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  1. I am 17 currently and I am looking to take up game development as a career...I do realize that going to college for game development is more like icing on the cake for people who are talented. I am currently faced with a dilemna between 3 schools that are mentioned quite often: FullSail, UAT, and Digipen. I am leaning more towards UAT and Digipen than Fullsail because I've read from many sources that many students that go to Fullsail go into the gamedev degree unprepared and come out unprepared. So I'm looking to anyone who graduated from one of these three schools or any other school that offered a gamedev degree for a little help on picking a school. If it help any in providing advice I have a little experience in programming for 2D games and I've worked with Maya before. Any help or comments are appreciated, thank you
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