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    any good books?

    srry, yea i was looking more towards creating landscape and such for players to move around in. Also setting objects in the world, like trees, rocks, and other things along those lines.
  2. Orath123

    any good books?

    Hello eveyone!, so im very intersed in learning how to create environment for games and such. Im wondering if there is any good books/programs out there that can teach me the basics of getting started in this kind of game design?. Iv been messing around with this unreal ed 3.0 book, but iv been trying to find a different kind of book, and im having a hard time =\. Well anyways if theres any good ones plz give me some info, and thank you.
  3. Orath123

    quick question

    alight cool thanks man, ill check some of these out.
  4. Orath123

    quick question

    Hello everyone, Im intersed in World design alot, and as a beginner is there any good programs available to buy that i can get introduced to world/terrain design?
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