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  1. if somebody can find the time to do his games, and he likes doing it, others also liking his games, then he should make games, especially if he can get some profit from it. if this true for you, then its fine, if no, then you either work on the missing part or either find new hobbies and businesses, but you should not have convulsions from **not being skilled**.
  2. Geri

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    my worst day was when i realized that every single gamedev-related advice others gave me was wrong, and i calculated borderly how much money i lost on listening to them. (moral of the story: its important to listen others oppinion, but there is probably a reason why you are writting programs, and others are system administrators in a potato cultivation factory)
  3. Geri

    Anime Maker

    Update! The software was updated this is the second (and probably final) update this year. -10% speed up on x86-64 and 50% speed-up on ARM due to eliminating most of the floating point from the renderer. -New font renderer, resulting smooth fonts. -The software is now free (donate if you like it, and if you want to contact to the support).
  4. you probably should avoid calculating things like this when its not so necessary. maybe you should grab the neck of this issue in the code where you are actually moving these objects, bruteforce methods are rarely performance friendly. if you just do it for security (so they dont accelerate into oblivion as you said) you can just check the directions one by one, you dont need to do complex calculations on them (you probably dont even need to do all of the check for all object in every frame - half of the objects in first frame, second half in the next frame, or so). in 99% of the cases you must do the scientifically incorrect but simplier approach to actually have a decent and usable code. aniway, dont try to tackle issues like this from muscle.
  5. pay them some shitcoins, they will flock, they will do documentation, they will do great work
  6. steelstrung, i never said anything from the level of your commitment, or from you. i wrote the oppinion about your situation. about the situation you created for yourself. and now you are talking about ,,2 hours of work'' from him that he contributed in an 1 month of time range. what. seriously. instead of opening the topic and typing the answers, you could redone that 2 hours of work probably, and this is now introduced all of the possible dark clouds over this story, which i alreday forseen even before starting to type my first comment. at this point please forget i even wrote a comment here, i dissociate myself to even form an oppinion from topics like this in the future. i promised myself a year ago that i will NEVER again will take part of conversations on forums unless someone pays it, but it seems i never learn.
  7. there are 9 billion people on this planet who can come up with ideas. and there are probably 10000 who can actually make it. it was a deadly mistake from you to beleive they will submit theyself below your absolutism, in fact you dont even pay for them and you are easily replaceable. make a conclusion, and accept the will of others next time.
  8. Scouting Ninja: imagine if there is a gokart fan. one and a half decade this gokart fan required a software, namely gokart games to fulfill all of his gokart fanatism. now there is the age of informations where we living in. you can search gokart videos. you can google gokart designs. you can register to 200 gokart communities to speak about gokarts. you can design your own gokart from 10$ garbages from ebay and other sites. can buy a crappy gokart for 500 usd from some secondhand only shop. you can write and sell a book from gokarts online. you can organize gokart race for others and reach all the possible people to be part of it. you can manufacture gokarts for other gokart fans. you can chat with the best gokart drivers. in the 2000s you were not able of doing this. your factor of entertainment were limited to watch a gokart race once per year, maybe attend 1-2 in your life as a driver, and of course to play gokart games on your computer. but now here is the age of information, where playing a gokart game just lost almost all value. maybe someone will play it, however in very small quantities, as the experience is just not comparable with the whole of the benefits of the new era information exchange, where you can make something to be part of your reality, of your own life. now 99% (i just slapped my belly and this is the number it generated) of the game dev industry are unaware of this, as techie people are usually tend to strictly focus on developing on a practicular field, and they are usually unable to see the things as a whole, and they dont recognize if they field just disappearing, only after its gone, and then they go nuts on forums after they lost their jobs/profits/projects, and start attack everybody with envious hatered. autisming around a practicular topic is extremely profitable in the first 1 or 2 year, who doing it, likes to think that he is usually some extremely smart snowflake, but then suddenly the whole thing disappears, and the person in it must restart his life. i have witnessed this in gamedev probably almost in the case of every developer i even met, they didnt even bothered watching or creating a statistics or even investigating user behaviors or trying to understand how a market works, they were just I AM THE SHADERGOD or BLENDERKING everybody is dumber than me whyiamloosingmyjob. of course we in this topic are aware of this, thats why we discussing it, but we are probably in the final moments to carry out a survival strategy to have protection against this transition, but as there are just this topic with 4-5 people in it, of course this will just be another cretaceous paleogene extinction event that usually happens in every computer-related industry once in every 10-15 years, and hey, the dinos are just dinoing.
  9. i dont think gaming and game development have a future in its current form. the current AAA game engines definietly dont have. for example, the revenues of my game engines ( ) and game related tools are a magnitude lower than in previous years. of course, as time elapses, they are becoming obsolote, and people are moving into different solutions. but the statistics are also showing the end of the gaming era everywhere. almost every game genre have a steady -10% per year, including the popularity, the downloads, the interest, the search, and the revenues too. in such economic condition, what a game engine in 2018 should offer? good question. but its clear that its not something the unreal engine, the unity, crysis, or anything else can offer. 10 years ago, it was sugoi to play fps games with friends. nowdays people just buy some airsoft, and shot at each other in a forest. people feel that the virtual things are worthless, and they going back to real games, real sports. game engines of todays cant adapt to this, such type of things are coming in that they cant react. the era of computer games is ending, of course a different type of gaming and entertainment replaces it. not necessary on computers. i carried out serious changes in my businesses, in fact almost 90% of my money was directly/indirectly from gaming in ~2013, now its barely reaches 5%.
  10. i didnt have used procedural generation of anything in game related things, since probably my 8086 pc, which was very long time ago. but i generate procedurally very lot of things in my operating system, such as the default generic wallpaper, window elements, window and background decoration elements, to save a few mbyte from the binary. by the way, i dont like procedural generation, i am not good at it, and it can AND will bug differently on every system. its hard to figure out whats going on after you written it, and not touched it for a while. it could make sense, if somebody can do it properly, but its somehow not my style.
  11. figuring out the algorithms needed for 3d engines, and actually making a good 3d software renderer OR ancient opengl 1.x/directx9 renderer that renders the scene and particle and/or other effects will take 1-2 months. but then you will probably scrap the whole, and restart it to do properly to allow scalability and to not look like an ancient potato. i dont recommend to be succumbed into new who-knows-what 3d apis of the todays, as there is no point in following graphics trends any more (users will not care). and use some regular formats like obj, not obsolote and not any more used formats like bsp. and which is the most important is the game control, the phisics, basically the interaction of the engine and the user. figure out what genre do you want to create (rpg with a final fantasy like battle system? an fps like cs1.6? the actual logic will be much harder and longer than the 3d itself), and if you really start to put some time in it, you will have decent code. you probably alreday have almost fallen into the beginners trap, and started to think ,,oh when i can fly with wasd i have almost everything done and i am the king'', meanwhile thats just a few mathetmatical function, thats not something that will need the REAL development. if you want to keep minimalistic, i would say you can do the renderer within 2 months or so if less than 100k polygon per frame is enough, maybe 1 or 2 month to have the actual game engine logic. for quake like games you probably dont want to create an editor for the engine, and you can do everything with magic arrays or text files, so you can skip that. you can do every code related within a few months, if you were good at maths in middle/high scool. but then you only created the underlying code, so you either use some tricks to generate the models (think on lego characters, or characters of minecraft), or you learn how to model in 3d properly, which will take 1-2 years, and then you either quikcly splash everything together within 1-2 months, or do it for years to have good results. the timespan varies bethwen a very wide range, if you want to have just as decent artistic result like quake or doom has, as the others alreday mentioned, you will need years, which i expect you dont really want to push in it, as its futile aniways, the market will not honor it. and stop meditating about culling faces, start kicking your own face until you figure it out, you will have hundreds of tasks like that to solve, and if you want to work effectively, you better solve problems like that within 2 minutes (not solving is also solving, if something is not important for your result). TL;DR: dont use complex things, dont use bsp, decide what do you want to do, do not clone doom2.
  12. Geri

