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  1. Krokhin

    Awesome scientific discoveries.

    It's well known thing,afaik since 70x, or may be earlier. We and everything around are existing because the number of particles after Bigbang was slightly more than antiparticles.
  2. Krokhin

    Countries with best food

    Japaneese food seems me the best for everyday life, for long life at all. Vietnam food also is very good and "pure national". Thailand... They cook any food great .
  3. Quote:Original post by Zeraan If going to war with North Korea, with China backing them, I suppose this will mean USA might stop importing from China. But this will hurt China as well, since USA is a major source of income for them. I don't think that China depends from export so strong as you suppose. Afaik about 10-15% of total domestic production,something like that.%90 of population continue to grow rice almost like in ancient times. And they can spit to computers,modern home goods and other things as long as needed.This is an East,another mentality and valuables.The best example is Japan,I mean an amazing combination of technology and old traditions. You can object that they will lost way to modern war technology.But actually all modern complex armament has a very long production time,and in case of serious global conflict will be over very quickly.And what to do with ~200 millions people with Kalashnikov guns in this situation? Nothing.They will continue to grow rice in Florida.The Chineese civilisation is very old,they lived ~4000 years without US,EU etc.,and will live further if needed. Anyway,they will not go to this possible war immediately. [Edited by - Krokhin on December 6, 2010 1:23:52 PM]
  4. Krokhin

    If WW3 occurs within the next 6 months, thank WikiLeaks

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Out of curiosity, define "legitimate". My problem with the leaks is that it's shedding no light on things to make things better. If this was released 5 years ago, then maybe 1 war would have been prevented or wrapped up quicker than it is now. I dunno, but more pressure would have been on the gov't to handle that correctly. But now, the info doesn't do anyone, any good. IMO. "There is no future without the knowledge of the past"(c)
  5. Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Could the Obama plan of "spend your way of the recession" actually be better than cutting down the deficit (however harshly)? I can see that with economic and job growth, more tax revenue will be used to pay down whatever deficits we may have -- eventually. I can also see how slashing jobs and raise taxes on an already weak economy will just make things even worse. But is there no middle ground? .... Discuss! [smile] The modern world and economy actually has a pyramidal structure(something like a food pyramid in animal's world).US are on the top-you know themself how much you are taking,how much producing and what is a difference. "Wherever you go,whatever you do", just like in that song.It's a terminal point. What about EU-it's an intermediate in this "global food chain",nothing more.Russia is somewhere on the bottom,something like a plankton.But it is a plankton always remains after the all world's disasters[smile]
  6. Krokhin

    Home made silicon chips!

    The most effective,chip-free technology for home animals motion control[smile]
  7. Krokhin

    Is it just me?

    I don't thing that teenagers have a brilliant ideas.The true brilliant idea as usualn have a huge abilities for development inside and firstly common sence. The most powerful stage of human's reason progress is laying between 25 and 35. This is my imho and my 2 coins. ................ "Our life after 35 years old is a competition between neuron dedradation in brain and growing life experience" (c)Stanislav Lem
  8. Krokhin

    Home made silicon chips!

    Quote:Original post by SteveDeFacto Quote:Original post by karwosts In that case I think FPGA would suit your needs well. It won't run as fast as a custom silicon, but you could get something going at reasonable speeds. Once you prove your concept then you can decide where you want to go from there, if you think you've got something worth getting a custom ASIC for. You can buy some cheap student boards from digilent for $50-$200, and use Xilinx ISE Webpack (free) to program the boards. You'll need to know verilog. A circuit board will not be small enough to fit in an animal's skull... You should better think about energy source,connectors and so on.Anyway something will be outside.As I understand inside skull must be only analog part of braingate interface.You can use hybrid circuits technology for inner part.It may have a size 5x5 mm and smaller,but you'll need microscope for soldering. [Edited by - Krokhin on November 14, 2010 4:07:00 AM]
  9. Krokhin

