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    JSCL 1.2.2 to MIDP 2.0

    Ok still trying out the various stuff as the way they implement it is kinda different... For Nokia/SE, there's the KeyCode to detect KeyPress. The Jap phone uses byte code to replace the KeyCode. For example, private boolean KeyCheck( int type, int fk ) //Method if( KeyCheck( 0x02, ( 0x00000004 | 0x00001000 ) ) ){ //Check for KeyPress Can't seem to find where they store the KeyCode as there's no KeyPress function. [Edited by - aRcTiC_sTaR on July 11, 2006 2:18:39 AM]
  2. aRcTiC_sTaR

    JSCL 1.2.2 to MIDP 2.0

    Thanks, the advice was very helpful. With regards to PhraseTrackListener, there doesn't seem to be anything similar to it. I do not know what implications there would be if I just remove the PhraseTrackListener from the midlet, is there anyone who can give sound advice? The translation from Babelfish gives: Public interface PhraseTrackListener PhraseTrackListener is interface in order to mount the listener who expects the Summary of method void eventOccurred(int event) Occurrence of event. event from the phrase sequencer. Details of method EventOccurred Public void eventOccurred(int event) Occurrence of event. Parameter: event -: Event classification (-1: Playback end, -2: Loop, -3: Halt, 0 or more: User event)
  3. aRcTiC_sTaR

    JSCL 1.2.2 to MIDP 2.0

    The Japanese API of JSCL 1.2 translated by Babelfish
  4. Say if I'm porting an application from a japanese phone to a Nokia or SE phone, (The Japanese phone supports JSCL 1.2.2, while the Nokia/SE phone supports MIDP 2.0.) Certain JSCL methods like copyFullScreen createCharacterCommand DeviceControl drawBackground PhrasePlayer setPalette setPattern are not supported on MIDP 2.0. What is the best way out to solve this cross platform compatibility problem?
  5. I downloaded the appropriate SDK ( What it has is the Emulator, so which program do I run to create an existing project?
  6. Some of the classpaths are wrong, and so are some of the tools like getfsize.exe C:\vodafone\c4-sdk\stubclasses; does not exist as well since I don't have the SDK. The exact message I get when I run the batch file is as follows: C:\ApeReverse>REM è┬ï½ò╧ÉöÉ▌ÆΦ C:\ApeReverse>set PRJNAME=mygame C:\ApeReverse>set CLASSPATH=C:\vodafone\c4-sdk\stubclasses;C:\tools\retroguard\r etroguard.jar; C:\ApeReverse>REM set CLASSPATH=C:\vodafone\p5-sdk\stubclasses;C:\tools\retrogua rd\retroguard.jar; C:\ApeReverse>set MIDPBINPATH=C:\WTK22\bin C:\ApeReverse>set SOURCEDIR=source C:\ApeReverse>set RESOURCEDIR=resource C:\ApeReverse>set RELEASEDIR=release C:\ApeReverse>set GETFSIZE=C:\tools\getfsize.exe C:\ApeReverse>REM è┬ï½ì\ÆzÆå C:\ApeReverse>SET BINARY_DIR=bin C:\ApeReverse>SET SRCPP_DIR=source C:\ApeReverse>SET SRC_DIR=src C:\ApeReverse>SET SP_DIR=sp C:\ApeReverse>SET LMPRINT=C:\tools\lmprint.exe C:\ApeReverse>SET GETFSIZE=C:\tools\getfsize.exe C:\ApeReverse>SET PREPROCESSOR=C:\tools\cpp32.exe C:\ApeReverse>REM ÅÇö⌡ C:\ApeReverse>if not exist compiled mkdir sourceconv1 C:\ApeReverse>if not exist compiled mkdir sourceconv2 C:\ApeReverse>if not exist compiled mkdir compiled C:\ApeReverse>if not exist unverified mkdir unverified C:\ApeReverse>if not exist verified mkdir verified C:\ApeReverse>if not exist release mkdir release C:\ApeReverse>SET COMPILE_DIR=compile C:\ApeReverse>REM âvâèâvâìâZâbâT C:\ApeReverse>SET SOURCE_EXT=java C:\ApeReverse>SET COMPILE_EXT=java C:\ApeReverse>DEL /Q src\*.* 1>nul The system cannot find the file specified. C:\ApeReverse>if not exist src mkdir src C:\ApeReverse>C:\tools\cpp32.exe -nsrc\ source\*.java Borland C++ Win32 Preprocessor 5.5.1 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland source\ source\ source\ source\ source\ source\ source\ source\ C:\ApeReverse>REN src\*.i *.java C:\ApeReverse>REM CD src I know it's kinda screwed, 'cos I don't really know what I'm doing either. My job is to port the game over to a Nokia S60 platform, but I know nuts about getting the batch file to run. It seems that there are many missing tools but my supervisor (I'm doing this as a project) says that I just have to change the directories to get it working. It doesn't seem to be working for me.
  7. Hi I'm currently porting a game from a Sharp Phone over to the Nokia S60 platform. I have several issues with the compiler, as some of the tools seem to be missing and I can't set the correct directory for some paths. Attached is a snippet of codes from the batch file. <Start of codes> REM ŠÂ‹«•Ï”Ý’è set PRJNAME=mygame set CLASSPATH=C:\vodafone\c4-sdk\stubclasses;C:\tools\retroguard\retroguard.jar; REM set CLASSPATH=C:\vodafone\p5-sdk\stubclasses;C:\tools\retroguard\retroguard.jar; set MIDPBINPATH=C:\WTK\binset SOURCEDIR=source set RESOURCEDIR=resource set RELEASEDIR=release set GETFSIZE=C:\tools\getfsize.exe REM ŠÂ‹«\’z’† SET BINARY_DIR=bin SET SRCPP_DIR=source SET SRC_DIR=src SET SP_DIR=sp SET LMPRINT=C:\tools\lmprint.exe SET GETFSIZE=C:\tools\getfsize.exe SET PREPROCESSOR=C:\tools\cpp32.exe <End of codes> Does anyone have an idea of how I can get this running?
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