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  1. Sound/music artist required

    If you need music and sfx, feel free to contact me. My portfolio website: www.piotrmusial.com - Piotr
  2. voice over?

    Thanks Carlito! The animation was made by Tractor Media - small team of tallented individuals from Romania. I, too, think it's very cool, and had a pleasure of composing music for it. I'm glad you liked it, feel free to contact Tractor Media for your questions. - Piotr
  3. voice over?

    Check out http://www.aspects-of-voice.net/. Phillip Sacramento is a very professional, yet friendly voice actor. He recorded voice over for Propellerhat, animation I have scored btw: www.tractormedia.ro/Propellerhat.html - Piotr
  4. Hello everyone! I was very happy to return from a short tour yesterday, look at Gamedev forums and see, that the contest is over. I was even more happy (and surprised) to see, my entry was chosen! :) Thank you Nathan for the contest, William for providing the movie, and juries for you time listening to our contest scores. I have yet to see what others came up with (I'm downloading the package now), but I saw a couple of them before, and I can say, the competition was pretty tough. Not to mention, that the video was quite challenging. Anyway, if anyone wants to hear my score to William's short movie, here it is: Luftwaffles Thanks again, you all made my day :) - Piotr
  5. Hey, Nate. It's been a while since the last update. Do you have some news for us ;)? - Piotr
  6. Thanks Nate, Hope there will be next one soon. I'm sure I'd like to participate next time as well. - Piotr
  7. Licensing songs

    You should contact proper copyright owner for licensing. However, licensing one song would probably cost you more than hiring a professional composer to produce a complete soundtrack for your game ;) - Piotr
  8. Sure, sounds good, Nathan. - Piotr
  9. Gear?

    THE BASS sounds cool, but I'm not that much into jazz, VI Upright Bass seems to be more universal in this matter, I used it in pop-ish arrangements, as well as very subtle film music as a melodic bass (THE BASS would do great here). Jazzy too, but still, I'm not that much into jazz. - Piotr
  10. Gear?

    Quote:Original post by Dannthr Hey Piotr, How is the VSL Upright Bass? Is that the downloadable one? Is that in the Vienna Instrument format or is it in another standard sample format? Nathan, which EW sample sets are on your priority wish list? Sorry, I missed your question. Yes, this is the downloadable one, and it's absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately it only runs with Vienna Instrument, and the keyswitching is somewhat complicated. I never had a single problem with VI so far, though. I'd recommend it to anyone. - Piotr
  11. Mood and Music

    Quote:The fact that Zimmer uses D minor is not proof that D minor is "sadful." Using flutes and bells is going to make something sound "shiny" because our culture has an association with shine and metalic noises. The key itself isn't going to make it seem shinier. Ok, I'm not saying, that Zimmer's use of D minor is a proof of any kind. This is just an example of how D minor actually sounds, what is it's character. And this has a lot to do with registers of all instruments, and their aliquot tones. D minor and G minor allow strings to play very low, clarinets, bassons, brass - these keys are very convinient for them. If you transpose whole compositions, you'll find, that some keys sound simply better then others (even if you reorchestrate). Using flutes and bells is going to make something sound "shiny" and that's also because of the higher aliquot tones from these instruments. Try making "shiny" sound using double bass, with bass clarinet. Try flutes, bells, and violin harmonics instead. It's not all cultural, and even if it is, in some part, it came for some reason in the first place. Hundreds of years of orchestral music, learning on mistakes. - Piotr
  12. Gear?

    Here's my gear: Computer: PC Intel C2Quad Q6600 2.4GHz 8GB RAM (by XP 64bit with FXTeleport) 5xSATAII 7.2rpm (250+250+160+80+500GB) Displays: 22" - HP w2207h 17" - Samsung 173P+ Audio interface: E-MU 0404 USB Keyboard: M-AUDIO Keystation 88ES Speakers: a pair of Roland DS-5 Headphones: AKG K240Studio Software: Cubase 4 Studio Kontakt 3 EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Pro XP EWQL Symphonic Choirs Stormdrum Stormdrum 2 Ministry of Rock Voices of Passion Vapor VSL Upright Bass plus some free stuff Wishlist: PC to run it all smoothly. Another pair of speakers plus a subwoofer and Cubase 4 upgrade for 5.1 mixing. A room dedicated for all this stuff. Everything in time, 2 years ago I almost had nothing ;) - Piotr
  13. Mood and Music

    Actually, key is a very important thing to achieve specific mood. It's all cultural or psychological, but for example, D minor has been proven to be a most sadful of all keys. Zimmer's scores are most of the time in D minor - because also has a very "serious" kind of sound. Another example is, that let's say Eb major with A instead of Ab (it's hypolydian scale actually), used in flutes and bells makes it sound magical or shiny. Just a couple of examples. - Piotr
  14. I'm not that much into that plugin (besides Voicess of Passion, I don't use phrazed loops), but the technology is indeed amazing. I would understand moving the sound in pitch, but not in time. I guess, how it works is searching for a base-sound in the whole sample, like one note with all specific to it's character frequencies, and then taking that little block as a base for analyzing the whole audio material. Remember, that, every sound in these sequences has it's own frequencies - some are common for more instruments in the material (like on video from Musikmesse), but that's not impossible to do. If you know that you have more kind of base blocks in the material (like two different instruments), you can copy these frequencies, transposing them up or down, leaving original block type 2 untouched. Hope it's clear ;) Anyway, I'm more into ProjectSAM stuff, though I wished it was a full orchestral library. - Piotr
  15. Music in games legality

    This is not legal. If someone else is doing the same thing, it doesn't make it more legal either. Unless they received a written license from copyright owner to do so. Look around, there is a plenty of composers here looking for some experience. - Piotr
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