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  1. In terms of Mipmapping, what is the cost efficiency of using detailed texturing?
  2. I like to learn how to create dynamic particle effects (explosion, sparks, smoke, etc) for my game. I never done this before. Does anyone know any good tutorial websites or examples they can share? I can work with OpenGL or DirectX (more comfortable with OpenGL).
  3. PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer) has been around for a few years already and while there is still active research going on in this field, has there been any new development or proposal for its offline calculation process? This process can sometime take minutes to complete. Are there any other techniques out there that would be faster and/or render better results than PRT?
  4. Deltasquadron2

    [Java] Importing Text from a txt?

    The line = reader.readLine() will only read 1 line of text at a time. readLine() will begins by reading the first line in the text file. As the while loop remains true, the readLine() will continue to read a new line of text and set/append (this is up to you) the text to the line variable.
  5. Does anyone know how to put a mathematical expression into a string, including variables, and have it parsed? In otherwords, I want to put my math into an external file and then be able to read it back in. I'm working with C#. Thanks! [Edited by - Deltasquadron2 on August 19, 2006 11:34:30 PM]
  6. Deltasquadron2

    convert int to string

    Can't get any simpler than this: int intValue = 4; string strValue= "" + intValue; [EDIT] What would the disadvantage be if this appoarch was used instead of stringstream? [Edited by - Deltasquadron2 on August 19, 2006 5:58:49 PM]
  7. Deltasquadron2

    Good C# book?

    I think you might find this helpful too. If you are already a C++ or Java Developer, try these links: Java Developer to C# C++ Developer to C#
  8. Deltasquadron2

    C++ help

    Let us know exactly what you want the code to do
  9. Deltasquadron2

    Tile Drawing not looking right..

    Can you provide a little more information(maybe a snippet of code) as to how you are loading/drawing your texture? Are your tiles extracted from a tileset image? Are each tiles from the set separated by a 1 pixel border? Are you developing your game using C++ or C#?
  10. Deltasquadron2

    how much should I know about Vertex/Pixel Shaders?

    Thanks for the advice! I was thinking of purchasing a book about vertex and pixel shading Is this one good? Programming Vertex & Pixel Shaders (Programming Series) by Wolfgang Engel http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1584503491/sr=8-1/qid=1155414106/ref=sr_1_1/002-1354865-8988812?ie=UTF8 or is there a good website that I can refer to?
  11. Deltasquadron2

    smooth scrolling

    Did you add in any sprites? If you did, does the sprites blur too? If so then it might be a hardware issue and you should try to run your executable on another machine. Otherwise if the sprites do not blur, there is probably something wrong with your scrolling algorithm.
  12. Deltasquadron2

    Removing Object from a list

    Correct, it's C#. I tried your suggestion and created a keepMovingObject list. But for some reason the movingObjects = keepMovingObjects; is causing the same error: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. I made sure it was placed outside of the foreach loop. I also tried to use the copyTo method but that did not work either.
  13. Deltasquadron2

    Need an efficient way to share files!

    I agree TortoiseSVN is very user friendly! I got it working in within a few minutes. What is the benefit of Subversion? I got a confused when I try to set that one up.
  14. Deltasquadron2

    Removing Object from a list

    What is the difference between removing an object directly from the orginal list and removing it directly from a temporary list? [Edited by - Deltasquadron2 on August 10, 2006 10:20:28 PM]
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