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    Art programs for city building game design

    I dont know which game your are currently looking at, but in general it can be 2D and 3D. I think for those building-tiles, it is mostly plain 2D art, because it is faster/cheaper to create them. And 2d is enough if you don't need to rotate around it or have many animations (like characters). Program for this kind of art could be adobe photoshop (proprietary) or Gimp (free/open source).
  2. Trinavarta

    Buying Art Assets

    Maybe this could be useful: http://www.opengameart.org/
  3. Trinavarta

    Suggestions for my first 2d Game

    As a complete beginner I suggest to try to create something very simple. Maybe C# + XNA or just C# and play around with windows forms. (Create a simple RPG with buttons and labels or something like that). Feel what programming means, there is so much to learn and you will have to create and discard many projects for that. Do not aim too high (I have done that too many times... ;)), learn the basics with try and error. Dont try to create your "masterpiece" as your first game ever. best of luck!
  4. Trinavarta

    how to change png file?

    (FYI: I am a beginner myself, so this is just the way I would do it.) (I would use C# & XNA (Texture2D) for the manipulation) 1. Load the File into your programm. -> Image 2. pseudo code: for (int x = 0; x<Image.WIDTH; x++) { for (int y = 0; y<Image.HEIGHT; y++) { if(Image[x,y].alpha < 5) { Image[x,y].red = 100; Image[x,y].green = 100; Image[x,y].blue = 100; } } } 3. Stream back to a file. This site may be helpful too: http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/
  5. I like your idea, sounds like this can be fun. I would suggest to keep it simple and dont let the player, play the mission. Instead just add some nice animations while the heroes are on a mission and let them return with a result. For some variation you could add some different animations depending on the result. For the hero-equipment I would suggest using a simple system too. i.E.: One or Two items per character maximum. (Leather Armor Set Level 5) + (Hammer +1) This way your game should be easy to understand & fast to play, but still be addicting for a longer playtime because the player gets rewards for every mission they play and it should be easy for you to generate enough content for a longer playtime. Btw.: I think for a release you should choose a different name. At least for me the "Adventurer's" sounded more like an adventure game. If I would be looking over 100 different games in a portal, I would have skipped yours just because of the name.
  6. Trinavarta

    Luck As A Stat?

    Implementing Luck as a stat is very difficult and I am not sure if there is a way to do it in a way I would like it. The most important factor is balancing and that can be very difficult with a stat like luck. Luck can be very effective or important for a special task. i.e. Diablo2 had a stat, raising the chance to find magic items. This stat was so effective that it reduced effective strategies for item hunting to a minimum. The opposite way would be, making luck that unimportant that no one would miss it. So the really hard part would be to balance it in a way that it is useful, but not the only right way.
  7. Trinavarta

    Idea for a game

    This may work: I think the most important part for this would be a good control over the robot. And even small things can be very important in a game like this, a too slow or to fast running speed can destroy every fun in just a few minutes. In my eyes a game which needs very much finetuning. At second, I think you should stay with your idea to keep it simple. Some self explaining items like a magnet for metal surfaces may be an enrichment, but check this after implementation. best of luck :)
  8. Trinavarta

    Quest items in freeform games

    To give a clear statement... it depents :) Generally I always hated it when I got a quest like: "Kill that bad guy and bring me his special weapon.". Just after killing him 20 times, without the matching quest. Most times this is because I didnt took the "right way" and this way missed the quest giver. In situations like this I really want quest items to drop everytime, but like allready mentioned this feature can also be very confusing when you find items and have no idea what to do with them or who may need this for a quest. I am not entirely sure whats the best way to handle this... best regards,
  9. Trinavarta

    Auto-Pickup On Optional or Important Items

    Quote:Original post by Pete Michaud Do I have a burning desire to sort and manage my closet and backpack, weighing the pros and cons of keeping the contents, and deciding whether I should just chuck it or sell it instead? I got your point here and I agree with you that this sounds a little bit like work, but well implemented features can be fun even if they are boring in real life and even if an explanation sounds boring. (Just think about "The Sims") Back to topic: I like the idea to remove all quest items, and replace them with a flag in the quest. (Don't bring back the "spaceship-energy-generator". Find it and tell the questgiver the coordinates where to find it.) Another approach could be that you always get an item together with the quest and this item changes to another item. i.e. the player does not have to find a diamond, he receives a necklaces with an empty slot to put the diamond in it. This way quest items can be auto-"picked up", because the inventory slot is allready blocked by the previous item from the questgiver. best regards,
  10. I like your idea to make a more simple resistance system, its often really hard work to manage items for every possible elemental encounter. You could also implement the simple system for the player, but still use an elemental-system for the monsters. Lets say there are two magic elements: Water & Fire. - If the player finds an item with 30magic resistance, he will gain 30Water & 30 Fire resistance. A "Fire Elemental" attacking the hero may still have 100 Fire resistance but 0 Water resistance - This way the Player can still use the system and has to cast the right spells, but does not have to handle millions of different items for his defence :) A different way could be to let the player choose how to use his resistance. 50% Fire / 50% Water or 75%/25% or 100%/0% (...) This way you dont have to handle that many different items with resistances, but there is still some more strategy to use. Just some small ideas with some flaws to think about :)
  11. Trinavarta

