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  1. Hello, I am currently working on a C# application (windows form) where I want to have a calendar where the user can see in Red where they currently have projects. I want to show this as a List below the calendar incase there are more appintments. The functionality I want is basically as follows: When I load a month it should immediatly go to the SQL database and check what days are already planned and color them blue for example. When I click the day that has a date already on it I want to see it appear in a list with where it is etc. When I click a day and press new appointment I should be able to add it to the SQL database. I have searched high and low on google and have not found any real good example that I understood to be honest or it did not do what I really wanted it to do. Has anyone ever had this problem before? REgards Wijnand
  2. A Suggestion I can give you is to try and use WCF I used it for my C# CLient/Server and it helps you in that sense. But if this is a MMO engine isnt that a bit of a large leap to start that off the bat?
  3. wijnand

    Long time no update

    It's been a while since i last updated this journal, time constrains prevented me from updating sadly I have not been able to write any game related code myself. Up untill recently i had a lot of things I wanted to read and to use to get back on track but lacked a lot of motivation to get it going. The biggest problem is doing something alone, not having someone to pay attention to your progress can be really demoralizing. I hope to get back on working on my game development related things. Its just not easy finding something you really enjoy. I was busy with a C++ guide but wasn't statisfied with the formatting and examples so decided to scrap it and rewrite it. I hope to have more positive news soon, I had an idea to have a engine similiar to something Sierra made where you basically make an engine where you build the game from scripting. But doing it alone might be a bit hard. And learning maths sucks :D
  4. wijnand

    suggested java books

    I learned Java from the book Java for Students. The chapters are written stand alone and the code is VERY clear and readable. Something not many writers tend to do. I got a Multithreading book that basically is unreadable due to bad formatting :)
  5. I think I found the problem to my amusement when i used the string that I gave in my previous application it worked perfectly. Thank you headkaze you are my official hero :D
  6. Yes I have done a manual REGSVR32 just to make sure, even ruled out it was Windows Vista X64 by trying it on a Windows XP machine. Before I tried running the XP one i ran my application without registering the .DLL and it gave me an error immediatly, when I registered it it showed the WIA things and then crapped out immediatly when I pressed the scan button again. Maybe I need to do something in my project settings for it to put the .DLL in the assembly or something? And why does my more expanded code work (without the GUI) I am starting to suspect the Epson drivers themselves are at fault. But maybe I am overlooking something :(
  7. I tried giving it a JPEG GUID but sadly that did not seem to be the problem either :( according to the SDK it can be left on blank :S
  8. Hello everyone, I am currently programming in my sparetime C# and was trying to fiddle with my scanner. I downloaded from the Microsoft Download centre the WIA Automation Kit 2.0 and registered the .DLL and also referenced it to my project. I then try to type the following code: CommonDialogClass wiadiag = new CommonDialogClass(); WIA.ImageFile wijnand = null; wijnand = wiadiag.ShowAcquireImage(WiaDeviceType.UnspecifiedDeviceType, WiaImageIntent.GrayscaleIntent, WiaImageBias.MaximizeQuality,"", true, true, false); When I start my application and hit the scan button I get to see the Select scanner option, I select the proper scanner and then have the choice between colors and the resolution. I select the settings and hit previes. This works fine and I see in my preview window the Picture I want. Then I hit the scan button and I am presented with the following Error : Invalid class string (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800401F3 (CO_E_CLASSSTRING)) I have tried it with 3 different machines (XP, VIsta) and 2 different scanners yet all of them portay the same error message. But when I do the following code : String deviceid = ""; const string wiaFormatJPEG = "{B96B3CAE-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"; CommonDialogClass class1 = new CommonDialogClass(); WIA.CommonDialog WiaCommonDialog = new CommonDialogClass(); Device d = class1.ShowSelectDevice(WiaDeviceType.UnspecifiedDeviceType, true,false); Device Wiadev = null; if (d != null) { ddeviceid = d.DeviceID; } DeviceManager manager = new DeviceManagerClass(); foreach (DeviceInfo info in manager.DeviceInfos) { if (info.DeviceID == deviceid) { WIA.Properties infoprop = null; Wiadev = info.Connect(); break; } } WIA.ImageFile img = null; WIA.Item item = (WIA.Item)Wiadev.Items[1]; try { img = (ImageFile)WiaCommonDialog.ShowTransfer(Wiadev.Items[1],wiaFormatJPEG,false); Vector vector = img.FileData; byte[] bin = (byte[])vector.get_BinaryData(); using (MemoryStream mstrm = new MemoryStream(bin)) { pictureBox1.SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage; pictureBox1.Image = Image.FromStream(mstrm); } } catch(COMException f) { } It works and the picture gets loaded into the Picturebox albeit with the default settings. Does anyone know why my above code doesnt work? I found a lot of VS2005 projects who used the above method, am I missing something? Thank you
  9. wijnand

