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  1. namar0x0309

    How We Optimised Our Scripts in Unity

    This is very valuable. As an engine developer, I already use a lot of these patterns in unity, but it's awesome to see production code confirm and teach me new paradigms! Thank You
  2. namar0x0309

    BSP tree question

    I agree that the BSP trees should keep things pretty divided in terms of data/physics etc. but when it comes to rendering, everything will be converging to the camere (unless you have multiple viewports for each BSP and do the merging later on in the rendering pipeline; fragment shader?) At worst you'll get some interesting rendering artifacts. Maybe you'll break through into some new level design paradigms When the camera decides what to render, I'm expecting the overlapping areas to glitch or artifact on the screen, because you'll be querying multiple BPS trees which will return different information for the same spatial location. That said, you can probably fix that by setting a z-order to whatever BSP wants to take priority.
  3. namar0x0309

    BSP tree question

    There's nothing stopping you from using multiple BSP trees in the same map. As long as there's no overlapping it should be relatively straight forward. Again, these are just way to partition a space to make it easier to manage in memory and processing.
  4. namar0x0309

    Improving sleep system

    Maybe an all general solution might be inflexible for different islands. Maybe you can take all your different strategies and organize them into hints: SLEEPING, SEMI-SLEEPING, TIMER-SLEEPING, IMPULSEACTIVATED etc. You can even code a module that would decide on the hint depending of types of meshes in that island (adjacency distance, intersection, proximity to a certain type of island etc.).
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