    Books about graphic programming

    Quote:Original post by Mihulik I know them and I use them. They're definitely useful but are they the most useful ones? I'm not sure;-) Why only ones? The head is also very useful thing[smile] I mean that all this books (Shader X for example) describe mostly variuos methods,invented by other authors.I.e. you can use it,but it will be always "copy-paste" level,no more and without any advantages over other's people work.In my sight the most expensive,but interesting way of learning something is solving some unresolved problem, because you have a very strong motivation.
  10. Krokhin

    Books about graphic programming

    ...and don't forget to download DX SDK samples,tutorials and help,frely. One day(may be not this Christmas,but next) you will understand that it's the most useful thing[smile]
  11. Krokhin

    Spare a moment for poetry!

    This final autumn - not a line, not a sigh. Final songs have fallen with the summer. A farewell fire of the epoch burns out, And we are watching the shadows and the lights This final autumn. An autumn hurricane swept jokingly away Everything that choked us in the dusty night; Everything that pushed, played, glittered, Torn apart by the aspen wind This final autumn. Hungry sea, hissing, gulped down the autumn sun, And behind the clouds You will no longer remember what has been here; You will not touch the dusty grass with your hands. This final autumn. Poets walk away into the final autumn, And you cannot bring them back. The rains only remain, and the icy summer; Love remains, and the stones that rose from the dead. This final autumn. (c)DDT [Edited by - Krokhin on November 9, 2010 12:47:49 PM]
  12. Krokhin

    Walk Like An American?

    Quote:Original post by AndyEsser I'm not sure the Canadians will agree with you aboot that ;) In my sight one german speak louder that american and canadian together. BTW,I understand english speaking german much better than american. Or may be german speak with Oxford accent...
  13. Krokhin

    Walk Like An American?

