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  1. This smells like a design problem, so I'm not recommending you actually do this, but you could just make mData a void*. Right now, it looks like you're just writing a clumsy wrapper for the C++ type system.
  2. kindjie

    Where do game developers hang out?

    Check www.meetup.com for your area. Here are two for where I live: http://www.meetup.co...Game-Developers http://www.meetup.co...r-Social-Games/ If you're looking to break in, there are lots of smaller companies that go to those. It looks good to have a few smaller titles on your resume when you're looking to get hired, and that'd be the place to find teammates too. EDIT: I'd look for local game jams too. Personal opinion: I don't see a lot of hiring in the AAA console industry (I don't see it growing in general, which is why I left), but like Tom said you might get lucky at a developer's conference or career fair. I think new comers would be better off gaining skills relevant to mobile, social, and downloadable games, at least for the short to medium term.
  3. kindjie

    Unlawful stuff going on...

    Not to be mean, but pretty much everything you wrote is the opposite of reality...
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