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    Why couldn't we be stuck in the Matrix?

    Quote: Original post by Sneftel How sad that we no longer think of it as the Allegory of the Cave, but rather as The Matrix. The Matrix was certainly more compelling than my Philosophy 1 teacher. Quote:Descartes' retarded question is indeed worded just like Shakespeare's but has little in common. You are correct that the quotes have little in common. I think therefore I am. This is not a retarded question, it is not a question at all. It is the first statement of a logical framework and creates a foundation on which the existence of other things can be deduced. To be or not to be. The first line of the third act of Hamlet concerns itself with whether to continue the struggle of life or seek refuge in the unknown release of death.
  2. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    Quote: It merely requires the unwavering devotion of the adherent to a cause without provable rational basis. I do not possess this trait you describe and neither do any other atheists I know. It is our lack of this very trait that makes us atheists. Quote: I don't think anyone believes the Bible is the literal word of God, do they? They are people who most certainly do. They are called Fundamentalists. Here are some quotes by fundamentalist religious and political leaders. Quote: Like I've said before, unfortunately you can't judge a religion based on its followers because religeous teachings can easily be misrepresented by someone with dodgey intentions. Oh, I most certainly can and do judge religions by their followers. What other source do I have to judge them by but the actions of the adherants?
  3. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    Quote: The NT covenant replaces the OT ones. So we aren't subject to those laws. How much more obvious can it get? We may sound like a broken record but it's a pretty core belief Maybe for your denomination this is true. That is NOT a universal belief. I've never heard that expressed by any Christian, that the rules of the old testament no longer apply. Doesn't that include the 10 commandments?
  4. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    A great effort there Matt, I've never seen quoting scripture back at Xians make even the slightest dent. They just ignore it and keep repeating themselves, just like anything else that points out the inconsistencies of their beliefs.
  5. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    Quote: Why does it bother you to consider atheism a religion? Because I find religion abhorrent. I view religious thinking as a sign of a serious mental defect. It has been the prime justification for violence and cruelty over the course of human history.
  6. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    Quote: More like lynched in a tree... Either that or stoned to death. Quote: I do not believe that evolution refutes the existence of gods. No but it certainly refutes the sacred creation stories of the major world religions. With the first chapter shot full of holes the rest of the book seems pretty shaky.
  7. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    Quote:# You believe they do not exist (atheism). This belief is outside of known fact, therefore it is a kind of faith. I do not believe they exist because there is no credible evidence of their existence. That is not faith no matter how hard you try to twist the word to mean what you want.
  8. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    <quote> Please prove the existence of God to be false. </quote> <quote> remember, it is impossible to prove a negative. <quote> Nice how you invalidate your own points.
  9. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    <quote> Please prove the existence of God to be false. You know, definitively </quote> I can't. I could pose plenty of arguments supporting the non existence of god but it wouldn't matter because you would reject them anyway. Someone posted this one earlier, why don't you start there. I doubt it would matter. You have faith, which means you will reject any evidence which does not support your beliefs as false. http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/
  10. MidgardSerpent

    Church and College

    <quote>Atheist debate theists but debating is not proselytizing. Atheists do not proselytize. They do not stand on street corners denouncing theism but maybe they should. Maybe they should gather in protest outside of churches on Sunday mornings holding signs telling church goers that they are docile cows being led to slaughter. </quote> I would but I have an aversion to being burned at the stake. <quote> Atheism is cowardice. Have the balls to say you don't know, are open to possibility, and can change your opinion if presented with superior evidence. </quote> Funny, I think agnostics are the cowards who aren't willing to be definitive about their unbelief. I'm a scientist, if you can prove something to be false then it is false and a new theory must be created that incorporates the new data. Faith is the rejection of the scientific ideal. <quote> However, in order for that to be true, you must have supreme knowledge yourself (if you don't know everything, then you can't deny the existence of something that might exist).</quote> I don't want to be mean but this argument is absolutely absurd. Point me to a single article of atheist literature that claims supreme knowledge. <quote> If you don't want to believe in a God because you don't like what you've heard, or because you don't like how his/her followers behave, that's fine. But at least be honest with yourself and say its for that reason rather than pretending it's an educated decision. If you wish to make an educated decision about it, I suggest you read the bible/koran/buddhist texts/etc. Or maybe ask a teacher/priest in that religion for a short explanation of the teachings.</quote> I think you'll find that most Atheists are quite knowledgeable about a variety of religions. Quite often more so than self proclaimed religious folk. We are not Atheists because we are ignorant of your beliefs we are Atheists because we've heard what you believe and think it is ridiculous. <quote> These people have faith in the non-existence of anything outside the physical and rational world (gods, souls, heaven, hell, afterlife, sin), and therefore that any questions about such entities are silly and a waste of time. </quote> "Faith, by its very nature, requires belief outside of known fact." *wikipedia* Don't apply that dirty F word to us.
  11. MidgardSerpent

    Handling Clothing

    Making the body geometry underneath the clothing nonrenderable is one solution but then you are still calculating all of the deformations of the body when it's not even visible which is also a waste. What you could do is cut your character model up into discrete pieces that get swapped out for each piece of clothing. Rather than one continuous model you have it in pieces. Torso, head, arms, legs, hands, feet, all as seperate meshes. Then when the player wants to put on a helmet you just unload the basic head mesh and load the helmet head mesh in it's place. Then you have one skeleton and set of animations that each different clothing mesh could be skinned to and you just swap them out when needed. This technique is used in the game Farcry, which actually has three modes of character clothing customization. Non deforming rigid pieces are just placed at the correct point in the hierarchy, deforming skinned pieces that use the same skeleton as the character work as modular limbs to be swapped out when needed, and deforming attatchments that use their own skeletons (like long hair, or a cape) work as fully seperate and individually controllable models that are parented to the hierarchy of the controlling character.
  12. Quote:Original post by nobodynews You know, less time spent parsing the files. I still think that is bologne, but that may have been their rational at the time. That's insane, any potential gains would be completely lost on the first bug caused by the unreadable code.
  13. MidgardSerpent

    Handling Clothing

    Quote:Original post by JasonBlochowiak That's not correct. Base PhysX runs on the CPU and doesn't require hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration allows for more stuff and more advanced effects. Sure, it runs if you want to make a demo or something. But if you are in an actual game engine that cloth simulation is probably eating up a ton of resources and that's just for one. But every character in the game needs clothing as well. Plus I think most cloth simulations look like crap anyway.
  14. MidgardSerpent

    Handling Clothing

    You can't just set the clothing to use the same set of bones as the body?
  15. MidgardSerpent

    Which Algorithm or technique is mostly used.....

    Quote:Original post by Timkin You've simply mapped your understanding onto my statements and come to the wrong conclusion. Wow, do you mind if I use that in the future. That's a brilliant turn of phrase.
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