    Easy. Russian in US American in Russia In the first case Shwartz speak like american-born russian,because common russian in such situation will say not "hooligans",exactly (may be something like а пидор, долбоеб or мудак) In the second case he walk too confident even for russian policeman[smile] ... As to myself,americans are more confident,frank,communicative and smiling people in our urban crowd, and I always spot them. American accent just confirms it. [Edited by - Krokhin on November 7, 2010 5:00:08 AM]
  14. Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by Krokhin Quote: Going to war over water is equally foolish. Look at the planet 'Earth',... most of it is water. Most of it isn't fit to drink, but it is due to what else is IN the water. Extracting the containments isn't an easy task, but neither is shipping vast amounts of water. And where you are going to get enough energy? Where are you going to get enough energy to build the transportation network to move the vast amounts of water and keep it running? Water is heavy, a metric tonne per cubic metre. Moving it huge distances isn't as easy as some would have it. You're right.Even today we haven't enough energy to distillate sea water for drinking "in place" and not enough energy to transport it too far. Thats why clear water is a very big problem. Quote: People want it, therefore other people go out to get it. I can't recall the last time I said to myself "Damn, I could really use a bit of lutetium orthosilicate!", and I would assume there aren't a whole lot of producers of it. If you are the only person making something, and someone wants that for something else,... Well you get to name your price, and either they bite and buy, you drop your price and try again, or you get to keep your shiny object to yourself. I see. Anyway,let's suppose that you want to make somewhat himself and only himself. If you want to keep monopoly and kill all your competitors,the right way will be to do it ,despite of possiple losses.
  15. Quote:Original post by keinmann It was a similar situation which ousted the mighty Soviets from Afghanistan, in what is often called "Russia's Vietnam". I'm afraid that "American "Russia's Vientam"" will be soon... I don't what it.Honestly. Quote: Like (the psychopathic, but brutally pragmatic) Stalin said, "The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic.". Yea,they are pragmatics,I'd like to name them all "humanoids" .... "We must support Soviet Russia [economically] in their struggle against Nazi Germany.And let they kill each other as long as it possible" (c) Winston Churchill
  16. Quote:Original post by Talroth The idea of going to war over 'rare' materials is rather foolish. Well,the big wars often begins because of foolish reasons[smile] Quote: There has always been lots of gold in the regions that saw gold rushes. An example is the Yukon gold rushes. Men flooded in and did fairly minor surface mining. They extracted less than 1% of the estimated gold in the region, and then the bulk of the miners gave up and left. Not because there wasn't gold, but because they didn't have the methods of the hard rock mining needed. They didn't have the technology to make the estimates on how much gold was in an area, or ways of breaking up the rock to get at it even if they guessed it was there. Even now there is research into ways to go back over the tailings from gold mines to extract even more gold from them. Firstly,the gold is not a rare material in comparison with lantanoids,for example.Once in my work I used lutetium orthosilicate,been specially cleared it had a price about 3000$/gramm. Quote: Why spend all that time and effort to go to war, in a task that is likely to back fire and fail, when you can just pay them a little more and buy the mining rights? But who will allow you to REALISE your right to buy something in case of VERY serious crysis? Quote: Going to war over water is equally foolish. Look at the planet 'Earth',... most of it is water. Most of it isn't fit to drink, but it is due to what else is IN the water. Extracting the containments isn't an easy task, but neither is shipping vast amounts of water. And where you are going to get enough energy?
  17. Quote:Original post by Tachikoma Regarding that excerpt, it pretty much illustrates why recycling should be one of the big priorities if we were to sustain our level lifestyle. It's too late,imho. In addition,many "rare" elements in fact arn't rare and would be found everywhere,but already "scattered" by mother nature ,i.e. never forms large deposites.For example,there is a huge amount of uranium in the Earth crust,but we'll spent more energy to concentrate U-235 than will obtain further in nuclear reactor. Lay (journalists) almost always confuse "rare" and "difficult for extraction".In that article this two things are simply mixed "into one heap". Quote: But I'd hardly consider silicon to be rare. The silica was mentioned as a part of solar battery,and nothing more. [Edited by - Krokhin on November 4, 2010 6:18:31 AM]
  18. Quote:Original post by owl In that sense, it's gonna be a very boring century. I mean, the US against Iran? That's not gonna happen without Russia's support. AFAIK, the saling of S-300 and many other russian armaments to Iran was canseled.But it depends from international situation and US-Russia relations. Russia now sale S-400 at international weapon market,for example Greece already has sold it.In 2015 will be S-500 and will be no any chance even for possible F-22 descendants. Another one reason of WW3(translation): Quote: American geologists believe that a serious international conflict in the future could provoke a lack of natural resources - elements required to build power plants of new generation. The first deficit consern of rare metals, which are essential for producing any solar panels or wind generators, or "green" engines for trucks. Substances such as gallium, indium, selenium, tellurium and silicon needed for photovoltaic panels. And for high-capacity batteries, hybrid vehicles require zinc, vanadium, lithium and rare earth elements. Without all these elements of innovative production will stop. Even familiar to all LCD displays will disappear. In this case, the list of countries that produce these more minerals is very short. The absolute leader of China is also engaged in exports of Argentina and Chile. "Today we find ourselves in a situation of total dependence on imports", - said geologist James Burnell, representing the Colorado Geological Survey. Any of the exporting countries may at any time to chop off the market, will endanger the U.S. industry, Japan and European countries. "If World War III will need a reason, the lack of resources even very fit," - says James Burnell. The largest supplier of rare minerals, China is already beginning to use their superiority. So, recently returned from China was reported to reduce the export of India - an element necessary for the production of the most flat-panel displays. Also, China may soon suspend the export of neodymium. This rare earth element used in high-magnets, which are installed on a new generation of wind turbines. Instead of "plant trees and gardens" energy from other countries, supplying valuable neodymium, China chose to build its own wind farm - Energy Centre with the release of about 330 gigawatts. "To implement this project will require neodymium more than China now exports" - says Burnell. From the review of export policies was already suffering industry in Japan. If we do not izyschem opportunities themselves produce the necessary elements will be a very unpleasant future - believes Yasushi Watanabe, a Japanese expert of the Institute georesources and environmental problems Tsukuba. "To produce just one hybrid car Toyota Prius rare earth metals to not less than 12 kilograms", - said James Burnell. No domestic production of any one of the modern tehnoliderov in the coming decades will not be able to compete with commodity leaders. For example, in lithium, which comes in the Western world of Chile and Argentina today closed nearly all battery production. Most of the devices that surround us are used lithium batteries. [Edited by - Krokhin on November 4, 2010 6:29:09 AM]
  19. Well,as I remember co-called "Long War" strategy... -isolation of both America's (at least US+Canada+Mexico) from the rest of the world-i.e. creating "the island of stability" -creating chaos in the Middle-East (Iran,Iraq,Afganistan) and termination of oil production there ( mining of the Persian Gulf etc.) -possible India-Pakistan conflict,up to limited nuclear war -chaos and desintegration in EU because the wars in the Middle East will cause global energy crysis -isolation and binding of Russia by destabilizing the Caucasus and Central Asia -the final limited nuclear strike to China
  20. Krokhin