    Realism in RPGs

    Personally I often had problems with these types of realism, but this may be because of your mentioned "bad implementation". Just to take water/food as an example. Usually it was just an annoying part of "work" and nothing that made the rp-world or the game any better. The only exception from this was the game "Burntime" (old dos game). Drinking/eating was a very important part here, but in this game it was all about surviving in a desert world. It was more a survivalgame and food/water fit into this game. To sum it up, in my opinion you should think about how it fits into the special game. You should always try to avoid annoying the player and if a feature like "eat or die" means that the player just has to look for the food merchant in every town to fill up his backpack with [BREAD] and afterwards continues to "play" - Then this looks like an annoying attempt to stamp some realism into the world. In most cases you can use a middle course, to stay with the example of food/water. Add food to your world to enrich the world and make it feel more "complete", but dont let the hero starve to death one room next to the evil dragon because our hero forgot to buy enough food. best regards,
  12. Trinavarta

    Limited gameplay - good or bad idea?

    Quote:Original post by Stroppy Katamari Quote:Original post by Trinavarta Lets say you design your game to need approx. 30minutes per day. Everyone who wants to play less will still be behind.You could mitigate this by having the player's choice of server determine how much time they get per day. That way, if I want to invest 15 mins a day, I can play 15 mins a day without others getting any edge on me just because they have no other life to speak of. Quote:And everyone who wants to play more will get bored.That's a very misleading term because nothing is stopping them from doing something else in the meantime. Frustrated, maybe, but not bored. No one would claim movies bore people just because the theatre isn't open 24/7. What actually does bore people is when they have to play more than they enjoy playing. You are right, you can never say that players will react in one or the other way or that there is no "work around" to please more players, but what I wanted to state with this sentence is that a rule like this can scare many players - Even the ones you made this game/special rule for. So I think it may be a better approach to weighten playtime different. (Like mentioned before). If the first hour of playtime each day equals the next 4 hours in terms of time/reward ratio. Then you wont scare many people who want to play your game, but on the other hand you reduce the might of full time players over casuals. Just change this ratio to your needs, a 1:100 ratio is still better then to prohibit someone to play the game (imo). Just imagine you bought a dvd with the full season of your favorite tv series and after you finished watching the first episode a popup tells you that you can watch the next episode tomorrow. ;) Just to clarify, this is just my opinion - no one has to agree with it. :) best regards
  13. Trinavarta

    How to make my textgame more interesting

    Some ideas that just flooded my head :) I am not sure if everything fits into your design, but I will just write them down - you know your game, and should know if this fits into your game or not. Generally I think you should keep the game "simple". Just extend and polish the working features. It may be fun if you can find 500 different swords, but it may be confusing if you have 500 different types of weapons and -skills. ..the ideas: - Gambler-Merchant (random item for gold) (I loved this in Diablo) - Some special monsters with special drops. - Unique-Items - Basic crafting (has to be a very simple imo) - "I killed *** zombies" counter :) - Simple title-system: found 1000items -> "Collector" / killed 5000 skeletons -> "Dr.Bone" - Implement a fishing skill (every game needs this ;) )
  14. Trinavarta

    Limited gameplay - good or bad idea?

    As mentioned here allready you can not really limit the playtime and hope to build a huge community. Lets say you design your game to need approx. 30minutes per day. Everyone who wants to play less will still be behind. And everyone who wants to play more will get bored. If you want to make it a little bit easier for players without that much time, you could implement a system to reward this playstyle a little bit. i.e. double skillgains for the first hour of playtime (UO did this) or Everyone can fight against a fixed amount of special monsters each day. And unlimited time inside a dungeon with less experience gains.
  15. Trinavarta

    Design a game to be pirated

    Quote:Original post by BrokenKingpin Quote:Original post by Trinavarta Yes, you are right its not really "pirating" if I am the one who is offering the game, but does it really matter if I sell a game and wait a week for it to be pirated by someone else or release it by myself as a pirated copy? Sure it matters... you are knowingly misleading people. If someone else steals your game they will be doing something unethical, not you. Quote:Original post by Trinavarta I personally do not think that I am really offending someone with this method. It's just a way to use a huge network as a sales channel. You will be misleading people, which could offend someone. You can use the huge network as a sales channel in a way that will not be misleading people. Hmm.. you have a point there. Doing this may make me worse then the one who is illeagly copying the software since I am betraying them too (no matter if their behavior is correct or not). So is it ethical to use illegal downloading people to raise my sales? I am not sure anymore...
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