time ago. I didn't get too far, as I mostly completed the levels by luck and trial =P The graphics weren't much to speak about, but nor do they have to be for this type of game I guess :) One thing tho: After I played a little while and pressed the red X to quit the game, I got a ugly error: http://img523.imageshack.us/my.php?image=errorbh1.jpg A pointer error I would guess. Anyway, good luck in this and future games, I hope to see more I can try :)
  5. wildex999

    Beta test my game (Mage Tower).

    MUCH better input in the new version :D It actually made me sit and play for quite a while ^^
  6. wildex999

    Beta test my game (Mage Tower).

    Doesn't the latest Flash support AAC audio? That compression sounds quite good at 32 kb/s.
  7. wildex999

    FPS cliches wanted!

    Your NPC Team know only how to complain about you, not how to kill the enemy, thus leaving you to fend for yourself on two fronts.
  8. wildex999

    Beta test my game (Mage Tower).

    Yeah, Instead of the character and monsters teleporting, make them move from one tile to the next, and make it use about one tick to do so, this way it looks like everything is moving, yet it actually only moves once per second. For example: I'm standing on a tile, and press left, the character starts to slowly move to the left(if he can), and by the next tick, he is at the next tile. This way you also know that no matter how fast you press left, it won't move faster. The method you use now it might seems like there is input lag, and that you might move faster if you press faster.
  9. wildex999

    Beta test my game (Mage Tower).

    The game plays well, and reminds me of Chip's Challenge a lot ;) I didn't get too far, but it seems like a game that could glue me to the screen for quite a while if it wasn't for the fact that I don't have the time for it. The only thing I found that could be improved, is the movements, it's way too slow to respond, and seems to queue up if you press fast. Good luck getting it out of beta, it seems to be very close to done =)
  10. wildex999

    Non gaming developer

    Tools and games doesn't necessarily have to be made with same language does it? I have seen many games, at least non-commercial, that write the game in C++ or any other language, and use C#/.Net for map editors and the like.
  11. wildex999


    I have somewhat the same problem, would be nice if someone could answer. I get a blurry shadow of the last movement when moving a large texture.(ATI card here if it should matter)
  12. wildex999

    High detailed planet demo

    Worked fine here too(Damn took long to travel form one planet to the next =P) Running winXP and ATI Radeon X1900
  13. How do you check that it's only 8 bytes long? strlen?, sizeof? cout?
  14. Have you checked the returned value of result? Have you checked if fseek didn't return error? Other than that, it looks like it should wokr =/
  15. wildex999

    FPS and jumping

    Ahahahaha, delayed turning would be awesome, no more of those instant turning to take you out with a headshot, after you do a suprise attack.
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