    Back on the global warming thing...

    Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command Quote:Original post by KrokhinPositive feedback ,up to Venus atmosphere stage.It may take less than 50 years. I don't think Earth will have an atmosphere like Venus's while humans are still around. The atmospheric pressure at the surface of Venus is around 90 atmospheres. It would take a LOT of carbon dioxide to reach that kind of level on Earth. I don't believe finally in this hypothesis, but such model exists. Anyway, +100*C at equator and 2-5 atmospheres after 1000 years seems me quite real.Carbon dioxide only initiate "positive feedback" process. Why I believe in that? The temperature at 5000 meters deep is about 150-200*C,i.e we all live almost on pan , but still without cap [smile]
  21. Krokhin

    Back on the global warming thing...

    Quote:Original post by Ryan_001 3rd I can't see how carbon dioxide alone can bring about the horrible catastrophic consequences that are predicted. Easy. The main deposite of C02 is deep ocean water.And the value of CO2 in oceans depends from temperature.Than higer temterature,than less CO2 can be dissolved in water,than more CO2 passes in atmosphrere,than highter green house effect,than more CO2 will be released and get to atmosphere again...and so on.Positive feedback ,up to Venus atmosphere stage.It may take less than 50 years.
  22. Krokhin

    coolest cocktails known to man - let's talk about them

    Polar bear: vodka + champagne Scraper: vodka + beer Polar shine: brandy + champagne Black Russian: brandy+cola Batman forewer: instant coffe + coca+ vodka Moscow lighs : port + vodka Return of the Jedi: vodka + absinthe Molotov: petrol + motor oil Quiet insanity: Czech Becherovka +red wine + vodka Vodka: alcohol+water [Edited by - Krokhin on October 11, 2010 11:00:09 AM]
  23. Quote:Original post by irreversible - parallelism (parallel CPU/GPU architecture) Such things were long before 1995-for example, Elbrus system created mostly by Vladimir Pentkovsky team in Soviet times,in the begining of 90's he migrated in US ans work in Intel.Pentium and so on... Quote: - string theory I heard about it in the end of 80's Quote: - robots that dance, but would still be useless Many people also can dance well,but that's all[smile] Quote: - the US space program being a bit of a laughing stock Why? Who lough? Ignorants? They always lough,but can dance only (just like robots). I think you are not right here. Quote: - we would still have warm bear wear? Do you mean incoming "small ice age" (probably begining since 2020's}? There are such thing like Moulder cycles. [Edited by - Krokhin on October 7, 2010 1:22:28 PM]
  24. Krokhin

    Final Destination Experiences / Near Death

    I have my own experience,but this thing gives more[smile]
  25. Krokhin

    Do you care what other people think of you?

    If you don't feel yourself guilty-do nothing.Let they think about their own status quo themself after they said you shut up. [Edited by - Krokhin on September 19, 2010 11:47:20 AM]
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