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    Quote:Original post by agi_shi 1) Ram usage on vista is ~60% all the time (~40% free is what most programs told me). I'm coming from 512MB of crappy DDR 333 [even slower than that I believe], and now that I have 1GB of fast DDR2 800 ram I thought I was going to never run into problems. Well, with vista my ram speed and amount is worse than with XP on my old machine with 512MB. This indicates a massive missunderstanding of how modern OS's manage memory. Ram which isnt in use is wasted, Vista employees various technologies which pre-emptively load files into memory for usage based off user usage patterns. It is a good thing the OS is using as much ram as posible at any given time, especially when it is idle. That means less waiting for stuff to load if the data is already in memory. Quote:3) When I played FEAR on Vista, I got ~27FPS lower than when I played it at the SAME SETTINGS on XP. And considering on XP I got ~36FPS in intense scenes, 27FPS lower than that is NOT acceptable. Drivers on Vista are not as developed which will a big differance in preformance. Beta drivers are given that they are going to cause a slow down. Quote:Original post by Mithrandir I dare you to find one really useful thing in that entire list that isn't already available for free. a quick 2-minute scan for me shows: absolutely nothing. Didn't bother reading the bottom, as the most useless features are apt to be there anyway. Priority based file IO. How anyone can ignore this when something is doing heavy disk access and you are trying todo something else (like switch tabs in a browser, or scroll a webspage).
  2. ggs

    Supreme Commander Preview / PCZone 166

    Quote:Original post by deathtrap What worries me is that Chris Taylor also has TA:Kingdoms under his belt, which was a very sucky game. Chris Taylor left Cavedog after TA:CC(1st TA expansion pack) was done. TA:Battle tactics(2st TA expansion pack), TA:Kingdoms + TA:K expansion pack where done without him. They also sucked.
  3. With Properties, you can change the code in the get/set function without invalidating the class's binary interface. Also the JIT tends not to inline functions which are more than 20 IL long, so keep those property getters & setters short.
  4. ggs

    DEP == non-executable segments?

    Quote:Original post by raydog I don't really know. It mostly happens with installer executables, not programs that are already installed. After the long 5-10 second delay, I get a dialog message saying: Open File - Security Warning Do you want to run this file? Of course, there's nothing wrong with the file. Some are installers from Microsoft. Some are less than 1MB, so it can't be installer preparation. All executable files downloaded via Internet Explorer & Explorer get tagged with the Zone(internet, network, etc) they came from. Trying to run a file/executable downloaded from an untrusted site will cause Windows to display a warning before the file gets a chance to run. It is another security measure added in sp2 to try and give stupid end users a chance not to screw themselves over.
  5. Quote:Original post by DrGUI Thanks guys! But won't DEP slow down memory access or am I wrong? :D It is done in hardware, and is a single bit. Utterly no difference in performance. Only thing is old programs which didnt set the page flags correctly and attempt to execute data which they havent notified the OS that it is executable will crash. The Page flags have only existed since Windows 95 sometime, just havent been hardware enforced till now.
  6. ggs

    E3..... so what should we expect?

    Quote:Original post by Riviera Kid i expect the announced specifications for the xbox 2 to be far lower than what was leaked. With the MTV demonstration of the Xbox, a bunch of review sites have released a more details on the specs. And the final specs are better than those leaked ones
  7. After trying for a few days to either biuld Mono under cygwin and poking around with the version installed by the Mono installer for windows I have out of ideas to get it working. While the windows installer version(v1.1.7) have some .lib files, and all the include files needed, they are lacking the critical .lib for the main mono DLL with the embedding API in it. It also took me a while to realize you must install the gtk# option to even get Mono under Windows to work. Because there is a core DLL (intl.dll) which is missing from the core installer package. Biulding the .lib for "mono-1.dll" is way outside my skillset and I havent been able to find any walkthoughs which dont require installing cgywin with an undefined package set or how the heck I can turn "libmono.a" & "libmono.dll.a" into something usable by VC++7.1
  8. ggs

    Google Web Accelerator

    The best part about the google web accelerator is it isnt so much designed to improve the end-user's web use (which it does) but dramatically lessens the load of the server. If 90% of the /. crowd was using this, you wouldnt get the /. effect since google would cache the copies and then use those instead of hammering the poor server into the ground.
  9. Quote:Original post by Nathan Baum As far as I can tell, Java math is about half the speed of C++ math, on average. Whilst that's clearly slower, I don't think that merits being described as 'very bad'. Maths is hidiously important in games. It is how this little thing called physics works, or even plain 3d graphics. And not having any physics or 3d graphics means you have a damn trivial game for a console or PC game.
  10. Quote:Original post by Holy Fuzz Are you using .Net? If so, then you can use attributes to "publish" the members that need to be sent to the other players, and then use reflection to figure out what the members are and their values at runtime. Ugh. You dont want to be looking up attributes at runtime during gameplay for networking. That will result in the creation of the attribute object ever time you get the custom attribute. And reflection has sucky runtime preformance for stuff like that. If you are using C# 2.0, something hplus0603 suggested is good(you can get most of it using C# 2.0 generics). The biggest problem is assigning new values to data wrapped by a Facet<T> data type is while you can use implicit conversions from it for free (no object creation, just return a copy of the data). Setting requires a cast, which will involve object creation.
  11. ggs

    Determining your scripting needs....

    Quote:Original post by TheWanderer Indeed... I believe it was Evolutional. I would be curious to hear what your thoughts are on the use of XML in that capacity? XML is great as it is a textbased format which there are a large set of tools which can be used to manipulate & create arbitary XML structures. It isnt the actual format, but the tools the format has. However, XML is very parsing intensive, and you have the choice of using loads of memory or tightly integrating your application logic into the XML parsing layer. XML is not going to be friendly on load times, and if you need to parse the same XML document more than once I would question your design.
  12. ggs

    Bush: A Man of Morals.

    Quote:Original post by Wavinator I don't understand how they can keep getting away with such inconsistency. Is it that people don't know, or don't care? They dont want to know. The entire thing has been an appeal to emotion, without letting things like facts get in the way.
  13. ggs

    Terminate a process - FAST (winxp)

    Quote:Original post by Drew_Benton Quote:Original post by aboeing (Does anyone know of a program that can clean up unused mem for you? There used to be something like "TurboMemory" for win98...) I used to always use RamBooster. Tried and worked in 98, ME, and XP the last time I had it. NO NO NO NO. This does not do anything usefull on a Windows NT dervived system(WinXP is WinNT 5.1).
  14. ggs

    Scripting, for you?

    Quote:Original post by evolutional I'm coding in C++ so why can't the scripting language be designed for me? Part of the problem is C/C++ is hidiously hard to get compile/run time symantics of the objects & functions. Wouldnt be so much easier todo bindings if you could do something like .NET reflection on everything in C++? This would of course make it so much easier to invoke C++ stuff from the script. But you want it the other way around, you want the type information of inside the script and outside to match, so it is a simple matter to call a method on an interface(aka abstract class). This again is trivial todo with .NET reflection's codegen.
  15. Quote:Original post by josh1billion On the topic, how much does .NET cost, approximately? And there aren't any "upgrade from 6.0 to .NET" deals, are there? I'm using 6.0 right now. If you know enough about the compiler backend, you can DL the actual Visual Studio .NET 2003 C++ compiler and swap the old VS6.0 version out for the old. This requires a little be of knowhow or the ability to construct reasonable google queries. The C++ compiler can be found from here
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