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  1. Well, the specific DLL name would be helpful, but the D suffix on the DLL name implies that it's still looking for a debug DLL. Is one or more of your libraries that you are linked to a debug library? (edit: corrected a typo)
  2. RomSteady

    Violating trademarks without knowing?

    www.uspto.gov and the Search function is your friend.
  3. Quote:Original post by DvDmanDT As I said (umm, intended to anyway, I'll admitt I wasn't very clear though), the problem is when I send a negative value as start vertex or primitivecount. It's obviously very wrong, and easy to fix, but still shouldn't cause a BSoD in my opinion. Sure, a device reset, or an exception, but not a BSoD. :p It depends on the video card and driver whether or not it will BSoD. But as a coder, you probably shouldn't expect a low-level driver to handle incorrect input, and should at least make an attempt to ensure correctness in what you send. After all, if it hurts when you do that...don't do that.
  4. Do you have any code in #ifdef blocks? Are you still running your release code under the debugger? Is some exception that is rare under debug firing regularly in release?
  5. You can find a list of a few commercial titles developed using the .NET Framework over at http://www.thezbuffer.com. Right now, lots of developers are using the .NET Framework for tools, and resistance to using it on the production side is slipping, but the lack of compatible copy protection systems and decent performant obfuscation and encryption are definitely hurting.
  6. Pseudocode: Create FileInfo for filename you are trying to create. Get path from FileInfo. If Not Directory.Exists(path) Then Directory.Create(path)
  7. RomSteady

    Interfacing C++ DX and C# DX

    Use of the Form element to create your Managed Direct3D object has been deprecated in MDX 2.0. It is now recommended to use the Form's HWND to create the object. There is a Managed DirectX Device constructor that will allow you to pass in your unmanaged Direct3D Device object. Search the docs for public Device(IDirect3DDevice9); (Edit: Changed "not recommended" to "now recommended." Typos are fun, especially when they change the meaning of the sentence. [grr]) [Edited by - RomSteady on April 10, 2006 8:17:47 AM]
  8. RomSteady

    MDX VB.NET or C#?

    Quote:Original post by Arild Fines Didn't MS stop including VB samples in the SDK because there was little demand for it? Not really...up until recently, only one guy at Microsoft (Tom Miller) was even WORKING on MDX. I use VB.NET with MDX. The samples are written in C#, but most of what I see is essentially "VB with curly braces and semicolons," so conversion is relatively simple. As for performance between VB.NET and C#, each has their little performance sinks, but they even out in the end. VB.NET does some things for you automatically that you have to do explicitly in C# (like checking whether or not a string is null prior to a comparison, etc.), but the performance differences between the two (especially with .NET 2.0) are so miniscule as to not even matter.
  9. RomSteady

    .Net: Structures are not Value Types!

    The structure is a value type. The object (BitArray) you instantiated inside the structure is a reference type, so essentially a pointer to the BitArray object is stored in the copy of the structure. When you pass the structure by value, you're passing a copy of the structure, including a pointer to your original BitArray object. (edit: fixed typo)
  10. It sounds like it's having permission problems loading up the assemblies that the ASP.NET engine is compiling. I'd rerun regiis to make sure that ASP.NET is reinstalled with the proper permissions, then I'd double-check the permissions on the site.
  11. RomSteady

    MDX problem

    The latest DirectX redistributables will install the MDX stuff if the .NET Framework is installed. If they have the .NET Framework installed, just run the August 2005 DX9 redist and you should be good to go.
  12. Sorry for my brief answers...check into using QueryPerformanceCounter and QueryPerformanceFrequency. There are some tutorials on how to use them in managed code floating around the net.
  13. Did you use Setstyle on the window to set the UserPaint flag?
  14. TickCount only updates 18.2 times a second.
  15. You could probably walk through the hook chain, and check to see which module is loaded into the area you'd be calling...if you could find where the hook list was kept. Therein lies the rub, as it doesn't seem that there is a documented API for discovering the hook chain.
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