    Anime Maker

    thankyou correct, specially for those who want to sell they anime, should be aware of copyright of the material they use.
  13. Geri

    Anime Maker

    Anime Maker is an ultimately simple and but powerfull crossplatform software to create animated cartoons and anime.Download your favorite anime fanworks (characters, backgrounds) from internet, then open them with Anime Maker to create an Anime from them!Anime Maker offers shot based timeline management with 27 image layers, simple BONE ANIMATION for moving your heroes, dozens of effect including fire, water, snowfall, fountain, and refraction. Make your own anime for amatheur or professional movie competitions! Create your own ultimate fanfictions from your favorit anime, impress your friends, create your own anime seasons for televisions, or video sharing sites! Your career as an anime artist starts today! Anime Maker offers all the feature that required to create an anime, including the folowing: - Time-line and shot based video edition with copy/paste/delete abilities - Support for bmp, jpg, png formats with alpha map, and automatic alpha-map generation - 27 independent graphics layer to create your movie - 3 sound channel on the timeline - Wav and ogg files for audio - Mouse and touchscreen for input - AVI video export with antialiasing - x86 and ARM based computers and mobile phones - Windows, Linux and Android compatibility - 8 invididual bones on all layers, with 4 joints each - Real time motion movement recording for realible animation - Dozens of fire and particle effects with your own textures - Layer refraction effects (water waves, etc) - Anime Maker supports multiple CPU cores for great performance - Dedicated mouth speak layer management - More stable than video software usually - Very small memory footprint, and powersaving - Ability to morph, move, resize, color, blend your layers in real-time - WYSIWYG editor: what you see is what you will get on export - Supports cutting exported video into multiple files - Tooltips as easy usage guide - Instant start and quit - Multimedia cacheing to avoid memory waste - 16:9 ratio with custom shot sizes optimized for Anime - Colored and shadowed subtitles download:
  14. This is a Visual Novel Engine. Its FREE. It supports Android, Linux, and Windows. This engine allows you to create Visual Novels without programming knowledge. Its capable of north/east/south/west orientation, and have a simple bult-in battle system with attack, HP, and escape (teleport) system. The engine is capable of item handling and room teleporting.To make a game, you have to do a directory for every room (map), then copy the background in, and create a text file to describe the room with text. You need an apk editor to change the files in theAndroid package. By default, it contains a minigame to show you the things. -It supports the most common image and sound formats (jpg, png, wav, ogg). -room (map) based movement -jpg and png backgrounds -hero avatar -It supports battle system with escape system (also good for creating custom dialogs) including HP management -enemy avatar -ogg and was music play as background music per rooms and battles -teleportation -item usage, and item existence based teleportation -gameover/happy game-end -linux, and windows executables -android apk (you must edit the files into it), -its free. download:
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