    C++ tutorials soon

    I am going to be posting part one of my C++ tutorial this coming week... Topics: Basic stuff Variables, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, For each chapter i will have illustrations and explanations. I am looking at around 20-40 pages. Hopefully it will help people.
  10. wijnand


    well then I will work on it :)
  11. wijnand


    A year orso ago I made a small post on how I made the "vyper" engine. And lately I have been scouring the Beginners forum again in my free time and noticed a lot of people are still wodering what langauges to use etc etc. I have found most of the notes i took in the 7 weeks I made vyper and was curious if there was a interest if I made a small guide on some of the important things you need to know in C++ / game development. Most likely I will write it in the 2 weeks im in switserland but we will see :) Currently i am playing with DirectX 10 for fun, testing whats really different but i am more curious to see IF DX10 is actually faster then 9 if you write it in pure DX10 code.
  12. If you want to learn DirectX 9.0C : When you install and download the SDK of DirectX you will get a helpfile and it basically is really well documented with tutorials and that sort of things. But with all programming languages, you will most likely be stuck at experimenting and messing things up to see how it really works. some important things in Game programming though is; Mathematics, and a STRONG C++ background if your really serious about being a game programmer and want to use OpenGL/DirectX and make A+ title games. But C# and CXNA are great ways to make simple games :) these also have a lot of good tutorials. You can always toss me a message but... I cannot give you tutoring as in give you assigments, questions are fine but I cannot spend 2-3 hours a day on it ;)
  13. wijnand


    Been having some issues with my PC again... Thankfully this time around I have not lost anything important. I have been reading mostly the backlog of C++/ DirctX notes i made when I was working on the Vyper engine. sadly the people I worked with are all busy with school again so I guess we can say the game engine is really dead :) Because I like keeping notes and practicing code myself, I will most likely b posting some of my notes on C++ and DirectX aswell in the near future. My biggest problem right now is keeping the C#/ JAva and C++ code all seperates from one another :) But hopefully I will be posting nice and usefull things soon! Wijnand
  14. You can do it in 10 minutes if you like. The problem is not "getting there" but understanding how the entire logic behind it works. That is the problem most people are having with prgramming in General its easy to read a book that shows you the do's and don't but you need to put that information to the test and also play around with code and see what happens :) Finish a book that explains to you the basic idea behind C# then just grab a tutorial called Adding images to my game in C# or look at the XNA videos :)
  15. wijnand

    How do i split my game up in pieces?

    Dieseltjuh Making a game engine is nothing more then first writing down what you want it to do. We know you have one goal in hand: Make a game for a college and you need an enhine for it. First things you need to do is write your requirements and then chop these up in "iterations" When I had to make a 3D engine for my minor in the hague I basically wrote down the following plan: 1. Make a Windows Window. 2. Load directX in the window 3. Load a 3D model in the window 4. Try to add a Texture to the model 5. Flesh out the rendering part to be able to render multiple objects As you do small steps and try to work out in a step by step plan the things should start coming themselves. The BIGGEST problem you will most likely run into is physics and collision detection. But try to do the easier things first so you get valuable experience and also problemsolving skills :) Programming and specially game programming is nothing more then just trying to solve problems in systematical ways. The Vyper engine basically had the following structure: Kernel.cpp (bootloaded the entire thing) Renderer.cpp - DirectX - OpenGL Model.cpp Texture.cpp - load the textures into a linkedlist DirectInput.cpp Log.cpp And so forth if you have some UML experience or OOP write things down on paper first before starting what is logical in your case :) what si the best most efficient way to write an engine. the BIGGEST rule you have to abide to is that you have an engine you can easily rip out again and start with a new game.
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