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  1. jakaita

    Delay(int milliseconds)

    Use the Sleep(milliseconds) function on Windows. Linux has a sleep(seconds), and a usleep(microseconds).
  2. You could also use private inheritance.
  3. jakaita

    What happend to Math3D?

    I just finished putting together a nice set of math classes based on the math code at http://www.geometrictools.com/ I know at least a few engines out there, like Ogre3D, also use this code.
  4. jakaita

    C++ Exception Handling

    I find that using exceptions makes the code much more readable. When updating some old code, I found myself replacing things like: bool ok = DoSomething(); if (ok) { ok = AnotherThing(); if (ok) { YetMoreThings(); } } with just try { DoSomething(); AnotherThing(); YetMoreThings(); } catch(whatever) { } which I think is easier to follow, without the error handling interspersed. The error return code version is probably only actually doing anything a small fraction of the time, yet causing a lot of clutter all the time.
  5. jakaita

    Database in game engines?

    One game engine I've used recently used Sqlite to store levels and other game data. Sure, it's fast, but I found it tedious to deal with when editing. IMO, if you're going to use a database, make an xml/some other format also, for use during development. That's what I'm doing with mine.
  6. jakaita

    Math little problem

    If you're going to just multiply the distance by the Direction vector, yes, it must be normalized.
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