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  1. Combat and Parley in RPG

    I think the best way to enter parley mode during battle is the way Oblivion does it, by keeping defensive stance without attacking for a little while, maybe 10 seconds on defensive stance may be enough to trigger parley mode. If I remember correctly this can only be done in Oblivion when the NPC attacking you is one (or many) imperial guard/s.
  2. Did you see the movie The Last Airbender (2010) or the series? In this case there are 4 nations Earth/Fire/Water/Air and in order for the Avatar to learn each ability he needs to travel to each nation and learn it from the corresponding master/s.   The same way dragonborn was unique among others in TES Skyrim, the same happen with the Avatar, there is no other like him, at least at that time in history, I think this is something that makes the player be more interested, more fascinated, just an idea to have in mind when creating a story.   I think there is something missing in role/magic games like TES/The Witcher/Age of Dragons, in this games the player needs to work hard to gain new skills but applying/using them is as simple as pressing a button, so what do you think (leaving for a moment the magic skill learning process behind) about the player  making series of things (different key combinations for example) to unleash a given Spell, like the key combos in Indygo Prophecy/Farenheit, or else: the typical moving bar metter usually found in tennis games or golf games, if you fail to click your mouse when the bar gets to a certain point then the spell will fail, like this you could control spell power also if you want. It could be real time fighting or turn based attacks, something like in Pokemon. All these are very nice topics for brainstorming, fascinating stuff.
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