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  1. A Site that Creates Music for your Game.

    Yep Nathans right on the money. There are two kinds of clients. The kind that don't have much of a music budget so turn to libraries because it is what they can afford and the kind that have a budget and want a high quality product. What you are proposing wouldnt really support either client type. You'll discover soon that you'll need to charge substantially more for exclusive rights and custom work. Your new realistic rate would not be something most library browsers could afford. The client that [i]can[/i] afford it would rather find an artist they respect and impresses them over the cold business vibe laibraries provide. I would suggest either going for a standard non exclusive rights library or sell yourself as an individual artist.
  2. So I have a soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, a website, a smaller demo website and Im debating what to link potential clients to when I email them. Some people like a direct link through vimeo or youtube to a demo reel because there is no navigation necessary. It's a single click, one thing to watch, and they are done. Soundcloud is similar as it needs minimal interaction but sometimes I see a long playlist and think "ugh, i dont know if I want to listen to all this right now" and just skip it. BUT it does give a chance to show more variety of work. My website shows me as a brand and looks the most professional but you have to click on things so it requires more attention. The demo site seems to be obsolete now that I updated my site to the look I want. Before my website was a dumping ground for EVERYTHING I did but now Im really happy with the front page and happy enough with the content if they dig deeper. Right now Im thinking about linking my website AND soundcloud. Maybe you guys could take a look and let me know what you think? website: www.welchcompositions.com vimeo: http://vimeo.com/29965359 soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/welchcompositions
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to share my new reel showcasing my music. It has a couple of small gameclips dropped in but I do a lot more than games so it's not purely a video game music reel. If any of you need a composer or sound designer hit me up! [url="http://vimeo.com/29965359"]http://vimeo.com/29965359[/url] [center]you can see more of my stuff here: [center][url="http://www.welchcompositions.com%20"]www.welchcompositions.com[/url] [/center][/center][center]or [/center][center][url="http://soundcloud.com/welchcompositions"]http://soundcloud.co...lchcompositions[/url] [/center]
  4. music demo

    I've completed my demo and would be happy to hear what people think of it. demo.welchcompositions.com
  5. another helpful article, glad you are so willing to spend your time helping those in the beginning like myself!
  6. If I wasnt waist deep in producing my demo I would love to work on this but I need this demo to help me find work and I need work to pay next months rent :/ Jim Welch www.welchcompositions.com
  7. New Composition Contest (Results are IN!!!)

    Oh no! This area of the forusm was dead for so long I stopped checking in here! Well I'm sorry I missed this but Im glad to see you started things back up Nathan! Hopefully the ball will keep rolling and I can get in on the next one. I remember the last time we had this sort of thing here it was a lot of fun. Jim Welch www.welchcompositions.com
  8. feedback if you're willing....

    Thanks for the feedback it was very thorough. I agree about the overuse of a single theme...I keep doing that even though I know better its a trap I keep falling into. Something that did concern me was the sound quality issue. I know its not great but didnt think my samples where that bad. I havent done must mastering adding reverb delay etc but the samples themselve are from ewql which I was under the impression is a solid program. Anyway cool to hear you are in oregon. Where are you at Im currently in mcminnville but thats just a recent thing I used to be in beaverton/tigard for a long time. What software do you use Jim
  9. Im undergoing multiple projects and want to start posting work here as I finish (ill just keep updating this post) for feedback let me know what you think! :) http://www.welchcompositions.com/music/arachnyds.mp3
  10. I am trying to get some experience under my belt. Let me know if I can donate my time to your project. Jim www.welchcompositions.com
  11. The Unofficial GameDev Music Project (v1.0)

    Downloading the movie now....I have lots of composing I have to do for school this term but I may be able to finish something by December 9th...I could finish something sooner but I may not get around to working on this until december.
  12. The Unofficial GameDev Music Project (v1.0)

    So which one from the link should we all do...the problem with linking that many is we are now waiting again for a community decision on which movie..I would pick one out myself but between school and work I dont have time to watch each one and pick out the best.
  13. The Unofficial GameDev Music Project (v1.0)

    I have been away from the forums for a while it's to bad the video hasnt been picked yet...if someone has some videos maybe they should just post links and whoever does it first will be the ones we use so we dont have to keep waiting. Jim
  14. what should I minor in

    I am going to getting my undergrad and am getting a major in muic composition but what minor should I go for? What will look best on a resume to studios looking to hire me. I would like to minor in philosophy or psycology but I thought they wouldnt do me any good. I thought business would be a smart choice but it sounds so boring!!! I also thought about minoring in education because I teach guitar right now for a living but it doesnt seem like they give me an option to minor only to major.
  15. your favorite plugin

    whatever is asked of me....I plan to score for film and games for a living and so I will need to be able to produce a variety of styles. I LIKE to make epic orchestral stuff, ambient-esc music, all styles of rock music, electronic a bit, program music. I am not sure if this is what you where wondering...check out the links in my signature to hear some of my music the myspace page has my four most recent songs though it doesnt include my rock styles.