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    ArcTg based movement problem in XNA

    Thank you, I still went with the ATan2 approach with a simplified code and it works.
  2. Greetings, My application has two sprites, a player-controlled ship and an asteroid that 'should' go towards the ship. private void moveTowards(GameTime gameTime, Sprite source, Sprite destination) { Random rand = new Random(); float timeLapse = (float)gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.Milliseconds; float movementPath = (float)Math.Atan2(source.getPosition().Y - destination.getPosition().Y, source.getPosition().X - destination.getPosition().X); movementPath += ((float)rand.NextDouble() - 0.5f) * (float)rand.NextDouble(); if (source.getPosition().Y - destination.getPosition().Y < 0) movementPath += (float)Math.PI; source.setPosition(new Vector2(source.getPosition().X + (float)Math.Cos(movementPath), source.getPosition().Y + (float)Math.Sin(movementPath))); } This would be the function I use to compute the next position of the Source sprite ( asteroid in our case ). The problem I'm getting is that if I pass the sprite's 0X line ( that is asteroid's Y == ship's Y from what I can tell ), the asteroid changes direction ( opposite ). Anyone have any experience with this problem ? Thank you
  3. PCosmin89

    Web hosters

    Quote:Original post by Concentrate I am learning html and css, right now, and would like to practice as I go along. I was thinking about having a website, that shows off my graphics programming stuff, and maybe that posts tutorials, or something todo with programming stuff. Maybe even a forumn. If you are just learning the basics of web development I suggest using WAMP to host your own content. As for the website, before you can make a nice one, you should just go along with a blog ( you can get one from Wordpress or Blogger - though I recommend wordpress ). Just my two cents, best of luck ( also, WAMP will be all you would need until you start with more advanced web development )
  4. PCosmin89

    How to get UDP broadcast packets

    Wouldn't opening a socket connection work for intercepting those ports ?
  5. PCosmin89

    Making Asteroids in Java

    Instead of using your keys to add movement to your ship, try to use a system closer to how real life works. Instead of incrementing your position by x at each keystroke, use a system based on Velocity and Acceleration. This should give you all the information you need on connecting those elements and making a fluid movement.
  6. PCosmin89

    pseudocode to c++

    I will not convert that for you, that would be bad as you would not understand the ( probable ) assignment. Instead I will try to tell you how bits should be done: Reading is done through cin >> variable; To dynamically allocate space for n sized variables you must first declare a pointer and afterward use the new operator to accomplish that. Ex. int *variable = new int[value]; I hope you understand the loops by now so I don't have to write them, good luck and you should really try understanding them !
  7. PCosmin89


    Quote:Original post by Machaira the words "basic", "3D", and "RPG" contradict one another. :) There's nothing "basic" about a 3D RPG. Try something easier. Nah, but he could give a MMORPG a try, I heard they were pretty basic :D
  8. PCosmin89

    Quick and dirty vga programming

    Well my first advice would be drop Bloodshed Dev-C++ for Windows as it's no longer supported properly, you might want to have a look at Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition. As for VGA advice, I'll let someone who knows what he's talking about give the advice here :) Best of luck
  9. PCosmin89

    Say hi to the new guy

    Greetings, if you know Visual Basic it's a start. While the Game Dev's industry standard is still ( correct me if I am wrong ) C++, many people here suggest starting with C# as it is a nice language, once you learn the basics, grab a hold of Microsoft's XNA Engine ( a simple google search will reveal the details ). Best of luck to you.
  10. PCosmin89

    XML variable ?

    Thanks, I tried google but I had no idea on what I should search, attributes worked fine, thank you
  11. PCosmin89

    XML variable ?

    Greetings everyone, I come yet again with a problem, a noob question to be honest. I'm using C# to get data from an XML table, I managed to get what I need except for Quote:<registered unixtime="1037793040">2002-11-20 11:50</registered> I need to get unixtime, anyone have any ideas on how I get it ? In case it matters, this is the method I am using to get other fields: while (userReader.Read()) { if (userReader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element && userReader.Name == "name") while (userReader.Read()) if (userReader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Text) { totalMembrii++; numeUser = Convert.ToString(userReader.Value); break; } if (userReader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element && userReader.Name == "playcount") while (userReader.Read()) if (userReader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Text) { totalMelodii += Convert.ToInt32(userReader.Value); playCount = Convert.ToInt32(userReader.Value); break; } }
  12. Try using a model loader for more complex shapes, hard-coding all this vertex-date is a pain...
  13. PCosmin89

    [ Help ] Heap error due to delete []

    Thank you for the fast replies guys, barely had time to take a shower :) I see my mistake now, thanks Palidine for explaining! Quote:Original post by Palidine But really you should be using std::string since you're using C++ Quote:Original post by _fastcall Also, if you want to do anything with strings, do as older1s says and use std::string. Thank you for your inputs, I use strings in what I do for myself, unfortunately this is for a school project in which char* is supposed to be used, thus I am stuck with this for now. Thanks again
  14. Greetings, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could help me find the fault in my logic, I have been looking at this piece of code for some time now and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I believe this is the code needed to see what is wrong: // Default constructor for a carte class carte::carte() { titlu = new char[10]; titlu = "NeInit"; autor = new char[10]; autor = "NeInit"; pret = 0; } // Function to set all parameters ( for loop declarations ) void carte::set_all() { // Deleting these so I won't have any problem overwriting. // I tried without the deletes and it worked but I will // probably come across some problems later on delete [] titlu; // This is where the program breaks delete [] autor; // I presume it would break here too char *t = new char[31]; char *a = new char[31]; cout << "Titlu: "; cin.getline(t, 30); cout << "Autor: "; cin.getline(a, 30); cout << "Pret: "; cin >> pret; titlu = new char[strlen(t)+1]; autor = new char[strlen(a)+1]; strcpy(titlu, t); strcpy(autor, a); delete [] t; delete [] a; } In the main body of the function, I have something like: carte test; test.set_all(); // This is pretty much where it breaks Also, if anyone has the time/mood to look ( perhaps I'm wrong and the problem is elsewhere ), you can find the ( almost :P ) complete code here. Thanks, Parvulescu Cosmin
  15. Greetings yet again, I just finished implementing Perlin Noise ( Hugo Elias one ), and forgive me if I understood it's coding wrong, but I get similar results to him. My problem is trying to make a moving grayscale-noisemap, let's say clouds, what I do not understand is, on a 6 octave noise and on a 800x600 resolution it would need 800x600x6 runs just to fill the screen once. Is that correct ? Can anyone suggest another way of implementing this noise in SDL ? This is my current function: [source lang = "cpp"] void drawNoise(float pers, int oct, float zoom) { for (int i = 0; i < 640; i++) for(int j = 0; j < 480; j++) { int pos = j * (screen->pitch / 4) + i; float xD = perlin2D(j, i, pers, oct, zoom) * 128 + 128; Uint32 color = SDL_MapRGB(screen->format, xD, xD, xD); ((unsigned int*)screen->pixels)[pos] = color; } }
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